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LAST BREATH by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick... review by Kathy



I never really knew what misery was until the day I was kidnapped and sold for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two months later, I'm at a brothel in Rio when I meet Daniel Hays. He says he's here to save me, but can I trust him? All I know of him are his sarcastic retorts and his tendency to solve every dispute with his gun. He's also the only safe thing in my world, and I know it's wrong to fall in love with him, but I can't seem to help myself. He says he’ll protect me until his last breath but I don’t know if I should believe him or even if I can. 


For the last eighteen months, I’ve had one goal: to find my kidnapped sister. I’ve left the Army, turned paid hit man, and have befriended criminals all across the globe. In every brothel I raid or every human trafficking truck I stop, her face is the one I’m desperate to see. In Rio, I find Regan Porter, bruised but not broken and still sane despite her weeks in hell. I should leave her behind or send her home because the last thing either of us needs is to get involved. But with every passing minute, I find I can’t let her go.

I have patiently waited for this second book in the Hitman series. I have not hounded either of the authors with annoying questions like...When will I get to read about Daniel and Regan....I think i should get points for this, I really am not normally this patient...OK I am never this patient and may have stalked the authors pages a few times....I was ridiculously happy to get this last night...I haven't read anything lately due to an illness, that was out the window as soon as I saw this in my Kindle. Was up till 3:32 am reading. Was it worth the loss of sleep....HELL YEAH it was...

So this book takes up from the end of book 1.  Daniel is asked to find Regan by Nick and Daisy. He has been searching for months for her in Russia and now in Brazil. He finds her after months of hell in a disgusting brothel being "broken". Daniel is also looking for his sister who was kidnapped 18 months ago in Cancun. He is also searching for the Emperor, a hacker that Vasily Petrovich is trying to find. All roads are leading to one place...RIO...

 I've seen pictures of Regan Porter before, and not in Gomes' book, but nothing prepares me for her full-fledged, magazine-quality beauty. She hasn't been eating well; her delicate bones are beginning to look sharp in places--at her shoulders, ribs, and hips. But there's no denying her breathtaking looks. Her blonde hair is damp and small strands stick to her perfect skull. Her oval face, with its pink cheekbones and lush lips and eyebrows that look like wings, stands out like a piece of fine china at a flea market. Though she's thin, there's a delicious  curviness in the slope of her side as  it dips into he waist and flares back out to form a cuppable roundness at the hip. And those endlessly long legs.

 Shit. I close my eyes and swallow. No decent man would be standing here thinking about those legs wrapped around his waist. But then again, I'm not decent. I'm no longer army sniper, Special Forces Daniel Hays who may have once been lauded as a hero for killing insurgents in Afghanistan. now I'm Daniel Hays, mercenary who kills people money and spends all his spare time in brothels and flesh dens like this one. Decency is a word I don't even know the meaning to anymore.

After months in the brothels and repeatedly being raped and somehow still strong enough to not be broken, Regan can't stand to be touched. She has flash backs to rapes and the disgusting men who have hurt her....

But Daniel never breaks his word. He never touches me sexually, and by the time he boots me out of the shower, I'm confused and a little sad to leave him behind in there. 

I liked being touched by him. I liked that he touched me and I didn't have to worry. hat no one was going to be forcing me to do anything, and that there was only caressing and tenderness. and god, I've missed tenderness so much. 

I feel guilty for making Daniel panic, so I sigh. "Is it weird if I say I think I need a hug?"
He looks down at me in surprise and then chuckles, that roguish grin stealing across his handsome face again. " You want me to slide into bed with you and cuddle?"

"Actually that sounds amazing." I tell him and sit up, hugging the sheet to my breasts. "Is it weird if I want to cuddle?"

