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Sinful Intent : ALFA Private Investigations series Book 1 by Chelle Bliss


 Sinful Intent Series: ALFA PI Book #1 Release Date: July 14th Author: Chelle Bliss
The moment I saw her, I wanted her. I tried to resist her, but Race had other plans. One night, in a moment of weakness, I gave in to my desires. I still had a job to do before her world collapsed. If I failed at finding the person behind the threats, I could lose her forever. Temptation can be dangerous.


“You’re really purdy,” she slurred with a lopsided grin, running her finger down my cheek. “That’s it. No more drinks for you,” I said, dragging the glass away from her. “No! I’ve only had three,” she said as she lurched forward, pulling the drink out of my hands. “I’m enjoying myself. I’ve had a bitch of a week and I deserve to let loose a little.” I held my hands up. “You’ve actually had four martinis, but anything you want, princess.” Her eyes grew into little slits. “I’m not your princess,” she slurred, sounding completely adorable. My cheeks hurt as I smiled. “I’m going to take you home now. I think you need to sleep it off.” “Last time I checked,” she said before hiccupping, “you’re not my daddy.” A slow smile crept across her face. She scooted closer and whispered, “Unless that’s your thing.” She tried to wink, but both eyes closed, one after the other. I leaned into her space, a breath away from her lips. “It’s not my thing, but I’m happy to act out your fantasies. But I don’t think you want to cross that line. Once you go there, there’s no going back.” I stared into her eyes. “Oooh.” Her eyes grew wide. “Is that supposed to scare me, Mr. DeLuca?” I didn’t move. “I’m just giving you fair warning. You’ve had a few drinks, and I won’t take advantage of that. I’m just telling you how it is.” “You’re full of yourself.” Her warm, sweet breath caressed my lips as she spoke. All I wanted to do was reach out, pull her face to mine, and kiss her full, beautiful lips. “I’m sure of myself and confident in my abilities, yes. That’s entirely different than being full of myself.” I licked my lips, testing her. Her eyes dropped to my mouth as her lips parted. “Another?” Lisa interrupted. “We’re good,” I replied, keeping my eyes pinned to Race and waving Lisa off. “Pfft,” Lisa scoffed, stomping away. Race glared in Lisa’s direction. “She wants you,” she whispered. Was she jealous? “I don’t want her.” “She’s a sure thing though.” I leaned closer, leaving very little space between us. “I never liked easy.” “All men like easy.” Her body swayed, moving so close our lips almost brushed.
Purchase Sinful Intent AMAZON - BARNES & NOBLE - ITUNES - KOBO
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*****My Review*****

When I heard there was no more Gallo (Men of Inked series) books I was crushed. I love this family as irrationally as that sounds, I do.
Enter the spinoff series ALFA INVESTIGATIONS and Mr. Morgan DeLuca. Once again Ms. Bliss is giving us exactly what we want, a superb cast of characters that are deep ,rich and delicious.
Morgan and Race True (seriously a BA name) are fantastic! The chemistry these two share is explosive. With Race's Artic attitude and Morgans cock sure attitude, how could it not be?
With a new lease on life Morgan sets out to join his cousin Thomas (his cousin) and James (Izzy's husband) business, ALFA Investigations. The intertwining of family and a really sexy story is brilliant! As a reader, I felt as if I have known this family for my entire life, but i knew all the of their deep dark sexy secrets. It's not difficult to see why some refer to Ms.Bliss as "the Machine" She churns out these amazing stories in, record speed and they are always a joyride!
Morgan joins the lineup of super sexy, super alpha , super intense and completely devoted leading men in this author's gaggle of swoon worthy men. And Race falls in as one of her strong, fiercely independent and passionate leading ladies. She fits right in with all the ladies that love those Gallo men.
Twists and turns take you on a wild ride in this story. I would think I have this mystery figured out and then..BAM! "right turn Clyde," nope she hits us with a villain, I didn't see coming. I LOVE it when she does that!

I feel strongly that you should first read the Men of Inked series before you get you hands on SI. But one does not HAVE to. I think it makes for a more cohesive story and TRUST ME you want to meet the Gallos!


