Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Whiskey For Breakfast by Liliana Hart....Review by Kathy

-Blurb-The Private Investigator's Handbook

Rule #1: Don't break the law

Rule #2: See Rule #1

...And then there's Addison Holmes, who makes up her handbook as she goes along.

Addison is licensed to carry and she means business. The only thing getting in her way is a sexy detective, a neighborhood watch from hell, a dead billionaire, a black market sperm bank, and a long lost heir.

Piece of cake..

Addison Holmes is freaking awesome. Unfortunately I think I might be channeling her at times (injury wise) but, I still wanna be her. She is by far one of my favorite PI's.  She is either the luckiest person or the smartest. Sometimes I am not sure which it is. She makes me literally LOL. I even found myself yelling at my tablet when she said something to Savage. Startled myself with that one. So let's get started.....

 My name is Addison Holmes, and I'm a private investigator in training for the McClean Detective Agency. That basically means I spend most of my time spying on adulterers, making coffee, and being babysat by my trainer since I have a tendency to get into trouble whenever I'm out on my own. But in my defense, I usually managed to get the job done. I had the scars to prove it.

I was halfway down the hallway when I heard a horrible moan. My heart stopped and I turned around to run back from the way I'd come when I heard it again. And though it was horrible, it wasn't a death moan. I'd heard a few o those sounds over the past months. Back when I was having regular sex I'd even moaned like that myself. From the increasing volume I was guessing she was enjoying herself, whoever she was. Either that or she was declawing a cat without anesthesia.

Addison has 2 hot guys who want her. One is Nick Dempsey.He is a detective with the Savannah Police Department. The other is Matt Savage who is an FBI agent and lives across the street from Addison. Addison is extremely attracted to Savage but knows he isn't in it for the long haul. Nick broke her heart.

His jaw tightened again and I saw a vein throb at his temple. "I've been busy with work, I haven't had the time to date anyone. Besides, after dating you everyone else seems a little boring.They're certainly less reckless."
"And you were doing so well....."
"Listen, I'll pay you."
My eyes widened at that and my first thought was that I should be angry. I wasn't a hooker for crying out loud. But then the practical side took over. I needed the money.
"How much?"
"A hundred bucks."
"A hundred bucks? You're kidding me? Five hundred and you've got a deal."
"Five hundred dollars?" he choked. "Are you fucking serious?I could hire an escort for that and at least get sex out of it."
"Stop the car. I'll just get out here."
"Fine, fine." He raised his hands in surrender. "Five hundred dollars."
"Believe me, you're getting out with a bargain. mostly I still want to do bodily harm to you whenever I see you."
He slammed on the brakes and before I knew it my seatbelt was unbuckled and I was sitting on his lap, my empty ice cream container tumbling to the floor. His lips touched mine and every protest I had leaked right out of my brain.

Like I said Nick is HOT. The characters chemistry is sizzling. She also has some great chemistry with Savage. I would want them both, ahhh. Sorry got distracted.

This book really is laugh out loud funny. There is a scene about naked yoga and Addison's mother. OMG i laughed so hard I was crying. The relationship with her mother is so great. She always keeps everyone on their toes. Then you have NAD, the neighborhood watch from hell. Not sure how Liliana Hart came up with these characters but I want to meet people like this, I would have a freaking ball. I can't wait till the next Addison Holmes book comes out. She is always a fantastic read. I'd give Liliana Hart a standing ovation but, my stomach is still hurting from laughing.  I beg you to read this series! I am giving Whiskey For Breakfast, 5 big clocks. Oh and the last 2 lines of the book...... Yeah I screamed and cussed because I have to wait for the next book. Write fast, please.......

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