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Cover REVEAL... Complicate Me: The Good Ol' Boys series book 1 by M. Robinson

Complicate Me 
The Good Ol' Boys
Best Selling Author M.Robinson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 14th

It was complicated, it was also just the beginning. A decision. A simple choice. There is always that one moment in life where things could have been different. That one moment where you could have chosen a path that would lead you down a certain road. A different life. It was easier to pretend that we were still best friends, and that she was my girl and I was her boy. Pretending was better than knowing the truth... I. Ruined. Us. I had her. I lost her. I love her. All I did was complicate us.

I just couldn’t stay mad at him.
He made it absolutely impossible for me not to laugh and he knew it, too. Which only made it worse. It was like adding fuel to the fire, making it bigger and wider with each flare of gasoline. When I saw that he didn’t turn down my street and kept riding in the direction of our abandoned house, I smiled.
There was no helping that either.
The times that he chose to be with me over the boys warmed my heart, especially when he preferred me to surfing.
We parked our bikes behind the house and ran up the stairs. Over the last few months we had turned it into our own little paradise, bringing blankets and pillows to throw on the floor, candles for when it got dark, and sometimes Lucas would even bring in wood from outside to turn on the fireplace. We had magazines, board games, snacks and water. Everything we needed was there.
I loved it.
He handed me a bottled water to drink and then I passed it back to him so he could, too. I laid down on the blankets and pillows and beheld the vaulted ceilings with a content sigh.
“Whatcha’ thinkin’ about over there?” he questioned, sitting down facing me.
“How much I love this place.”
“I want to get married here.”
“What?” he chuckled.
“You heard me. I want to have my engagement party here and I want to get married here. And then I want to buy this house and raise a family here,” I firmly stated.
“Aren’t you a little young to think about stuff like that?”
“No. I think about stuff like that all the time.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Mmm hmm…”
“Who you marrying?”
I immediately held his amused gaze. “What?” It was my turn to say.
“You heard me,” he replied, throwing my own words back at me. “Who you marrying?”
“Oh…” I breathed out. “I don’t know.”
He raised his eyebrow but didn’t call me out on my lie. “Don’t you think that maybe you should experience things first?”
“How do you know I haven’t?” I provoked, wanting to wipe the smug look off his face.
“Because I know.”
“Whatever.” I looked away.
“You want to know how I know?”
I kept my stare on the tray ceilings, swallowing the saliva that had pooled in my mouth, and hoping that it would calm the fluttering feeling I had suddenly formed in my belly. I shrugged because I couldn’t speak; it would giveaway how I felt.
“I know because I would remember it, just like I remember our first experience. The same one that’s hanging around your neck.”
My heart pounded with each word that fell from his mouth.
“Do you want me to?”
“Do I want you to what?” I replied, already knowing what he meant but needing to hear him say it.
“Do you want me to kiss you?” He paused to let his words sink in. “Really kiss you?”
My mouth parted and my chest rose and descended with each breath I took. I found myself nodding before I gave it anymore thought, ignoring the voice in the back of my mind that screamed at me that this was a bad idea. He bent forward and rested on his hands and knees, his face, his lips, coming toward me and making me tightly shut my eyes.
A million thoughts went through my head, but the moment I felt his lips on mine they were all gone in an instant…

Nothing else mattered at that moment.

 Best Selling Author M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein. She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left. She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.


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Coming This Winter.... OCULUS by J.L.MAC and L.G.PACE III

USA Today Bestselling author, J.L. Mac and L.G. Pace III have teamed up to coauthor Oculus, a brand new series.
 The first book, Oculus, is scheduled to release December 29, 2015. This three-book series is a dystopian romance that chronicles the lives of Sicarius and Iris and all the steam, love, tragedy, suspense, loss and inconceivable circumstance that has been packed into this series. Mark your calendar. On December 29th, you’ll have to take a "Sic day".

Most people only believe in what they can see. Born without the most basic gift of sight, I rely on my other senses to guide me. Yet, what I believe in most is a phantom that resides in my dreams.
Under the blanket of twilight, I smell him. I feel him. I hear him. I taste him. But above all else, I see him.
And I want him.
I have no evidence that he’s real. But if he isn’t, why do I wake with the taste of him on my lips? I long for someone who doesn’t exist and even if he does, he’s forbidden, dangerous.
He’s from a different world, a frightening place beyond the walls that protect me. The Dark Lands, a broken world beyond the reach of the corporate control is what’s outside the gate. A lawless hellhole full of death, and chaos where savagery thrives under the cloak of darkness.
The irony is that my phantom, the one I want so badly, seems driven to destroy everything I’ve ever known.


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RELEASE DATE- December 29, 2015

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Title: EX-CON
Author: Scott Hildreth
Release Date: August 17th, 2015
Series: Selected Sinners MC, Book 5
Cover Model: Darren Birks


People break promises. It happens every day.

Jack Shephard is tall, muscular, covered in tattoos, and rides in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. Most people wouldn’t believe a word he said based on his appearance alone.

But they don’t know Jack like I know Jack, and Jack made me a promise.

There’s one small problem. Jack’s been arrested on a murder charge he didn’t commit, and he’s facing life in prison.

But he promised me he’d always come home.

And Jack doesn’t break promises.

EX-CON is a stand-alone, no cheating, no sex outside the relationship, HEA story of love, loss, second chances, and living life outside of the boundaries most citizens live in. It is Book V in the Selected Sinners series of MC Erotic Romance novels, and is able to be enjoyed fully as a stand-alone. To experience the series in full, Making the Cut, Taking the Heat, Otis, HUNG, and EX-CON may, however, all be read (in that order).