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About the Author

Chelle Bliss is a USA Today Bestselling Author of the Men of Inked series.
She loves to write happily ever afters filled with alpha males and sexy women.
Chelle spends her days writing, chatting on Facebook, and working on her craft.
The ALFA PI series a spin off of her Men of Inked series and she's excited to introduce a new world of characters to readers.

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The Stable Girl, A Fetish Erotic Romance... Miss Merikan

We were introduced to the world of pony play through The Beauty Series, which Anne Rice had written as A. N. Roquelaure, and the topic fascinated us ever since. In contrast to puppy play, which is more widely known, pony play typically involves far less humiliation. Some scenarios involve it as well, but pet play is always influenced by how we see the animal, and horses are perceived as noble and elegant. Horse play doesn’t need to be sexual and sometimes only involves the participants taking on personas of equines and/or human handlers. Human ponies learn gaits, pull various carts, and even compete in dressage, circus tricks, and other trained skills. 

Annie’s path to being a mare starts when she becomes a groom for a handsome man, who plays the breeding stud for a wealthy man. She falls in love with him, even though he never went out of character, and is devastated by being parted from him. But since she told Coal on their last night together that she wishes she too were a pony, to be cared for and not have to do the back-breaking work of a scullery maid, Coal comes back for her. A human again, as Dante, he buys Annie from her owner with the intention of fulfilling her dream. Annie is forced into a situation, which is much more than she bargained for, and through trial and error, she eventually discovers what kind of life she wants as a pony. Tied closely with her love for Dante/Coal, it’s gonna be a bumpy road.

--- Be careful what you wish for. ---

Annie is trapped in a life of slavery as a scullery maid. Her world gets turned on its head when she becomes the groom of Coal, the most devilishly handsome man she’s ever seen. She couldn’t help but fall for his charm even though he never spoke a word, and was kept at the mansion as a human horse. She was there for him when he was upset, she was there for him when he wanted to play, and she was even there for him when his stud libido needed taming. 

Now, Coal is leaving, after a year in service as a stallion, and Annie’s heart is breaking. If he is to go, she wants one last chance at truly connecting with Coal. What she doesn’t expect though is that after a night of passion, Coal comes back for her, and as Dante, buys her from her former master. She’d always imagined the life Coal led as a comfortable existence, but it is when she becomes Dante’s mare that she realizes there is much more to being a pony than she thought. 

With Dante being Annie’s new master, she is thrust into a debauched world she never imagined existed, but she isn’t sure anymore if being his mare is what she truly wants. All she knows is that she wants her beloved stallion Coal back. 

WARNING: The Stablegirl is a kinky erotic tale with themes of fetish and pony-play,  strong language and violence. Reader discretion advised.

Excerpt from the book

His voice made Annie shiver. She’d never feared him this much when he was Coal. They had an understanding back then. But now? How was she to navigate the situation with him being a man?

“Where should I put my things, sir?” Not that she had much. A blanket a friend knitted for her years ago, before she’d even met Jack, a small gas mask for just the bottom of her face, a pair of goggles too big for her, and a deck of cards.

He walked past her and opened the wardrobe to put back his suit jacket and accessories. “I think I should call you Crema. You have such a lovely, pale coat.”

Annie looked up into his eyes, unsure what to make of it. “Excuse me, sir?”

Dante frowned at her, his dark eyes flaming up with something she couldn’t read. When he put his index finger against her lips, she fought the sudden urge to kiss it and stayed silent. Pay attention to her surroundings and stay aware of danger was all she could do.

Slowly, he stepped even closer and turned her around to face away from him. Annie stiffened when he pulled on the belt of her apron and then pushed the garment off her. The way it fell to the floor had her stiffen. A part of her did want to repeat the sex they’d had a few days ago, but it felt as if it had been a different life, a different man.
“I think there might have been—”

“Hush, Crema,” said Dante. He put one of his large hands on the front of her neck, and as she opened her mouth, gasping, he gently pushed something between her teeth. It was rubbery, with something hard inside.

Now it finally clicked. After a year spent with Coal, she knew exactly what this was. A bit. He shushed her with a bit! This couldn’t be really happening. Sure, she’d said she wanted the life he’d had, that she’d wanted to be his mare, but the fantasy was getting all too real. Before she could fight against it, Dante closed the halter the bit was attached to at the back of her head. She was left with a little whimper for protest.

