Thursday, June 13, 2013

Entwined with You, A Crossfire Novel....



I could not wait to get my hands on the final book in the Crossfire Novel Series: Entwined with You. Looking forward to the "up all night read." Well...... pretty much all the foreplay and no finish...

Gideon Cross is a fantastic character. Hot, tortured, passionate and  willing to do whatever it takes to protect Eva Tramell.  Even commit murder...

We are picking up right where Reflected in you left off. With Eva finding out that Gideon has killed her abusive ex stepbrother Nathan. They are purposely staying away from each other to throw off the detective working the case. But as we know their chemistry is just to much to ignore. Gideon moves into the building (which he owns) to be closer to Eva and well you can imagine what ensues.

Eva is keeping Carey, her best friend in the dark about the murder and her still being very much with Gideon.  He is still "Entwined" with Trey and Tatiana and it gets even more of a cluster when she (Tatiana) ends up preggors!

Her Mother is still interfering in her life to the point of stalking. The events of her past come crashing down on her when her father finds out about the abuse and high tails it to NYC. This is the worst fear she has had, her Dad knowing just how bad the abuse was and him blaming himself. This was handled beautifully, it was a chapter that needed to be closed.

We also get the return of Brett, its sort lived and annoying and unnecessary. Yes, I didn't care for the Brett idea at all. Along with Corrine GOOD LORD lady get a clue. It gets very old, very fast. I mean how many times can you be told NO and not understand it? Ugh, so annoying.

The best moment of the book is when Eva's Parents "hook up" after years, again Eva is angry and takes it out on both of them, but they do kind of deserve it. Mom is still married... opps!

The sex, is truly awesome as always with Sylvia's books. Detailed and perfectly described. HOTT!
But, it seems to me (and who asked me?) that its Gideon and Eva's coping mechanism. I am a bit bothered that it's their "go to"... things get tense, sex... they have a huge fight, sex... they are happy, sex... he brings her coffee, sex  and that is NO JOKE. I mean I understand that its pretty much what the first book was based on, but aren't we suppose to believe there might be more to them? I am sure I am in the minority on this one.

I was almost at 83% on my Kindle and that is when it hit me....SHE IS NOT GOING TO END THIS. So many unanswered question, characters introduced at the last minute, suspects other than Gideon in Nathan's murder, Carey's baby mamma drama... Just so many things left unfinished. Now should we be happy that we aren't just left hanging? My rational brain says "yes" but the rest of me says "JUST FINISH THIS!"  I was set on this being the last installment because the literal definition of trilogy is... 

"A group of three related novels, plays, films, operas, or albums."
And the slap in the face last line of the book really did not make me happy. Quote from Miss Day:
"yes, dear reader, you're right. this can't possibly be the end.
Gideon and Eva's journey isn't quite finished yet. I look forward to seeing where they'll take us next."

Sounds an awful like someone is milking the cash cow, of what was, I thought, an amazing series... Now I am just annoyed!

Being Me... I really wanted to like it.

***I purposely did NOT read any of Rebecca's Journals***
I waited and waited.... I LOVED If I Were You, so I was very excited for Being Me...
I was left feeling, let down... I could not get over the feeling that this book was a "filler" if you will. I am not going to bash this book because I do believe it had to be written the way Miss Jones did.

I will start with the things I really enjoyed about this book.

Mark "Bossman" Compton, I really believe he came into his own in Being Me. I  did not like him in If I Were You, he is still arrogant, bossy and determined. BUT he is also witty, kindish ( I know not a word, but it works in this case.) and almost funny. I appreciate Miss Jones for making him "likeable." His role in Being Me is vital and I am very interested in seeing how he plays into Sara and Chris's relationship in Revealing Us. I have a feeling he will play a HUGE part.

I am so glad the "murder" was solved, I pretty much had it figured out in the middle of the book. The behavior was just to erratic and made me pay close attention. I know this is in no way the end of Rebecca's involvement in this trilogy. I am just glad we have moved on a bit.

The Ella mystery...really looking forward to seeing how that plays out. Since we know that Sara is so worried about her.(and believe me she went on and on about it.)

I LOVE Chris's charity work. Beautifully written and I feel very needed to help us understand a part of why Chris is so "messed up." It really made a difference to me that he was humanized, if you will. We know he is into Pain, I would have to assume being with Sara is feeding his addiction...(more on that in a minute.)