AHHHHHH.....Yes Daniel I want to cuddle.....ummmmm... I mean....You can see why I love Daniel... He is a good guy..... I absolutely love REGAN. She has been through so much but is still strong, yet scared and still able to function. Daniel admires her strength and determination. I loved this book just as much as the first book. I think that Jessica and Jen are fabulous authors. Hopefully will continue to collaborate for many many books.  This book is a fast paced novel with lots of steamy scenes but yet still has the gentle lovemaking that is needed to heal...the first kiss... OMG...I am giving this 5 clocks. Go grab this and read, it is so worth it.... I am off to think of Daniel...ahhhhhhhh

TATTOO by Cambria Herbert...Review by Kathy


A tattoo gets them in trouble… He will get them out.

After years of cultivating an undercover identity, Brody West is finally off the case and free to live a life of his own. All that time spent in the company of criminals and killers left him a little jaded… and with an identity crisis. He isn’t sure who he is anymore, or who he wants to be.

To give him time to think, he takes a few days off to go fishing. On his way out of town, he makes a routine stop at the bank and finds himself flirting with the girl behind the counter. 

But his flirtation is cut short when criminals burst into the bank and shoot her right before his eyes. 

In attempt to administer first aid, Brody reveals a tattoo on his upper arm. A mark that will drag him and the girl into the kind of situation he was trying to get away from. But he can’t walk away because he’s the only thing capable of keeping Taylor alive and bringing down the guys who shot her—guys who are seriously dangerous.

This is the newest (book 7) in the Take it off series. I was ridiculously impatient for this book. Sorry for the constant barrage of hurry the hells up, Cambria...in my defense though.. I adore your writing and your main characters always resonant with me. So actually, I am positive I will continue to drive you insane with my need for your books...Suck it up cupcake.... Now let's get into Brody....

Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, he pulled away his hand and lifted his lips, angling his head so he was kissing me from a brand new direction.
His tongue stroked against my lips, almost requesting permission to come closer, and I opened immediately, wanting to feel the texture of his tongue, wanting part of him inside me. 
 he broke the kiss, rocking back on his haunches. I blinked, gazing at him with a bemused feeling clouding my head. I watched in apt fascination as he swiped his thumb along his lower lip and then stuck it in his mouth, almost like he was sucking off what was left of me on his lips. " I like the way you taste, ' he told me, his gaze dropping back to my lips. 


I was shot, kidnapped (technically), in danger, dirty, cold, and sitting in a grungy gangster hideout... yet true to his word, he made me forget it. In that kiss, I found more than passion; I also found escape. he was like balm to my open wounds, a blanket to my shivering insides, and an umbrella to the storm raging above my head.

 And he liked the way I tasted. 

Yeah this is a HOT read. We first caught sight of Brody in Tipsy when he was helping Blue/Gray with his undercover assignment. He seemed to just sit in a corner and make out with whomever was available....

She pulled back. "You're a lot like an uncut diamond."
Was this one of those moments when her complete girliness was going to come out? Why the hell was she talking about diamonds?

"An uncut diamond has a rough exterior and maybe even a couple flaws, but underneath are brilliant qualities."

"You think I'm brilliant?" I asked, feeling a grin split my face. 

"I might not go that far." she scoffed. 

A weight I didn't even know I bore lifted off me, and for the first time in a long time, I felt like maybe I wasn't as lost to myself as  I thought. 

It was a good feeling. 

"Does this mean you believe you're more than a job to me?" I asked, stepping up close and invading her personal space. I liked invading her space. I wanted to get all up in her space...

She is a strong willed woman who does what she has to, to protect her fellow workers at the bank. She gets shot while trying to keep anothoer teller form being harmed. Brody is an undercover cop that has been living more on the wrong side of the law than the right side. But Brody will do anything to protect Taylor. During his 2 years of undercover work he had to work his way up in the gang, he earned the tattoo that everyone now see's. Will this keep her safe? 

They survive the bank robbery and a kidnapping. She is still in danger. He will basically become her bodyguard. Can you see the sparks yet? Brody is HOT. I admit it. I loved Brody, I am still a Nathan fan first though.( Nathan from TEXT, if you haven't read it yet...GO NOW AND READ...) Brody does have a certain bad boy/good guy vibe that totally rocks you.. I agree with the whole uncut diamond theory though( loved that comparison Cambria) I am going to say that if you haven't read the whole series of Take it Off then you are seriously missing out on some great reads. You do not have to read any of the others but really why wouldn't you. Cambria is a fantastic writer with well developed characters and great plots. 