“Shh, easy, girl. It’s all right,” he said softly as he pulled her against his warm chest. His hands squeezed around her waist before trailing up her chest.

Annie’s breath quickened once his hand reached her breasts. He’d never touched her there before. That is … he did nuzzle her, but never like this. Coal would always get only as much as she would allow. Dante? Dante took whatever he wanted. But it seemed that he did want to keep her. Annie’s head spun. He didn’t just keep her. He owned her. He named her.

HUNG... Selected Sinners MC series by Scott Hildreth

Welcome to the BLOG TOUR from SCOTT HILDRETH for his NEW book in the SELECTED SINNERS MC series!!!

Title: HUNG
Author: Scott Hildreth
Release Date: July 13, 2015
Series: Selected Sinners MC
Cover Artist: Jessica Hildreth

If a girl wants a bad boy, they don’t come any tougher than Dalton “Biscuit” Biskette. Biscuit rides with the Selected Sinners MC, and takes no shit from any man - especially cops. He’s tall, covered in tattoos, muscular, has an awesome beard, a huge cock, and a tongue that can tickle my g-spot.

The only thing he likes to do more than ride and fuck is lick…

Considering my penchant for bad boys, he’s perfect in my eyes.

My police officer father disagrees…

And so does my former Marine ex-boyfriend who just got out of jail.

The license plate on my bike says it all – RFOF – Ride, Fuck, Or Fight.

I’ve never met a girl who made me stop and pay attention until I met Kat. There’s only one problem, her father’s a cop.

And I hate cops.

If he thinks he can stop me from fucking his daughter, he’s as wrong as the day is long.

HUNG is a stand-alone MC Romance with an HEA and is book IV in the Selected Sinners series. There is no cheating, nor is there sharing of partners, but the sex is detailed, graphically depicted, and frequent. No other book is required to tell this tale. PLEASE be over 18 to enjoy this book.


This my absolute favorite book of the year! I FLOVE Biscuit!!!!...The steamy scenes were off the charts. - Crazy Daisy Book Whore

This book has some epic sexual encounters between the two leads. They seem to be insatiable to each other. Crank up the air conditioner and get rid of distractions. Have cold water near-by . Biscuit brings it. Every. Time. - Obsessive Reading Disorder

I absolutely LOVED this book. As a huge fan of Scott's books, each one just gets better and better. I love how he weaves in important issues, while making the book so very hot. - 
Hot Books Hotter Book Boyfriends

SMOLDERING HEAT is what happens before the EXPLOSIONS!...and we're not talking fireworks either (unless the ones behind her eyelids count...hehehe). Mr. Hildreth has done it again and I can say one of the best yet - Moments in West Florida Book Blog

This is one of the sexiest books I've ever read - Wendy's Book Obsession

ON THE SEX? He went FULL THROTTLE. He pushed his on boundaries on how much and what type of sex scenes. AND. I. LOVE. IT. But, he doesn't skimp on compassion, and love. Biscuit, shows a lot of selflessness in this book. He gives of himself in his relationships to others - Rebel Reviewer 

From the Author 

Thank you for making HUNG a #1 best seller in less than 24 hours, and a #1 HOT NEW RELEASE in less than 24 hours.

This not the typical MC Romance book. It is extremely steamy, has no sharing of partners, and no sex outside the relationship (once relationship develops). It does, however, have very detailed sex scenes which are graphically depicted.

Prepare for an inferno. 


A HUNG discussion group was asked, “If you could ask Biscuit (Dalton) or Kat or both ONE QUESTION, what would it be?”

Then, Jen C, an admin from the group, came in with questions in hand to face the characters for the interview.

Thank you, Scott Hildreth, for letting her interview Dalton and Kat. They were fun, well except maybe Dalton, he was a bit intimidating. Thanks, Kat, for keeping him in check!

Jen C:  “Do you think you will ever get back in touch with your mom and sister again?”

Dalton: “Right now, my life’s in perfect order. I can’t see myself looking to a family that disowned me and my needs as a kid for somethin’ I didn’t need from them for the last seventeen years, no. My focus right now is my own family, Kat and our soon-to-be born baby.”

Dalton nods his head once toward Kat and grins.

Jen C:  “If you could change one thing about the other person what would it be and why????”

Kat raises her hand.

Jen C: “Go ahead, Kat.”

