Friday, November 22, 2013

A little of what I have been reading this week, Dawn

Art was not only a passion of Machiko Barrett, but also a destiny--a way of life she has known since her talent was discovered at three-years-old. Caught in a turbulent storm of celebrity, scandal, and corruption, she disappeared from the art world only to re-emerge 15 years later. Her sheltered existence is disrupted when she is lured back to her one true passion: painting.

While she struggles to discover her own identity through her art, she encounters a man who opens her eyes to the art of sensuality, and awakens the woman buried deep inside the broken girl.
I read this book this week and I really enjoyed it. It does take a few chapters to get going but once it does it's a good read!
Their relationship is filled with Drama and angst, so if you love that, this is the book for you.
Really great supporting characters and funny.
I am giving Brush with Desire 3.5 clocks
  Eric Hublot's sociopathically pornographic, bizarrely philosophical debut novel follows the life of anti-hero Jerome Esterson. Jerome has everything - looks, money, women, friends. And yet, he seems to be fighting a losing battle with reality. 
From the story's reckless opening to its unforgettable conclusion, And Then Run's net of desire, psychosis, and philosophy keeps readers unwillingly identifying with Jerome s psychopathic tendencies, and wondering about the boundaries of their own personal realities.
~ I started this last night and HOLY BALLZ! it is a trip... I am very excited to see where this leads me. I mean with a description like that, how can I not read it? I hope it stays as interesting as the first few chapters.....Stay tuned...~

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