I am thinking of  giving this 4 1/2 clocks...Is it wrong that I took have a clock away cuz it wasn't Nathan? J/K it is another 5 clocker for me. So when will I get my next book Cambria?

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First Book Review, Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley Reviewed by Dawn

Lanie Heron isn't looking for love-no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club . . . 

For Hop, Lanie has always been untouchable. She's too polished and too classy for his taste. But when she gives Hop the once-over with her bedroom eyes and offers him a night in paradise, he can't say no. And he doesn't regret it when he finds that Lanie is the best thing that's ever happened to him-in or out of bed. Now the trick will be to convince her of that.

So, here we go, my first Blog, my first book review... I thought I would start with my favorite author Kristen Ashley. I am starting with the second book in the Chaos Series. 

(note: first posted in June 2013)

This is the story of Lanie aka "Lady" and Hopper aka, "Hop". We met Lanie in her fantastic previous book Motorcycle Man, wait I need a minute, just remembering Tack....OK well...

Lanie, is damaged goods, she is afraid to love and is not looking for it, or even a "boy friend," she just wants a good time, enter Hop. Lanie wastes no time in letting her intentions be known to Hop. One night, one time, one amazing ride. Hop is more than willing to be the one to give Lanie exactly what she needs.  But will one night be enough...

Nobody writes a hot alpha male like KA does...she takes us on a joyous ride with these two. Lanie is trying to fight the demons that have chased her most of her life. Trying to over come the loss of her fiancĂ©, who she took bullets for, only to have him die. She doesn't want to be loved, she doesn't even believe in it, in her eyes love only hurts.

Hop, has been through a bitter divorce, one "skank" after another and it just looking for a good time. He knows Lanie, he knows her story, but he can't help but notice her, she is beautiful. Hop just wants a good time and when Lanie propositions him late one night at the Chaos compound, who is he to say NO?

Once Hop and Lanie enter into this "no strings" agreement, it becomes clear to Hopper that he can not get enough of her. Not just the sex, but he wants to dig deeper into why Lanie feels like she is unworthy of love. Her family is a mess, her alcoholic mother, her philandering father and a sister who gave up on her parents long ago. Lanie is the one who deals with all of them, and the one who is in the most need of someone's help her let go even for just a little while.

Hops life is not all roses, he harbors a secret about his children with his ex that no one knows.  He is worried about the violence that is threatening his MC, he is keeping his past a secret for the fear that it will send Lanie running once it comes out.

They battle her demons, and he confesses his secrets to her and they deal with the fall out.
Is his tough love approach enough to make Lanie see that she is so very worthy of love? or is it to much for her to handle and just another heartache in the making?

I loved the tone and flow of this book. The flow of the conversation is just mind blowing. I never feel lost, I laughed, I cried and I fall in love with each of her characters.  KA's attention to detail paints the perfect picture. Her loyalty to her past characters, who if you are a "diehard" like me, you appreciate when she brings them into the fold. 

The only issue I had with this book was, I needed more of the bad guy Benito, I needed more of a set up for the next book. I think that is the only area where it fell flat for me. He was addressed and then kind of forgot about. 
I have no idea where she is going to go next with this series and I FREAKING LOVE THAT!!!!!!!

 If I had a wish that Ms. Ashley could grant, it would be for a book all about  Rush....(hint...hint)

 For me, Fire Inside, A Chaos Novel gets 5  "READ THIS BOOK NOW" clocks!!!!! looking forward to the rest of the series... LOVE IT!