NOW, the SEX...holy hotness... WOW! Miss Jones sure can write a scene. very erotic, but not over done .

Now, if you noticed I really didn't have a whole lot to say about Sara, there is a reason... She drives me crazy!!! And that was my problem with Being Me.
Now I can understand her curiosity but the fact that she is whiny, annoying and a irritating presences in this book. OH and ,she happens to be the main character so this is a BIG problem for me. I mean Chris is into pain and well, he would have to be to put up with her. The constant repeating of "I am worried about your safety, please do not do this again." by Chris and Sara's "Ok, I won't " and a paragraph later, guess what? She was right back at it. And this went on quite a few times. It just seems Miss Jones was stuck on something to make Chris worry. I found this particularly annoying. Sara has a flair for the dramatic and boy does she work that. Her constant refusal to heed a warning only makes her seem more of a pain in the ass, then this "strong, out for justice woman."  Her past was brought up through out Being Me and we met Michael and her father briefly, then it pretty much fizzled out after that. I am hoping they appear in the next book.

I felt let down, and that brings me to believe that her next installment, Revealing Us...  has to be amazing! I would like to think Miss Jones had a purpose to making this book ,an ending to a few things and a beginning to new things.

If you noticed the first line of this review was "I did NOT read the journals." Miss Jones said via Facebook upon release day quote " If you have not read the journals they will be spoiled by BEING ME. I highly recommend reading them first. You will know why on the last page of BEING ME. Those who have read BEING ME and the journals I think might agree? SO is the fact that I didn't read the journals why I am less than impressed with Being Me?... I have to wonder.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Here we go, my first Blog, my first book review... I thought I would start with my favorite author Kristen Ashley. I am starting with the second book in the Chaos Series.




This is the story of Lanie aka "Lady" and Hopper aka, "Hop". We met Lanie in her fantastic previous book Motorcycle Man, wait I need a minute, just remembering Tack....OK well...

 Lanie, is damaged goods, she is afraid to love and is not looking to find a love, or even a "boy friend," she just wants a good time, enter Hop. Lanie wastes no time in letting her intentions be known to Hop. One night, one time, one amazing ride. Hop is more than willing to be the one to give Lanie exactly what she needs.  But will one night be enough...
Ms. Ashley takes us on a joyous ride with these two. Lanie trying to fight the demons that have chased her most of her life. Trying to over come the loss of her fiancé, who she took bullets for, only to have him die. She doesn't want to be loved, she doesn't even believe in it, in her eyes love only hurts.
op, has been through a bitter divorce, one "skank" after another and it just looking for a good time. He knows Lanie, he knows her story, but he can't help but notice her, she is beautiful. Hop just wants a good time and when Lanie propositions him late one night at the Chaos compound, who is he to say NO?


                                           ~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~

 Once Hop and Lanie enter into this "no strings" agreement, it becomes clear to Hopper that he can not get enough of her. Not just the sex, but he wants to dig deeper into why Lanie feels like she is unworthy of love. Her family is a mess, her alcoholic mother, her philandering father and a sister who gave up on her parents long ago. Lanie is the one who deals with all of them, and the one who is in the most need of someone's shoulder to lean on. 
Hops life is not all roses, he harbors a secret about his children with his ex that no one knows.  He is worried about the violence that is threatening his MC, he is keeping his past a secret for the fear that it will send Lanie running once it comes out.
They battle her demons, and he confesses his secrets to her and they deal with the fall out.
Is he tough love approach enough to make Lanie see that she is so very worthy of love? or is it to much for her to handle and just another heartache in the making?

 I loved the tone and flow of this book. The flow of the conversation is just mind blowing. I never feel lost, I laugh, I cry and I fall in love with each of her characters.  Her attention to detail paints the perfect picture. Her loyalty to her past characters, who if you are a "diehard" like me, you appreciate when she brings them into the fold. 
The only issue I had with this book was, I needed more of the bad guy Benito, I needed more of a set up for the next book. I think that is the only area where it fell flat for me. He was addressed and then kind of forgot about. I have no idea where she is going to go next with this series. If I had a wish and Ms. Ashley could grant, it would be for a book all about  Rush....(hint...hint)


****I have no affiliation with Kristen Ashley, this is purely based on my opinion. I am a fan! I get asked all the time what I am reading and this is my way of letting my friends and family know.****