Kat: “Uhhm, no. I fell in love with Dalton because Dalton’s Dalton. For me to change even one simple thing about him would change who he is. Does that make sense?”

Jen C: “Yes.”

Kat: “Okay, well, that’s my answer. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Jen turns toward Dalton.

Jen C: “And you?”

Dalton: “Same.”
Jen C: “We’d like to have an answer from you, Dalton.”

Dalton stands halfway from chair and narrows his gaze.

Dalton: “I thought I just fuckin’ gave it. If you want to ask questions and argue with me when I answer the motherfucker’s, maybe you and I …”

Kat raises hand and clears throat.

Dalton shifts eyes toward Kat, pauses and reluctantly sits.

Jen C: “Kat, did you let your brother know that he is going to be an uncle?”

Kat: “My brother was my best friend growing up. I’ve called him and told him, but I haven’t spoken to him in person. He’s almost as excited as we are about the baby. We haven’t told him the sex yet, but when he gets here we will. We’re both kind of excited too, because he bought a Softail Harley, and he wants to go riding. My dad’s not real happy about it, but he’s sure a lot more understanding than he used to be.”

Dalton chuckles out loud.

Jen C:  “As a father, what is one thing you plan to teach your child?”

Dalton: “I want to teach our child to be open-minded, understanding, and how to accept love. I ain’t never been one to accept love from anyone. I think it’s ‘cause I never felt I got it as a kid. So, it just makes sense that if Kat and I can give this baby all the love in the world, it’ll grow up accepting and giving love in return. The world’s got enough fuckheads in it. I ain’t lookin’ to raise another.”

Kat nods her head toward Dalton.

Kat: “What he said.”

Jen clears throat.

Jen C: “You’ve got nothing to add on your own?”

Dalton glares at Jen, stands from chair and crosses arms in front of chest.

Kat: “Dalton…”

Dalton slowly sits down.

Kat: “Nope. That’s all.”

Kat: “Well, I guess kind of what Dalton said. I just don’t want her to be closed-minded. I want her to grow up giving all people a chance to come into her life. I don’t want her to hate or be prejudiced toward people because of who she believes they are. Once she learns who they really are, she can make a decision based on fact, and not a preconceived belief.”

Dalton: “Thought we wasn’t gonna tell the sex, Kat?”

Kat: “Oh shit. Can you like, uhhm, scratch the part about the sex?”

Jen C: “Nods head.”

Dalton: “I ain’t bullshittin’ on this. Don’t print that shit, understand?”

Jen nods head.

Jen C: “Kat, why when you found out you were pregnant did you go back to the abuser, Kyle? Isn't it a mother’s job to protect her child? Did you not want the best for your baby? Did you not think that Dalton would make a good father? Families are made up in many ways.”

Kat: “Legally, Kyle was the baby’s father. In my mind, the proper thing to do was to give him a chance to be the father of the child. Turn the tables. If you were a shitty person in the eyes of your friends, would it be fair for someone to take your chance to be a mother just because you were violent, or crappy acting? And for them to make that decision before the baby was born, and take that opportunity would be wrong. I gave Kyle a chance to be his child’s father. He fucked up. I did my part to include him, and now it really doesn’t matter, but I feel good about my decision.”

Jen C:  “Biscuit, When Kat told you she was going back to the abuser, Kyle, why didn't you fight for her? Why didn't you try and protect her by not letting her go back? Did you not think that you could provide a good life for her and her baby? Did you not think you were more worthy then Kyle?”

Dalton: “Good question. Life’s about knowing how to provide respect. In the club, people make decisions all the time I may not agree with, but accepting them as my brothers means I respect them. And, if I respect them, I must respect their decisions. I don’t have to always agree with them, but I always need to respect them. No one person is always right. When Kat made that decision, I asked her if in her mind it was final. She said yes, and she told me it was the right thing to do. In her mind, it was proper for her to give him a chance. For me to argue with her, or fight, would have been to say I don’t think she’s got the ability to make a decision on her own. I sure as fuck didn’t agree with her, but I needed to respect her, and respect her decision.”

Jen C: “Being married and having a family has to be so opposite of being a 1%r. How are you going to manage the MC, your relationship with Kat and being a father??”

