Monday, March 26, 2018

Children of Redemption, book 3 in the Children of Vice series by JJ McAvoy.

“I do not come in peace.”

Life has never been easy for the second-born Callahan son, Wyatt. Trained as a doctor, but born a Callahan, his life has always been one of warring dualities.

But when the Callahan family suffers a massive blow, it’s time for Wyatt to step up and decide, once and for all, who he really is. Will Wyatt rise to the challenge as his enemies close in or will his actions lead to destruction of the world’s most powerful mafia family?

Dawn's Review 
I have had the pleasure of reading every word that Ms. McAvoy has printed and Children of Redemption is, once again an instant favorite. I hold McAvoy’s writing as some of the very best, so the standard is high. I am always excited when her latest work exceeds what I had previously thought was her best. I am left looking for the right adjectives and I fail miserably. I always come back to the same one...Brilliant.
I often use the terms “smart and the depth of her characters,” when talking/describing her writing.  Her Ruthless People and Children of Vice series are some of the best written books I have had the joy to read.  But Children Of Redemption, it is something very special. Pieces of puzzles that have been missing, are now solved, only leading to more questions. That is the hallmark of a truly talented  writer.
Wyatt Callahan, has always been the loose cannon for me. I was just waiting on him to join “the dark side,” but secretly not wanting him to. He is much more dangerous because it is so unexpected. His flashbacks with his mother we’re just perfection. When Melody was explaining why she wanted him to not fear water, it was genius.

Wyatt, don’t think like normal people think. Normal people are mediocre. Think like me, like your father, like a Callahan. You never have to control water. Water, air, fire, dirt. It’s all irrelevant. None of those things care about you. They do not change Course for you. Normal people try to avoid or fight those things. But I know, and now you know, you are a love the water, the air, the fire, and the dirt. The most important element is you. If someone dragged me to the bottom of this pool, would you be scared?” 
“Because you can hold your breath for a really, really,  really long time! You’d get down there and punch ‘em for grabbing you, then swim right back up.”‘
She smiled wide. “Exactly,. Normal people would fight the water. Try to fight to get back up...why? Because they are scared people. Scared they aren’t strong enough or smart enough to Maine it out alive. But me? I know no matter what, no matter where I am , I will survive that moment. I like swimming because it reminds me that I don’t fear what kills others, because I am not like any other. I rise and thrive in anything and everything. Does that answer your question?

Wyatt, is stepping into some mightily large shoes while Eathan is “gone.” He is handling business as he sees fit. He dishes out punishment as he sees fit and that is very distressing to his best friend and closest confidant Helen. She is not liking the new Wyatt. She is afraid that he is liking the power a little too much and Helen, is one to call him out on his behavior. We see the dynamic change when Helen, finds out what Wyatt did as a teenager that altered the course of her life. Can Helen forgive Wyatt?  He has zero regrets for what he did and what he would do, when it comes to Helen.  Again, very smart writing, letting us know that Helen was not always a part of the Callahan family. It was a very important subplot that needed to be covered.

Redemption, is a book about coming together. Wyatt and Ethan finally see that they can run this family together better than fighting each other. Ethan, is destroyed when Wyatt is suffering. He is struggling with believing he let his brother and his parents down. Can Ethan bring him back or does Helen hold the key to bringing Wyatt back for the abyss?
There are so many things that could be said about this fantastic book, but it is best to let the story do the talking.  I am begging and pleading with Ms. McAvoy to get my grabby hands on the last installment in the COV series. But Wyatt's story, it is the best in this series , IMO.  Ms McAvoy has an amazing opportunity to take us to the edge in Vicious Minds. I CAN NOT WAIT!

5+++++++ Clocks for Children Of Redemption by JJ McAvoy  
Book provided by author for honest review.