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Excerpt from FIRE INSIDE by Kristen Ashley

Hop came out of the bathroom to see Lanie on her feet on the other side of the bed, panties on, hands twisted behind her back putting her bra on. Again.
He didn’t say a word. He prowled to her, reached out an arm the second he was close, yanked her to him and fell to his back in the bed, taking her down with him.
“Hop—” she started, pushing her weight against his arms, but he slid her off him then wasted no time rolling over her and pinning her to his bed.
“Sleep,” he ordered when he caught her eyes in the weak dawn. “After rest, I’ll get coffee, we’ll juice up, then round four.”
She blinked and breathed, “Four?”
“Got lots more I want to do to you,” he informed her and watched her eyes go soft, sexier, then her teeth came out to graze her lush lower lip, also fucking sexy, and her arms slid around him.
But she asked, “What about Tack and Ty-Ty?”
“I’ll make sure the coast is clear,” he told her.
“But they’ll see my car,” she told him.
“I’ll move it,” he offered.
Her hand slid up his back, around his shoulder, and then to his neck where her thumb moved to stroke him.
Her touch was light but, fuck, it felt good. He’d never had a woman touch him in an unconscious way like that, just a touch, a stroke, giving something that meant nothing at the same time doing it without thinking about it meant everything.
“This is just supposed to be one night,” she reminded him quietly, but he saw it in her eyes. She didn’t even try to hide it. She’d bitten off more than she could chew.
He had too and he was nowhere near done eating.
She was cute. She was sweet. She was hot. She was better than he expected and he’d expected her to be pretty fucking good. All that wrapped in a package that gorgeous?
He was nowhere near done eating.
“Change of plans. A night and a morning and, maybe, an afternoon and, possibly, another night,” he amended, and her eyes got softer as her hand slid up to cup his jaw.
“I have to work,” she told him.
“Call off,” he told her.
“I can’t. I own the joint.” She explained something he knew, that she ran her own advertising agency. “And things are a bit crazy.”
Things were always crazy for Lanie. The woman lived crazy. She thrived on it. If there wasn’t crazy, she stirred it up because she couldn’t breathe without it.

“Babe,” he pressed his body into hers, “told you, got more I want to do to you.”

Buy links

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About the author:
Kristen Ashley grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana, and has lived in Denver, Colorado, and the West Country of England. Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her posse is loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write.

Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multigenerational family. They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland, and Kristen grew up listening to the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon, and Whitesnake. Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music and love was a good way to grow up.  And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.

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When Dr. Cain Turner's life was literally blown apart in a small province of Afghanistan, it was only the hope and memories of one woman that propelled him forward. But there were more demons to face. 

In the small country hamlet of Paradise, Tennessee...Faith waits. Surrounded by her loving sisters, Faith McKinnon had faced her own demons, having thought that the love of her life had deserted her. 

But fate...and a few meddling McKinnon sisters...conspired to bring the two star-crossed lovers together again. 

NOTE: Romantica -- this is a romance with erotica in certain sections!! 

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Two Worlds Colliding Scorpio Stinger MC book 1 by Jani Kay

All any woman ever wants, is to know that she’s worth fighting for. All any man ever wants, is to know that he can take care of his woman. Protect her, provide for her, look after her needs and desires. That’s enough. Right? WRONG. It matters where they come from. It matters who their family is. Especially when it’s from polar opposite worlds.
Opposites attract. Ryder and Jade are drawn to one another like magnets. The Princess and the Biker. They fall in lust—hard. But is it strong enough to lead to love when everything is stacked against them?
Will Jade follow her heart or her head? Ryder OR her family. Can Ryder forget his allegiance to his brothers and his club to have his Princess? Jade OR his family.

Is Jade worth fighting for?

Jani has been married for a long time to a special man, and her two children and their partners are the sunshine in her life. She is a voracious reader and would spend her last dollar on a book - always fascinated that for the mere price of a book, she can escape her world for a while and see through someone else's eyes.

Besides reading, her favorite 'thing' is traveling - she has traveled the world, learning about the ways people live and has come to the realization that no matter where we live, we all ultimately want the same things. Her hobby - Scrapbooking - keeps her up till way after midnight and her usual subjects are her family and her travels.