Dalton: “Bein’ a 1%er doesn’t make me any different than another father. Bein’ a 1%er isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle, a way of bein’, a way of livin’. I’m gonna always be an outlaw, but that don’t mean I’m a criminal. Right’s always right, and wrong’s always wrong. Baby or no baby, if some cocksucker does wrong, and I’m within arm’s reach or earshot, he’s gonna get hands put on him. That’s just life working out the kinks and wrinkles. Baby or no baby, I got a responsibility to my brothers and my family. Bein’ a 1%er allows me to fulfill that responsibility.”

Jen C:  “Besides the obvious Kat, how does Biscuit complete you??”

Kat: “I can’t really put it into words. It’s a feeling, or maybe an understanding. Since he’s been in my life, I haven’t worried about anything. It isn’t just a physical presence, but I know nothing will ever happen to me. That feeling of safety, combined with the love that’s pretty apparent makes me feel so whole. It’s just really hard to explain. I guess it’s what love does.”

Kat shrugs shoulders.

Jen C:  “For Biscuit and Kat, in five years from now where do you see a family, a mother, a father, and the MC?”

Dalton: “In five years? Hopefully the room won’t be repainted by then. I’m thinkin’ I’m pretty good with the color I picked, and for once, I don’t want to change it. I’m gonna try and slow down on the drinkin a little, and not ride drunk. We talked about that, and I’m gonna give it an honest shake. As far as the club goes, it’ll be the same thing. Well, that and maybe I’ll be the Vee Pee.”

Kat: “In five years, all I want to see is two babies in the house. I don’t want anything else to change.”

Kat glances at Dalton

Dalton stands, walks to Kat, and bends down. After a moment of holding his mouth an inch from her lips and whispering something inaudibly, he kisses her on the lips lightly. As their lips part, he stares down at her, and kisses her full on the lips. As he stands, he turns toward Jen.

Dalton: “Add that to my list. Another baby.”

Jen C: “Dalton, why don’t you like oatmeal cookies?”

Dalton: “If that cocksucker’d taken an oatmeal cookie, I’d have shook his hand. Oatmeal is for breakfast. You don’t put that shit in a cookie.”

Jen C: Uhmmm. What's the fascination with the Red Bull? It's so bad for you. That's a whole lotta Red Bull!

Dalton: “It ain’t a fuckin’ fascination, it’s a necessity. Maybe you ought to drink more of it, and you wouldn’t be so fuckin’ uptight.”

Jen C:  I'd like to know what other hidden talents you have... hehe. Get your mind out of the gutter, not sexually, but like your diving skills...

Dalton: “Took me some divin’ lessons. Toad had a judo class at the YMCA for about two years, and I took it. In two years I got my brown belt. I’ve done some rock climbing, and I can do the splits pretty good. Did yoga for a while, and I got that down dog deal goin’ for me, but yoga got kinda weird when all the guys in the tights started showin’ up. I guess my one skill that I don’t advertise what maybe I ought to is this…”

Dalton sticks out his tongue, and with tongue extended fully from his mouth, flicks the end of it up and down in a rapid motion. As he retracts his tongue into his mouth, he grins.

Dalton: “Use your imagination.”

Jen C: “Kat, What is your brother’s name? Will we get to meet him?”

Kat: “My brother’s name is Kole. My parents spelled it with a K. He’s coming back to Kansas and we’re hoping he’s going to stay. He lost his job at the plant, so Dalton and I are hoping he’ll stay here. We’ll see.”

Jen C: “Dalton, Two final questions: Would you reverse your vasectomy without any thought, so you could have more children and last, would you ever walk away from the MC for Kat or your family?”

Dalton: “The MC is my family. For me to walk away from them would be no differently than my family basically walkin’ out on me as a kid. And the other question? Already answered that one in Kat’s ear.”

Kat turns to Jen and grins.

Kat: “And you can put that one in print.”

Born in San Diego California, Scott now calls Wichita, Kansas home. Residing in Kansas with his wife, Jessica, and five children (and another on the way in November 2015), he somehow finds twelve hours a day to work on his writing.

Addicted to riding his Harley-Davidson, tattoos, and drinking coffee, Scott can generally be found in a tattoo shop, on his Harley, or in a local coffee house when not writing.

