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True Gold by Michelle Pace ...... Review by Dawn

Growing up in True, Alaska, the only truth I knew was that Delilah Campbell was an arrogant pain in my ass. She was also my everything, and still haunts my every waking moment.

I don’t have a single memory that doesn’t include Lie, and I can still taste her, even though Alaska’s no longer big enough for the both of us. After our savage breakup, I fled, chasing my dream and becoming a decorated Green Beret. Ten years later, one bad jump propelled me straight from Special Forces back home, guiding rich idiots into the wilderness, where I struggle to keep them from getting themselves killed. It’s not the life I planned, but at least I’m not behind a desk somewhere.
Then one night, my cell rings, shattering my peaceful existence.
“Connor,” I’d recognize her voice anywhere, and it’s like I’m sixteen again, crazy in love and cocky as hell after finding all those gold bars everyone’s been searching for since before we were even born.
I want to tell her to go to hell and throw my phone in the river, but it seems Delilah’s visceral grip on me is permanent.
“It’s mom. She’s missing. I need your help….”

Dawn's Review

I recently had the pleasure of reading True Gold and let me tell you, what a ride!
Connor and Delilah, have a shared past that had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Young love lost, anger and mystery surround these two. Someone is baiting them and bringing them back together for the first time since Connor lost his Mom. Delilah, is keeping secrets that Connor is unaware of that are life altering. The twists and turns this story takes you on is so exciting, you never know what is going to happen next. Connor and Lie, are explosive when they come together, whether it is romantic or if they are fighting about the past and present. This is truly a wild ride.  
Can these two put the past behind them enough to save someone they love? Can they trust each other again? 
This is a great Mystery/Romance story and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting it!!!!!

True Gold
Michelle Pace
5 Clocks
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DEADLOCK by Cherrie Lynn....... Review by Dawn


Dawn's Review

I am now and have always been a HUGE Cherrie Lynn fan. She has a way of writing that makes me feel like she is talking to me.  I really really enjoyed Deadlock and am looking so forward to the books to come in this series. 
Jace Adams, has been burned and when the woman who burned him shows up at his door asking for help, he is stunned.  Little does he know it is NOT Lena Morris, but her twin Lindsey. With only a cryptic text leading her to Jace, Lindsey is astonished when he is so brutal with her. Has the past come back to haunt him or can Jase trust what Lindsey is telling him?
This story has all the good stuff... mystery, suspense and romance. I had no idea where this was going to lead, the story just kept unfolding and leading me down a different path. Lindsey is hell bent on finding her sister and that means even if Jase is unwilling to help her.  Lena, is leading a life that no one in her family or even her twin know about. Everyone thinks she is just flighty and living by the seat of her pants, but it is so much more than that. Now that Lindsey is thrown into this suddenly Lena, is about to be revealed. Jase, is really torn about helping because of the bad blood between him and Lena from years ago , but he just can't seem to walk away from Lindsey. 
The promise of more books in this series has me giddy and wanting to get my hands on them. 
BRAVO on an amazing new series and I am TOTALLY here for the rest of them . 

Cherrie Lynn
5 Clocks

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True Gold by Michelle Pace LIVE