Ever since she can remember, Jani wanted to write stories about people, about their lives and loves. Relationships and Happiness - arguably the most difficult things to master in life and yet exactly what everyone ultimately desires (in her humble opinion).


There will be a giveaway running for 5 ebooks of Two Worlds Colliding + 5 swag 

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Saturdays At The Viper Rooms by Kirsty-Anne Still.....


“You and I know I can’t say no.” I swallow my fear and allow my eyes to fall down to his chest, I can’t bear to look at him. “And I can’t lose you.”

Joely Gilbert, one of two head Viper Girls for the club, strives to maintain a double life both full of deceit, betrayal, sex, lust, and fear.  She knows the rules of the club and the way the boss works like no other, but she is the one breaking everything she knows in order to keep the new life she has. After running from her past, she’ll do anything to stay away from it. It’s what makes her perfect for the job. It’s what makes her normal.

Everyone has a story when they arrive at the doors of The Viper Rooms.

It’s this that binds clients and Viper Girls together. Each want to forget, each want something to remember, to feel, to lust over. The Viper Rooms gives the exclusive a time in their life to get the things they need from a club devoted solely to them. No strings attached, no questions asked. But what lies beneath the surface can’t always be stopped. It can’t be silenced forever.

And Joely’s one of the girls who knows that more than anyone else.

What happens when her facade starts to break? What would Joely rather give up; the man who wants to save her, but could die trying, or the life that could ultimately kill her?

Is pleasure worth the pain?

Author Bio
I used to be just another Fanfiction writer! That was until one person showed real interest in my work. And then another, and then another, until I had this whole group of people reviewing like crazy and wanting original work from me. I’d spent years writing for free online, I didn’t believe I had it in me to publish something!
But I’m glad I did!! I never imagined pushing my work and striving to reach my ultimate. I never imagined I’d be the girl who started The Viper Rooms! But who am I to deny the inspiration when it hits? 
I love writing, it’s a lifeline. I love creating a world that others fall into. I love having the control to make a whole new world. It’s like a dependency, an addictive one. It’s one of the things I’m extremely proud of. 
As much as I complain, I love the mini dialogues that go on in my head, the plotlines that attack me when I least expect them to. The ones that jump to life at the most inappropriate times and drive me totally crazy!!
For now I split my life between writing, dreaming, working, and volunteering with children.

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Sexy Hart
With her closest girlfriends taking a step into their futures, and her gorgeous boy-BFF, Oliver, seemingly content to settle for the witch-from-hell, Clare feels everyone is growing up without her.
Clares hopes to repair the strained friendship with Oliver during their luxury trip to LA to witness the birth of Tilly and Lukes precious bundle are dashed when jealous girlfriend, Stacy, decides to tag along, ruining any chance of the pair kissing and making up
…or does it? Could the holiday change their lives and friendship, forever? Will their secret, sporadic, lascivious encounters develop into the romance that Clare so desperately craves? Or will the Universe have other, less ideal plans for her perfect Oliver?

A long-distance relationship with a hot American businessman is the last thing on Beatrice Hart's mind when the day from hell ends with her drink-booking a last minute escape to glamorous Southern California.
With Bea's firm belief that long distance never works, will she ever consider that that an exhilarating introduction at 35,000 feet could lead to anything more than a steamy holiday romance?
Daniel Berkeley is the irresistible, delectable, smoking hot bachelor, determined to make it happen.
Getting pregnant with a super-hot slice of womanizing, Californian man-cake was not the plan when Tilly left London for her much anticipated summer holiday in beautiful Los Angeles.
Luke Summers is the fun-loving, crazy-sexy personal fitness instructor who drives Tilly wild and unknowingly gave her this huge, unexpected gift.
As things heat up again during a Christmas trip to Aspen, will Tilly be brave enough to tell 'daddy' the good news? Or will their raw passion and wild bedroom antics keep her from admitting the truth?