Loyal to the fans, fan girls, and faithful followers who allowed him to make writing a full-time career, Scott communicates with his followers on Facebook almost daily. He encourages his readers to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter: @ScottDHildreth

Face book “OFFICIAL LIKE” page - (for updates on released books and upcoming books)

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Wherever you're seeing this post, chances are good their Facebook Page is running a giveaway! Check it out to see! 

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Isobelle Cate's Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series

♥••*´¨`*•.☆• SERIES SPOTLIGHT TOUR •☆.•*´¨`*••♥
The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series by Isobelle Cate

Rapture at Midnight There is an on-going war between two breeds of immortal warriors who carry human, vampire, and werewolf blood, the Cynn Cruor and the Scatha Cruor. The Cynn Cruor wants to live in harmony with the human race. The Scatha Cruor wants to enslave them. Finn Qualtrough, a Cynn Cruor warrior is on a mission to find Dac Valerian, the leader of the Scatha Cruor responsible for the deaths of many, including his parents. When he pursues three Scatha warriors who can lead him to Dac, he happens upon a woman who awakens a desire within Quinn to claim her as his own.
She is the very essence of his immortal life.
Eirene Spence is an insomniac and a computer genius who loves walking in the park at midnight. She stumbles upon the Scatha Cruor and is almost killed until a handsome stranger rescues her. His touch ignites a hunger inside her that only he can satisfy.
He is her soul.
By some twist of fate, one of Eirene’s clients is Dac Valerian. She is able to tell Finn and the rest of the Cynn Cruor where Dac is hiding. Now Dac wants her dead.
Will Finn be able to keep Eirene alive and at the same time fulfill his mission? Will Eirene’s wish to be part of Finn’s life come true knowing that he is destined for someone else?
*Warning: intended for mature audiences 18+Available on Amazon:

Forever at Midnight When Roarke catches a glimpse of Deanna in Dac Valerian’s club, he searches for her in the streets of Manchester just to prove that he hasn’t lost his mind. He is unable to believe Deanna is alive when he’d buried her himself nearly five hundred years before. But when Deanna turns up on the street facing the Cynn Cruor’s headquarters, Roarke needs to know why she’s hid herself from him all these years.
Knowing her secret can only destroy whatever feelings Roarke has left for her, Deanna remains silent until circumstances force her to reveal everything. Hearts are broken on both sides, but Roarke and Deanna have to work together if they are to find a way of ending Dac and the Scatha Cruor’s power once and for all.
Desire rises and passions are rekindled. Will their pursuit of Dac lead to another chance at happiness? Or will it forever tear them apart?
*Warning: Contains explicit content and graphic details. 18+ Audience
Available on Amazon:

Midnight’s Atonement Graeme Temple is nearly killed during the Cynn Cruors’ siege of Dac Valerian’s fortress on the Isle of Man, when he takes a silver bullet intended for his Dux, Roarke Hamilton. While on the mend, Graeme meets Kate Corrigan, a woman who enkindles his lust, his desire to possess, his need to protect. It is Kate who gives him a reason to be a better person than he was before. Kate is an investigative journalist who has been following a local councilman she believes is involved in human trafficking. When she meets Graeme one rainy day, the attraction she feels toward him is something she longs for but refuses to have. Kate is about to expose the councilman when her friends are kidnapped to silence her. But she refuses to let go. Knowing that the councilman can wield his extensive influence over the police, she looks for help from outside. Graeme. Thrown together, their attraction for each other becomes a passionate conflagration that will not leave them unscathed. But not all is cut and dried. Graeme finds out that the person Kate is after is the very person he has been searching for, for centuries. A great sacrifice is made that can break them apart. Will the feelings they have for each other be more than enough to get them through this storm? Will Graeme be a better man when this debacle is over, and will he be the man to break through the walls of Kate’s heart?
Available on Amazon:

Midnight’s Fate Zac McBain is on a mission to a place that doesn’t exist - a place that disappeared thousands of years ago. The source of the Specus Argentum--the only silver that can harm the Cruors, is sought by not only Zac and the Ancients, but Dac Valerian as well. Hidden deep in the rainforests of Honduras, the present day town of La Nahuaterique, Faith Hannah is on a mission, both humanitarian and personal. Her medical mission is prompted by her wish to escape the problems that assail her in London. She never expected to be kidnapped and discover a whole supernatural world around her own--and she certainly didn't expect to feel such a sudden, intense need and longing for one of them. As soon as Zac sees Faith deep in the woods, he's lost to her. In the middle of a hard fought battle for the Specum Argentum, the passion fate has decreed between Zac and Faith begins to consume them. But the impending war between the Cynn Cruor and Scatha Cruor comes to a head. Secrets are unearthed, loyalties are doubted... and love must struggle to prevail.
Available on Amazon:

