Tuesday, October 11, 2016


After taking a month off for my daughter's wedding, I am back and ready to dive into something delicious and special. I have zero idea where to begin. Who would think that having so many books to choose from would not be a problem? But trust me it is. I need options, but not thousands!
I am going to finish the book I started a few weeks ago and than who where I will go next. Two books that have caught my eye are,

Patchwhore by Kim Jones


*BARNES&NOBLE* http://bit.ly/2dHyhCR
*iBOOKS* http://apple.co/2ed9WGS
I love her writing style and I will always love her MC books!

44 Chapters about 4 Men: A Memoir by BB Easton

I have a friend who recommended this book. She said she laughed until she cried and thought the writing was superb.


I will get back to you ASAP. Hopefully I will have read these two books, plus many more!

Happy Reading!!!!