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Enjoy Your Stay by Carmen Jenner...Review by Kathy


The last thing Holly Harris expected was to wind up nineteen, knocked-up, and all alone. When Coop left to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock god, he left a tiny piece of him behind.

Holly wishes he hadn’t.

Jackson wishes he hadn’t.

Jackson Rowe tried filling the void his family left by drinking, screwing around, and leaving a string of heartbroken women in his wake. Moving back to Sugartown should have been easy, but he hadn’t counted on the fact his sometimes attraction to Holly would still be alive and kicking—and he sure as hell hadn’t counted on her being pregnant with another man’s baby.

They drive one another crazy, and yet they can’t stay away.

When old flames resurface, and even older wounds are torn open, can two people so similar make it work? Or will their stubbornness only drive them further apart?

YES, it is finally here....what  I mean is... Here is the new book by Carmen Jenner....This is the story of Jackarse and Hols, or as everyone else says...Jackson Rowe and Holly Harris...
I have waited for this story as patiently as possible, never once making comments that the writer needed to hurry the hell up so that I could get my fix....." All I can say is that the next book sooo needs to be Holly and Jackson's story. I couldn't give this book anything less than 5 clocks. Carmen you need to write faster girlfriend...." Ok, so I may have previously stated that she might need to write a tad faster in my review of Welcome to Sugartown and almost daily to the author herself but, I swear it was all just me being as patient as possible....

He spins my shoulder so I'm facing him, and presses me back against the door. His lips trace my neck, barely touching and certainly not kissing, though it's like he's drinking me in. I shiver. "I can't forget. I can't think of anything else but fucking you until we are both raw."
My eyes go wide. Passion flares to life in my belly, so hot I feel it like the heat of the flame that swallowed Belle's Pies. his calloused hand encircles my jaw as his thumb traces my bottom lip, and then he slips it inside, and I bite down before I remember what I'm doing. Jackson brings his lips close to mine, hovering there, testing me.
I shake my head. "We can't."
God, I can't believe I have to be the voice o reason here. Why is life so God damned cruel? "Because I'm pregnant with someone else's baby, Jack."
"Sweetheart, right now you could be pregnant with the Dalai Lama's baby, and I wouldn't give two fucks." And then his mouth crashes down on mine. He hisses and pulls back, touching his split lip." Ow."
"We should stop." I say. Though that's the last thing I want right now.
"Fuck no." He pulls me towards him, and I melt into his touch, into his mouth, and into all the promises of pleasure his body makes mine. We kiss each other so hard we're practically consuming one another. Jackson lifts my T-shirt above my head and frees himself from his boxer briefs. They hit the ground with a soft thud and then he lifts me up and slams my back into the door as I cross y ankles behind his arse and anchor myself to him.....
This is the wonderfully simple romantic story of.....OOPS sorry...THIS romance is not easy or all flowers, this is a romance that is gonna burn someone. It's a flame of passion, of words, of laughter, and of tears. If you don't want to have your emotions dragged out of you and tossed on the ground and stomped on, then this is defintly not the book for you to read. Carmen has once again given us a man that is flawed, sometimes just down right dumb, has the best of intentions, and would do anything for his love. This story contains one very OMG laugh till you pee yourself and don't care moment. I was gonna tell you about it but then you wouldn't get the full affect. So no spoiler on that for you...

The story did not unfold as I had thought it would, thank God....This was so much better. I didn't see a couple of the things coming and was on the floor rocking myself to stop the tears. Carmen is a genius at doing this to us. I adore that she so easily is able to take my emotions and twist them exactly the way she wants to and to give such amazing characters a voice. You also get to see Elijah and Ana ( you all know you want to spend time with these guys too). I really don't want to spoil anything in the review but lets just say...That EX's should stay EX's.....nuff said on that...I am giving this book 5 clocks...
It is not Welcome to Sugartown, it is so much more.Jackson and Holly are dirty mouth little freaks who love SEX and maybe each other, but don't expect the same things to happen. OH and OMG Fingergate...seriously dying.....Oh and one last thing...Remember i warned you that you will laugh and cry....have tissues and depends before reading.....