A Personal Note from Scott About Himself and His Personal Journey with this Book

I began riding with my first MC after 20 years of riding alone. Although I didn’t know it at the time, immediately following my introduction to the club, I became the target of an ATF investigation.

The investigation ended when a helicopter, over 30 ATF agents, US Marshalls, and countless other SWAT Team members converged on me one day.

I was indicted on more than two dozen criminal counts, and given the option to plead guilty to one and receive a light sentence (probation). If I fought them, they explained, I would face life in prison.

Well, I’ve never been one to give up easy, so I chose to fight.

And I fought all the way to the US Supreme Court.

The fact I lost my case didn’t really matter to me. Fighting was more important. Standing up when most citizens would sit down had always been my nature.

My time in prison wasn’t easy, but I made it the best I was able. The days drug on forever, at least initially. In time, my mind made sense of it all, and digested it as being a new way of life; my only choice, so to speak.

In EX-CON, Jack’s thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions were mine. What he felt, thought, and went through in the book is accurate down to the smallest of details.

My experiences in life cause my books to have more ‘feel’ than a conventionally written novel. EX-CON is no exception. It’s gritty, real, and raw as are most of my novels. But one thing it has that no other Scott Hildreth novel shares.

300 pages of compassion.

Enjoy knowing a little more about me. And enjoy EX-CON, which is a reflection of part of my life.


Born in San Diego California, Scott now calls Wichita, Kansas home. Residing in Kansas with his wife, Jessica, and five children (and another on the way in November 2015), he somehow finds twelve hours a day to work on his writing. 

Addicted to riding his Harley-Davidson, tattoos, and drinking coffee, Scott can generally be found in a tattoo shop, on his Harley, or in a local coffee house when not writing. 

Loyal to the fans, fan girls, and faithful followers who allowed him to make writing a full-time career, Scott communicates with his followers on Facebook almost daily. He encourages his readers to follow him on Facebook and Twitter. 

Twitter: @ScottDHildreth 

Face book “OFFICIAL LIKE” page - (for updates on released books and upcoming books) 

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Publication Date: 21 August 2015 

Tour: Sugar Baby Beautiful by J.J. McAvoy

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When twenty-four-year-old Felicity Harper is dragged to a sugar party, an event where wealthy men and women seek “companionship,” she never expects this one simple decision to drastically change her whole life. Her past is nothing but broken dreams and heartache. Her present is detached and dull. And her future? Well, before meeting Theodore Darcy, the famed film director, writer, producer and CEO of Darcy Entertainment, she would have expected more of the same. Love is just a fantasy and she wants no part of it—even if she can’t deny the undeniable attraction between the two of them. So their arrangement is simple: sex with no strings attracted. But as their intimacy becomes more powerful, so do Felicity’s demons. Can Theo really shoulder her past and his own? And could Felicity even let him?

Dawn's Review

Let me start off saying that, I just finished this and my mind is still reeling from the emotional roller coaster ride Ms. McAvoy just took me on.  Here I am reading this really sexy, interesting take on an old topic, Sugar Daddy's or I guess the Sugar Babies that they get involved with . If you are not a fan of this kind of "subject matter" STOP...This is an amazing story. It actually has very little to do with "Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby"  relationship. If that is your hang up, move past it and explore this very smart story.

There is really no good way to write this review without giving it all away.  Honestly, there are so many plot twists, that had me floored! It's not confusing in anyway ... it is just shocking and you are never expecting it. I MEAN... LIKE EVER!  After I read the book I sent Ms. McAvoy messages and told her how brilliant I think this story is. It is a very important story. I wish I could tell you why, but it's something that happens everyday to someone.

This is a departure of sorts for this author. This is a very SEXY book! It is down right HOT. I love that Ms. McAvoy is doing something different.
She always gives us these strong leading ladies and even stronger leading men. Never are her heroines weak in the sense that they are frail. Felicity is just fantastic. She has this confidence that you know is a lot of bravado, but she makes you believe she is fearless.  I absolutely loved her and everything that she stands for. You will understand once you read this.

Theo Darcy is amazingly swoon worthy. He sees her, he wants her, he will have her. It is that simple. He is not taking no for an answer, after all she is at a Sugar Baby party. Little does he know the reason she is there... against her will, of sorts. Theo is not exactly who he seems to be, he has a past and is a bit of a tortured soul. He has success but at what cost? He lost his love to another man and his family is just not quite what it seems. 

The twists and turns in this story are really heart wrenching. You think you have it figured out and wait... sharp left turn on the straight-away! Only to be followed by an immediate right, but it's done so effortlessly. Never at any point did I have an issue with getting lost. It flows and it is beautifully written. Once you know the "secret" you go back and think of all the things you should have picked up on but you didn't.  This story seems very personal to this author and I think that is why it came off as so authentic for me. It seems like she has lived this and for me that made me connect with the characters on a deeper level!  (Fellow Book Nerds, will understand that.)  
I love it and I hope you give it a chance and love it as well!!!!

5 clocks for Sugar Baby Beautiful


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About J.J. mcavoy

J. J. McAvoy first started working on Ruthless People during a Morality and Ethics lecture her freshman year of college. X number of years later, she is an insomniac who has changed her major three times, and is a master in the art of procrastination. If you ask her why she began writing, she will simply tell you “They wanted to get their story out.” She is currently working on her next novel . . . so please bug her on Twitter @JJMcAvoy