Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wanted by J Kenner


For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You, and Release Me comes an all-new erotic series of three enigmatic and powerful men, and the striking women who can bring them to their knees.
He is everything I crave, all I desperately want—and he is everything I can’t have.

Evan Black embodies my every fantasy. He is brilliant, fierce, and devastatingly handsome. But he is also headstrong, dangerous, and burdened with secrets.

My family warned me to stay away, that I could never handle Evan’s dark dealings or scarred past. Maybe I should have listened. Maybe I should have run. But our desire is undeniable, and some temptations you just can’t fight.

And from the moment we touch—the passion between us consuming us both—I know that I will never be the same.
We Meet Angelina Hayden Raine, at one of most devastating times in her life. The loss of her beloved Uncle Jahn. The only person to every really understand her, to accept her.
Angie is the daughter of a United States senator and the sister of a murder victim, that is how she is known. She was taken in by her uncle after her sisters murder, being at home was just to much for her. But is her beloved Uncle the man she always new him to be or is there much more to this man she adored?
Evan Black, both came from money and had made is own fortune. The first time Angie laid eyes on Even, she was 16 years old. She was immediately attracted to him. She also met his best friends Tyler and Cole, all were students of Jahn's.  But it was Even she couldn't get out of her head.
"I tried to concentrate on television. On a book. On screwing around on the internet. But nothing held my attention. My mind was too full of Evan, and in the end I went to bed early. Not because I was truly sick, but because I wanted the pleasure of the dark. The thrill of sliding my hands down my belly and under the band of my underwear, then touching myself with my eyes closed as I imagined that it was Evan's fingers upon me. His fingers, his tongue, every decadent inch of him."
Now at 24, Angie still longed for Evan, and seeing him made her even more aware of her lust.
"He wore his hair long in the back so that it brushed his collar, and the natural waves gave it a quality of a mane - which only enhanced the impression that there was a wildness clinging to the man.
Wild or not, I wanted to get close. I wanted to thrust my fingers into his hair and feel the locks on my skin. I imagined his hair was soft, but that's the only part of him that was. Everything else was edged with steel, the hard planes of his face and body hinting at a dangerous core beneath that beauty."
Angie is "sorta" dating Kevin, an FBI agent. His feelings are much more intense than hers. Her parents liked him, and he was a distraction from her desire for Evan. But, Kevin didn't know her, she didn't open up to anyone, she has secrets, secrets that would cause problems for her father, who was in the running to be the VP.
Ok, so I have given you the basics... I am now going to give you what you want... I LOVED THIS BOOK! The chemistry of Angie or Lina as Evan calls her, was OFF THE CHARTS!  They were connected in ways I didn't see coming. Is he exactly what she needs to get back to the fun, free, life loving Lina she once was? Or was he dangerous in a way, that might cause those around her to be hurt?
Evan, has secrets and BOY ARE THEY BIG ONES! He knows what he needs to do to get out of his lifestyle, but upon the reading of Jahn's will, things change. But how will this change things between he and Lina?
The drama surrounding these two makes for really a great read. She is determined to make him want her and he is determined to fight it.
IT GETS HOT,  that is all I can say... HOLY ALPHA MALE!!! WOW...
The supporting characters are really well written. Tyler and Cole are your typical "big brothers" to Angie and they crack me up! I can NOT wait to read their stories ...
Flynn, Angie's long time friend is fun, he is her rock.
Her friend Katrina, is so funny and always has something to say making me chuckle...I hope we see more of her in the other two books!
Kevin, even being an ass, he was written in a way the story needed him.
 I really enjoyed this book, the drama, the secrets, the super steamy scenes... WOW! This series has the makings of a really great collection!!!! I am looking forward to reading the next book!
My review is based on an ARC copy. I am giving Wanted: A Most Wanted Novel 5 clocks!


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