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Show your support for this amazing author and human being!
Bullying is wrong and so unbelievably uncalled for...
Show her some love
Enter and Win!  

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Misled book 1 and Misappropriate Death Dwellers' MC, Book #1.5 Kathryn Kelly.... review by Dawn

He deals in a world of violence, sex, drugs, and crudity. As president of the Death Dwellers' Motorcycle Club, Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell presides over a club in chaos after the death of their longtime president and his mentor, Joseph "Boss" Foy. 

Megan Foy runs from her abusive stepfather, hoping for her daddy's intervention to save her and get her terrified mother away before it's too late. Only problem is, she soon discovers her beloved daddy is dead and the man who killed him is the man she's falling in love with. 

As you all know I am a huge fan of all things MC. So when this little ditty came across my radar I had to read it. Well it lived up to the MC hype...
It's gritty, raw, drama filled, intense, and sometimes even sweet. BUT, I could not get past the innocence of our leading lady Megan "Meggie"Foy. 
She was abused by her step-father and chose to run back to her father, Joe "Boss" Foy, Prez of the Death Swellers' MC. She is homeless living on the street for around a month before she gets back to the MC. Events unfold that Megan is unaware of and she is taken in by the new Prez, Christopher "Outlaw'Caldwell.
He is dangerous and unapologetic for most everything he has done or will do. He is the product of his mothers rape and hates his last name, the name his grandparents(who are assholes) demanded his mother give him. He loves his mother and sisters and they love him, they just HATE his lifestyle! 

He knows exactly who Meggie is as soon as he see those blue eyes and is taken to her immediately. I was not bothered by the age difference 18 and almost 33...egh whatever. 
There is alot of sex and violence and that is to be expected with this genera. I am not sure why it was necessary to make them sound like a bunch of illiterate thugs. I mean not all MC's are full of high school drop outs. I also was kind of like "WTF?" when Outlaw pretty much demanded "spoiler alert" he get Meggie pregnant, basically because he deemed her "good enough" to carry his child and she was all for it... 

Situations arise and Meggie finds out she has a brother and he is not the nicest of people. One thing leads to another she is kidnapped, rescued and pregnant, to sum it up for you.   
I wont say I didn't like this book, there were just parts that I didn't care for. The saving grace for me was the epilogue. I felt it showed alot of growth between Christopher and Megan and I was happy to see that. 
I am giving Misled 3.5 clocks.

book 1.5 in the Death Dwellers MC series

Megan Foy is finally getting the big wedding she's dreamed of. With her new child and the affection of the brothers of the Death Dwellers' MC, her life is settling down. However, a new threat rides into town and targets Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell, forcing him to reevaluate his life once more and endangering everyone. Most of all, it threatens Meggie's newfound peace.~

Ok don't be fooled, this is pretty much a full length story! 
I do not want to tell you exactly where the story picks up because it would spoil Misled for you.
Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell and Magen Foy have become parents to a baby boy and he is the light of their lives. 
Her Mother has escaped her molester father and has come to the club for protection. Now that woman can get on your nerves! I get it she was abused and treated poorly for many years but her lack of maternal instinct is appalling . I hated her... there I said it, but I don't feel bad Outlaw can't stand her and Meggie, can barely tolerate her.

I was really happy this this installment in the series, it was so much better! There is still A LOT of gritty things that go down and poor Meggie and Outlaw are thrown into intense drama pretty much from the get go. 
Trouble comes to town and lands in the seat right next to Megan. Oh high alert she informs the MC and the events that unravel are ones of epic portions.
I really like this story. I like that we had a begging and ending. I am not sure there are going to be other books in this series, ( I should really look into that) I would like to see Megan's friends come to town and get involved with the club, being that they are judgmental as hell. I want to see how the twists of Outlaws sisters pan out.  There is alot of room here for more stories, and I am stoked about it.

I am giving MIssappropriate 1.5, 4 clocks. Review based on ARC copy