Title: True Gold
Author: Michelle Pace
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Mystery
Cover Designer: Michelle Preast
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2019 Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR
Growing up in True, Alaska, the only truth I knew was that Delilah Campbell was an arrogant pain in my ass. She was also my everything, and still haunts my every waking moment.
I don’t have a single memory that doesn’t include Lie, and I can still taste her, even though Alaska’s no longer big enough for the both of us. After our savage breakup, I fled, chasing my dream and becoming a decorated Green Beret. Ten years later, one bad jump propelled me straight from Special Forces back home, guiding rich idiots into the wilderness, where I struggle to keep them from getting themselves killed. It’s not the life I planned, but at least I’m not behind a desk somewhere.
Then one night, my cell rings, shattering my peaceful existence.
“Connor,” I’d recognize her voice anywhere, and it’s like I’m sixteen again, crazy in love and cocky as hell after finding all those gold bars everyone's been searching for since before we were even born.
I want to tell her to go to hell and throw my phone in the river, but it seems Delilah’s visceral grip on me is permanent.
“It’s mom. She’s missing. I need your help…."
Raised in small town Iowa, Michelle Pace is an international best-selling, multi-genre author. After studying theater and vocal music and directing and performing in numerous productions, Michelle went on to earn degrees in both liberal arts and nursing.
Determined to avoid shoveling snow, she relocated to the Lone Star State with her husband, author L.G. Pace III. Michelle is a mother of three, and she enjoys traveling, live music, and is an enthusiastic amateur beer connoisseur.
Still most at home while entertaining an audience, her mission is to write gripping fiction, not fairy tales.
“This is new.” I reach out to brush her tiny strap aside for a better look at the ink. The tattoo is an antique compass rose, the figure that displays the orientation of the cardinal directions on old maps. The design is actually really nice; a couple of roses and some leaves give the outer circle a wreath-like quality.
“Not really. I got it a long time ago.” Her voice is husky as my fingertip glides across her silky skin. Gooseflesh appears on her upper arm, and that gives me a thrill. “When I was like…twenty… maybe twenty-one.”
She turns around, and her hip brushes against the front of my zipper. I’d say the contact made me hard, but I was halfway there watching her from outside. She looks up at me, and though she’s had to crane her neck to meet my eyes since we were in middle school, it’s always felt as if she were the one looking down on me.
“I was dating the tattoo artist. I guess you could call it ‘dating.’” Her tiny eye roll implies it wasn’t one of her finer moments.
I tilt my head, my blood pumping something fierce between my jealousy at the idea that anyone else has ever touched her and her sheer nearness in this moment. “Oh yeah?”
She nods, and a macabre smile flits across her face. “He was tall. And a major know-it-all. Totally my type.”
I feel an appreciative smile working at my lips.
“Why didn’t you marry him?” It’s a bold and weighty statement and her mouth drops open. She searches me, and for a rare, candid moment, I allow it.
“He was mean.” I see something flicker behind those liquid amber eyes.
“Sounds like a match made in heaven.” My voice is gruff, but I’m glad I spoke the truth. I’m even gladder for how solidly the blow lands, based on the way her perfect bow of a mouth turns down at the edges. In a surprising move, she lifts herself easily onto the counter so she’s sitting on it, and I struggle to keep my eyes off of her well-defined arms and that gravity-defying chest. “This doesn’t have to be ugly, Connor. Let’s have a beer. Catch up. Talk about old times.”
I say nothing, and her lips form a slanted smile. “We did have some good times, didn’t we?”
That’s for fucking sure.
I could step between her legs right now. Slip her panties aside and bury myself in her tight, wet heat. It would be as easy as breathing, and three-quarters of me is ready to take the easy route. I move to the far cabinets away from her, putting temptation at arm’s length. From there, I have an even better view, so I force myself to look away, grabbing a beer from the fridge. “No.”
“No we didn’t have good times, or no we can’t talk about them?” She sounds entertained.
I crack my beer and lock eyes with her. “We’re not talking about us.”
She’s completely unreadable now, and that puts me on edge. “Why not?”
I lean against the cabinet, sipping from my beer. “Because I’m not done being mad at you.”
She blasts an incredulous laugh and when I don’t respond in kind, her laughter dies, and she gives me another thorough once-over.
“You’re mad at me? You’ve got to be kidding.”
I tip back my can in response.
She lets out a sardonic chuckle, but she’s obviously pissed. “That’s rich.”
I wait for her to convince me that I shouldn’t hate her. She seems to be waiting on something too. Her smile, the one that isn’t really a smile at all, fades.
“You promised me, Connor. You promised we’d always be friends.” It’s nearly imperceptible, but her lip quivers. Most people wouldn’t have noticed, but most people aren’t me.
I wrinkle my brow, squinting at her in amazement. “You were very clear, Lie. You said I should never contact you again. How’d you put it? Oh, yeah. You said, ‘Have a nice life.’”
Her shining eyes narrow into dangerous slits. Then, in a classic Lilah move, she wipes her expression blank, closing the shutters, blocking out any hope of peeping inside. “Fair enough.”
I should be glad we’re on the same page. That we’re slamming the door on all of that shit. Instead, I want to roar. Frustrated, I chug my beer. By the time I’m done, she’s chewing on her bottom lip. It’s a quirk of hers that I’ve always found sexy as hell, so it’s like a metaphorical kick in the nuts.
“I’m staying in my old room.” She’s either blushing, or she’s still coming down from the crisp night air. “Take any of the other beds you like.”
My treacherous mind recalls the handful of times I snuck in her bedroom window, and I know exactly which bed I want to slip into. I hurry to grab my bag from where I’d dropped it in the entryway. I’m startled when she speaks again.
“Yeah?” I turn, hopeful that I’ve finally gotten through her armor in some minute way. Maybe she’ll cry. Crying would be excellent.
“Thank you.” Her earnest eyes tug at my worn and frayed heartstrings. “For coming to help me.”
I drop my bags and stride toward her. Instead of flinching away, she leans forward in anticipation. Though we don’t touch, we still clash like two storm fronts, me dark and ominous, her all lightning and show. I’m close enough to kiss her, and she bats those long lashes, which used to be my undoing. The challenge in her smoldering gaze elicits a deep ache in my groin. I grip the counter top on either side of her thighs until my knuckles turn white.
“I’m not here for you,” I growl.

