Friday, November 29, 2013

Take a Breath by Jaimie Roberts... review by Kathy


Ana Sinclair has not led the most ordinary life. From a child she was plucked from one home to another, as her mother went through men, like some women went through chocolate. Now at the age of 22 she has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, has a fantastic job as a Crime Analyst and lives and works with a man called Jake Bennett, who she cannot shake out of her head no matter how hard she tries. This man has been her obsession since the first day they met, but there is one major obstacle standing in her way. He’s getting married to her mother.

When her mother, Stella decides to suddenly flee once more, Ana and Jake are left with his 16-year-old son, Matthew to carry on with life as normal. But an unexpected turn of events pushes them both closer together, creating the most intense mind-blowing relationship any of them have ever encountered. The chemistry between them is electric and Jake’s caveman tendencies has Ana both irritated and turned on all at the same time.

Unfortunately for them, all is not perfect in the Bennett household when a serial killer on the loose seems to have an unhealthy obsession towards Ana. Jake, being Captain of Fairfax County, tries his best to keep Ana safe and protected from harm, as Ana tries desperately to keep a dark skeleton hidden in her closet from leaking out to the ones she loves. The situation takes a turn for the worse when Ana discovers a note on her pillow from the killer, and the events that unfold from that point on, threatens to tear their relationship apart, forever.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book or honestly even finish it because of the blurb. It is a little deceptive. It doesn't tell you that Jake is only 33 and that he had his son when HE was a teenager. Once I got that out of the way, I was all into the book. I do want to let you know that this is a series. There is a cliffhanger. If I had known that I wouldn't have read it, but I would have missed out on a good book. So let's get on into this book.....

What, did I just hear him correctly' he wants to go for drinks? I look at him in awe. He has the most beautiful physique. He is 6'3" and is very fit. He likes to work out in the gym so is nicely compact. He has dark brown hair, almost black slicked back and spiked at the front with the most piercing green eyes I've ever seen. Why does he have to be so damn godlike? "Yes, that's fine,"I answer. " I think a few are going."
"I thought so, that's why I want to come. I think Tony has his eye on you and I want to make sure he behaves himself after a few beers."
I think my jaw just dropped to the floor, he spied me and obviously notices my reaction.
"Sorry, just doing my protective fatherly thing."
Oh great, can the floor of the car swallow me up right now?Father, he's only eleven years older than me. I want to die.

Suddenly I feel a pair of hands on my hips and an unwelcome crutch pushing into me from behind. I turn to face who it is thinking that it's Tony when I face a man I 've never met before.The guy with dark blonde spike hair and a silly drunk grin on his face looks down to me.
"Hi babes, you're looking mighty fine there so I thought I may join in, you don't mind do you? You're a great dancer'"
I'm angry; who does he think he is? "Actually I do mind, now can you get your hands off me?" He's looking angry now, I try to push his hands away and he just grips harder.
"Don't try to fight me off lady, you dance like that and expect no one to notice and want to join you."
I try to wiggle myself away from him when the spiky blonde guy is suddenly yanked off me by the scruff of his neck and there stands Jake, Tony and a bunch of guys from work surrounding him.

I run over to Tony and Jake and I put my hand on each of their chests. The electricity that bolts through me has me spellbound, as I stare into Jake's eyes for a second. He makes an ever so slight gasp like he feels it too and I can feel Tony's eyes go from me to Jake.
"Thanks guys, but I don't want any trouble caused over me, and besides he's not worth it. I think it may be best if we leave now, don't you think Jake?"
"Wow that was intense. I thought they were going to start pissing on you for a minute there. "
I smack her arm,"Jessie, that's disgusting. I'm going home before I cause any more trouble.How are you getting back, have you got a ride?"

What I liked about the book:
This is more of a romance book then suspense but, they suspense defintely added to the story. I love those. I do have to say that I figured out the "bad guy" early on but was still enjoyed it. They chemistry between Ana and Jake is ridiculously HOT. They jump off the page. I was truly into the book and didn't want it to end.
Ana has a British accent. Having lived in England until she was 11. I could hear her in my head talking and I loved it. She does have some very dark secrets in he past that she needs to deal with. She needs to let Jake know so he can help her but, chooses not to yet. Once her mother Stella takes off for parts unknown, things with Jake heat up fast. He is a dominant alpha male who feels guilty because of his feelings for Ana. He is worried how everyone will react especially his son.  Once these two realize that they share the same feelings...WOW....He is ridiculously  jealous of any guy who looks at or touches Ana. I was worried that this would be a bad thing but, I loved that he loved her so much. I don't want to spoil anything else soooooooo.........

What I didn't like about the book:

There are some definite editing issues with the book. I found myself distracted by it a couple of times in the story. I hate when that happens. I would have preferred a bit more suspense and not to have figured out the bad guy so quickly. I didn't like that this was a cliffhanger. I was literally yelling at the end of the book. Okay, a little cussing too. Was shocked but, that would spoil it for you.......

I would recommend this book and will give it 4 clocks. It could have been 5 had the editing issues not occurred. I am awaiting the second book which should be out at the end of November. I also want to say that Jake gave me some great dreams too.... HE IS A HOT ALPHA MALE.....Whew is it hot in here?


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