*** LATEST RELEASE *** Book five in the series ~ My Haven, My Midnight
Amaryllis Hart has lived a hard life. Falsely accused of theft, she decides to live the life thrown at her until one encounter throws her into a world she does not believe exists and into the arms of the immortal who steals her heart. Colin Butler, Dux of the Leeds Cynn Cruors and his second, Craig Shaw, return to Leeds abruptly after a secret Colin has been keeping for centuries, returns. In their attempts to keep it under wraps, another situation blows up in their faces, bringing Colin face to face with his past and his future—a violet eyed beauty who heals his soul. As luck would have it, Colin’s secret is unearthed. To top it all, Dac Valerian and Herod D’Argyl are in Leeds and the Ancients’ enforcer arrives to pass judgement on the Dux of the Leeds Cynn Cruors. Colin has to make the hardest decision of his life. Either he walks away from the past that will forever haunt him or make up for a past he had no control of and lose the woman he loves.
**Content Warning: This book contains adult language and sexual situations. It is intended for audiences 18+ ONLY**
Available on Amazon:

Isobelle Cate is a woman who wears different masks. Mother-writer, wife-professional, scholar-novelist. Currently living in Manchester, she has been drawn to the little known, the secret stories, about the people and the nations: the English, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, and those who are now part of these nations whatever their origins. Her vision and passion are fuelled by her interest and background in history and paradoxically, shaped by growing up in a clan steeped in lore, loyalty, and legend.
Isobelle is intrigued by forces that simmer beneath the surface of these cultures, the hidden passions, unsaid desires, and yearnings unfulfilled.

CONNECT WITH ISOBELLE Facebook: Amazon: Twitter: Goodreads: Microcerpt: Booktropolous: LinkedIn: Google Plus: Blog: Website:
Brought to readers by Beau Coup Publishing

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Red Hot, Sex & Mayhem Series by K.A. Merikan

Coming July 18th

--- Live fast. Die young. Fuck hard.---

Red Jack. Rude. Crude. Horny ginger mess. In love with… himself.
Loki. Deadbeat. Volatile. Stalker. Terminally ill. Fatally in love.

When it comes to men, Red Jack has three rules. The guy has to be hot, out of town, and not up for repeats. It’s a good way to keep the gay flings far away from the eyes of his brothers in the Coffin Nails Motorcycle Club, and he will make damn sure it stays that way. When a hookup takes an ominous turn, and the sexy stranger turns up at his house, the heat is on. Loki invades his life and just won’t leave, wreaking havoc wherever he follows Jack, but getting rid of him becomes harder with every kiss.

The world crumbles around Loki when he finds out he has cancer. As if his life wasn’t shit enough already. With only a few months left, he decides to live to the fullest and get every last wish on his bucket list fulfilled. One of those is fucking the hot bearded biker he meets the same night he got the bad news. Big, confident, and dangerous, Red Jack is all Loki ever wanted in a man. After all, he deserves one last shot at love. Who cares if Red Jack is a stubborn, closeted asshole? Loki knows what he wants, and he won’t settle for anything less. Even if it kills him.

About the author:

K. A. Merikan is the pen name for Kat and Agnes Merikan, a team of writers, who are mistaken for sisters with surprising regularity. Kat’s the mean sergeant and survival specialist of the duo, never hesitating to kick Agnes’s ass when she’s slacking off. Her memory works like an easy-access catalogue, which allows her to keep up with both book details and social media. Also works as the emergency GPS. Agnes is the Merikan nitpicker, usually found busy with formatting and research. Her attention tends to be scattered, and despite pushing thirty, she needs to apply makeup to buy alcohol. Self-proclaimed queen of the roads.

They love the weird and wonderful, stepping out of the box, and bending stereotypes both in life and books. When you pick up a Merikan book, there’s one thing you can be sure of - it will be full of surprises.

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