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Alexandrite by Penny Rogue..... Review by Dawn

Alexandrite by [Rogue, Penny, Ricklefs, Jessica, Shenefield, Felicia]

Three teenage girls are given a gift that will change their lives forever. A tale of untamed magic, the test of true friendship and unraveling generations of untold secrets. Follow Alex and her two best friends, Emma and Ruby, on an enchanted adventure; A thrilling ride to discovering their history and what it will mean for their future. A journey to understanding that they are different in ways beyond their imagination.

If you are a fan of fantasy and sisterhood, Alexandrite is the book for you. The plot is original and keeps you vested in the 3 leading ladies. This is an exciting introduction of a series that will have readers coming back for more. I highly recommend this book for young girls ages 11 and up. No harsh curse words, no sexual situations. This could be the series of books that get your girls into reading.
Secrets are unlocked when 
Alex, Ruby and Emma are each given a necklace. Each having a power unbeknownst to each other. When things start happening that are unexplained, the girls start putting the puzzle pieces together and demand answers from Alex's Mom and Emma and Ruby's Dad.
This is an interesting story/series that I believe any YA/fantasy fan would like.   I know book 2 is in the writing stage.

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Silent Sons MC Series book 1-5 by Ambere Sabo...... 5 Clock review by Dawn

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Synopsis for each book.

Cessy  (bk 1)

I was born the Princess of an MC I knew nothing about. Thrown into their world of crazy, when I had no other options. Despised by the club for things out of my control. It took me a long time to find my way in this life, but I became the Princess I was born to be. Now they have taken my Pops from me, and I will bring hell on earth to those who caused his death. 
The Silent Sons have promised to help me find those responsible. I was looking for answers, and I found Mr. Tall, Dark, and Broody. Will he be my saving grace in this life or will we both lose our lives when we find an enemy more twisted than we could imagine?

Havoc (bk 2)
I left behind my home, my family and my club to hunt down a bastard that doesn’t want to be found. My only focus is putting a bullet in his head and figuring out how to save my sisters from the Infierno cartel. The problem? He’s a ghost in the wind who always seems to be one step ahead.
Things change when my best friend, Cessy, forces me to bring Angel out on the road with me. Angel Hernandez, the hotheaded Hispanic beauty who drives me crazy. She wants the bastard’s head as much as I do, but she has no concern for what it may cost her. Can we overcome the scars of our past together or are we destined to die for the sins of another?

Enterrador (bk 3)
To some, I'm the monster they tell their children to fear. A man capable of killing without remorse or regret. Preparing my victims for their graves as I go. To others, I'm their leader. Someone they would follow blindly to their deaths if asked. But to her, I was the one that held her heart. The one who would do anything just to see her smile.

Lilly (bk 4)
I had plans for my life.
Graduate from UT Austin's nursing program...
Work at Dells Children's Hospital...
Get married and have a family...
Stay the hell away from club life...
Simple plans, right?
That's what I thought anyway. Until my father had to go and ruin it all in one damn day. My only solace with all the crazy of club life, cartels, and psychos, is that I found Gunner...
A man who could make the crazy that has become my life worth it. If only he didn't see me as off limits. Can I make him see me as more than Havoc's kid sister before the psycho comes to claim me? Or am I doomed to be an unwilling replacement for a woman I know nothing about?

Mythic (bk 5)
I’ve hidden who I was from the world for so long. Never making friends. Having nothing more than flings or one-night stands. I thought it was the only way to protect myself. If no one knew the real me who I really was, then I had nothing to worry about.All of that came crashing down around me when I made saving Lilly my life’s mission. I wouldn’t let the cartel or Enterrador take another person from me.I didn’t expect to fall for him.He was only supposed to be a means to an end. Someone who could show Enterrador all he’d been blind to for so many years.If only I would’ve known the outcome…Would I have told them who I was?Probably not, but I would’ve done a hell of a lot better job at guarding my heart.Now I’m living on borrowed time. Can he look past everything that’s happened between us or will I die never earning his forgiveness?

Dawn's Review

Ok, I am going to warn you now, this is going to be a long review. I need you to know this first and foremost, I LOVE THIS SERIES. I LOOOOOVE IT!  I am horribly picky when it comes to MC. I feel like it has been done by the absolute best authors and everyone else just skates by... NOPE, not Ambere Sabo, GOOD LORD WHAT A TALENT! I read this entire series in 3 days after being recommended to me by someone who knows what a picky cow I am about MC.  I could not put these books down. I would finish one and immediately start the next one. I just could not get to the next book fast enough. When telling someone about these books, I often say "it is not like any other MC series I have ever read. Yes, you have the normal MC stuff but this is so much more in depth. The main story (which I am not going to spoil for you) is what ties each story together. The layers that unfold with each book leaves you shell shocked and wanting more." It is not a stretch for me to say that this is easily my top series of 2019. Here is a little take on each book. I am posting a spoiler free reviews, encouraging you to go read this series!!! Each book gets 5 Clocks from me and I am hoping and praying that book 6 is coming soon! 

Image may contain: 2 people, beard and textWhat I found so refreshing in these books, where the women. They were important and played major roles in each story. Most MC books the women are seen and not necessarily heard. Once in a while a brother will tell his old lady what is going down, but most of the time it is "club business," there for the ladies know very little. Not the case in these books.  Cessy is an MC princess and her father's club is in ruins and she wants answers, even if it means going to another club for answers. She is on a mission and will stop at nothing to find out who killed her father, enter Venom. He is less than thrilled when he learns who Cessy is, he just knows she is trouble.  Cessy and Venom, set out to find clues as to who would want her Pop's dead and why. With suspension that a member or members of her fathers club may be involved, never imagining that their hunt would lead to answers for Venom about his mothers death. The twists and turns that I did not see coming, just made this so so good. The chemistry between Cessy and Venom, was explosive! The sexiness is , off the charts and I ate it up. I really did not expect the ending of this story to go the way it did, I mean MIND BLOWN! So when we get into the next book Havoc, man I was ready for answers. 

Image may contain: 1 person, textHavoc, had a death wish... either his or the man who threatened his sister's lives. He was ready to die protecting those he loved the most. Hitting a road block in his tracking, Cessy has an idea, take Angel, on the road with him. Angel, is one of women who they saved from the cartel and she is ready to get answers about her family. Havoc is less than thrilled to bring her along, fearing she will slow him down. Angel, couldn't careless if Havoc is happy about her being on the road with him or not. Whether he wants to admit it or not he needs her on this journey, she has information that could bring them one step closer to getting the man responsible for all of this damage. Havoc and Angel, are made for each other. She keeps him calm when he is ready to murder someone,  and he makes her realize that all men are not as horrible as she once believed they were. Passion born out of the worst circumstances could be fleeting. But love born from the ugliness these two have witnessed and experienced, is forever. 

Image may contain: 1 person, fire, suit and text.

Enterrador, man I hated this character and was sure when I read his story I would be steadfast in my dislike. I was wrong. How does an author make you feel bad, like really bad for a totally despicable character? I knew from the first chapter and even vocalized it "Oh, I sort of like him now!" This is the way you do a background on a sub character, that is becoming vital to the remaining books. This is how you make him real. This is how you make a man so hated, so understood. But still I had my reservations with his infatuation with Lily. 

Image may contain: 2 people, textLily's simple well planned life always had one rule, no MC life. This was before she drew the attention of the head of the cartel and he wanted her at his side, no matter the cost.  She had been kidnapped, stalked and ordered the death of the man she knew as her father. Lily, is done and on the run.  Leaving her brother, mother and friends behind Lily wants a new life. But leaving, means leaving Gunner. He has been with her through all of her trauma and she depends on him and she is in love with him. Thinking she is doing the right thing Lily leaves, hoping to escape the eyes of Enterrador. 
Lily and Gunner's story for me is the most romantic. Call me crazy, I find the "friends to lovers" thing romantic. I love that he calls her "Baby Girl" and it drives her brother Havoc crazy. While Lily is on the run she meets or is "found" by a woman with ties to the club and they take off together. Once they are convinced that they are about to be found, they head back to the MC for protection. Everyone is happy for Lily's return, Gunner, is ready to take his baby girl as his own to hell with what anyone thinks.  Demanding answers as to where she has been and with who, heads turn when Mythic is introduced. Snoopy, knows the name but not the face and he knows that she has helped the MC before so he trusts her interest in seeing Lily free. Lily, has a plan to draw Enterrador out . I love that she is done with this BS and wants to put an end to this once and for all. Who can be trusted and who is the traitor ? 

Image may contain: 1 person, text As a fellow hacker, Snoopy and Mythic have been working together to bring down Enterrador, but Mythic is hiding something and they are suspicious of her. Only wanting to see Enterrador taken down, Mythic is putting herself in more danger than she is comfortable with. She knows how he works and she knows he will stop at nothing to get Lily. Her past pushed her into hiding and when she thought she was safe, the unspeakable happened at the hands of Enterrador. With revenge on her mind and at her finger tips, she and Snoopy set out to find the evidence to bring Enterrador to his knees. Knowing that whatever they find may expose Mythic, it is a chance she is willing to take. Even if it means hurting Snoopy, who she is is falling for and Lily, who has become like a sister to her. This book, just rips your heart out. The plot twist, is just EPIC! I had a feeling it was going to rock Enterrador's world but I had no idea, it would be his undoing.  Snoopy feels betrayed when all is revealed and he wants nothing to do with her ever again. He is always in a awful mood and is biting everyone's heads off, until one moment changes everything.  This is where this book, if you can believe it, gets even better! Again, I am not spoiling it for you, just know... WOW!  I have said after each book, "that was my favorite one," even Enterrador but Mythic, yeah she's my favorite. 

This series has strong women characters and that is always so refreshing. We all like our alpha men, but I long for women who stand up to the men and are not victims in every story. Women who want to solve their own problems and who are capable of doing so. Each of these books, have women who do just that. They know how to bring their men to their knees with one bat of the eye. But you better believe they also know how to bring a man to his knees begging for his life. The men in these stories are not to be walked on, they are manly men and will do whatever it takes to keep their woman safe. The balance of power shifts from page to page and it is just perfect!  

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28 Dates by Stacey Lynn...... Review by Dawn

Caitlin Pappas is a lifelong commitment-phobe. The closest thing she’s had to a relationship in the last few years was a friends-with-benefits thing that fizzled out because the guy wanted more. So when she and her best friend design a new app that promises to find “the one” in 28 Dates, Caitlin is the perfect guinea pig. Little does she know that she may have already met her match. . . .

Jonas Reeves has tried his best to move on after Caitlin didn’t want take things to the next level. Now they really are just friends . . . without benefits. Caitlin’s even a regular at his bar, The Dirty Martini. But when he learns that Caitlin plans to beta-test a new dating app on his home turf, Jonas senses a golden opportunity to win her heart. Even if he has to slide into her DMs to do it. . . .

This is a fun quick “Second chance romance or friends to lovers” read. 
I loved Knocked Up and was looking forward to this one so much. I felt this was a little predictable. I knew Jonas was going to try and get to know Caitlin, via the dating app.  I expecting more drama to come from their initial “break up.’ I get it, it was a friends with benefits type of deal, but it ended way too  pretty. There were feelings and that made Caitlin, flee and made Jonas, trying to move on.. But when he does Caitlin, decides “hey, I kinda miss him and wow he wasn’t so bad.” That sort of didn’t sit well with me and I have no hard limits when reading. Jonas, knows he can only ever love Caitlin, so breaking up with his girlfriend can no longer be avoided. Caitlin, is unaware of the break up and keeps longing from afar. 
I did enjoy the Idea of finding love or boyfriend material with the 28 dates app. It was an original plot that I have not read yet. I really enjoyed Caitlin ‘s relationship with her guy friends. 
After overcoming trust issues and her fear of love, Caitlin, realizes that in fact that Jonas is the right guy for her. 
This was a quick pleasing read. Just a little too predictable and lacking excitement , for my taste. 

3.5 Clocks for
28 Dates
Stacey Lynn
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Dirty Irish by Magan Vernon........ Review by Dawn

My life has revolved around the two things I've always loved: whiskey and rugby. Now the marriage clause in my Da's will has me putting both on the back burner if I want to save the Murphy's Pub empire and find a wife.As the last brother to get married, I need a little help, and that's where my sister-in-law's American best friend, Leah, comes into the picture. She could use a little Irish luck after the deceitful things her ex did to her that brought her to Ireland. With her take-no-shite-attitude, she's just the type of girl to help me find a wife .That is, if I can remember she’s the matchmaker and not the match.
Each book in the Murphy Brothers series is STANDALONE:
* Straight Up Irish
* Irish on the Rocks
* Dirty Irish

I struggled with this book in the beginning. It was not bad it was just a little slow to get going for me. BUT that all change at about 30% in.  I loved Sean’s bluntness and his no holds barred attitude. Leah, is in Ireland to help heal form a bad break up and a massive business flop. She is living with her bestie Fallon, who happens to be Sean’s sister-in-law. Sean has always thought Leah, was very attractive and different than all the other “bird’s he bags. This time he has to find one that he can marry as per the terms of his fathers will. 

Leah, gives Sean so much attitude and he finds it so refreshing that she isn’t falling over herself to get noticed by the star rugby player, like everyone else. He needs a wife and since Leah has no interest in being that wife, she agrees to find one for him.  Taking on the job of being Sean’s assistant, Leah is thriving, she loves the business side of his responsibilities, the wife hunting, not so much. 
They are hilarious and the banter between the entire group is such a fun read. Jack, Connor, Grace and Fallon make this ensemble a real treat. The brothers give Sean, a hard time and it is so fun. 
When Sean and Leah, attend the wedding of one of the brothers, lets just say a one nighter, has lasting results. 
The drama that ensues from the one night of weakness, provides the drama this book needed.  
I enjoyed this book and quickly forgot about the slow start.  The way the book ends is really great and the epilogue was amazing.

4 Clocks for 
Dirty Irish 
Magan Vernon 

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based on honest review