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Beautifully Broken by KB Winters ..... Review by Dawn

Beautifully Broken (Reckless Bastards MC Book 1) by [Winters, KB]

As an ex-Navy SEAL there are a few guarantees in life.

Avoiding relationships is one of them. Dealing with PTSD is another. 
So when I come across the Reckless Bastards MC, it’s perfect for a man like me.
Last thing I expect is to encounter Jana Carter at a painting class. Don’t ask why I was there.
I can hardly keep my eyes off of her. She’s a shy, sultry vixen, and she grabs a hold of me so hard, I can’t let go.
But, I don’t expect to fall for any women—much less find one who can deal with me and my messed up past. 
Just when I thought I’d built strong walls around my heart, I discover her walls are reinforced with steel. She’s so pure, so innocent—and hard.
Against all the odds, I want her.
I’ll do anything to have her, to make her mine.

This is a new to me MC author and I will have to say that I did enjoy this book. NOW, with that said, I hardly found this book to be a "true" MC book. The club was a pit stop and not the destination. With being touted as MC, is sorta of a stretch. BUT this is BOOK 1 so maybe that was the intention of the author to introduce the characters in this manner.... Still, it bothered me because we really never met "the club." To me this was a guy who knew members of an MC. JUST MY OPINION ! 

 Jana, was incredibly likable. Her smart mouth and quick wit were hilarious and at times heart breaking. She and her best friend Teddy, are a flipping dream team. They call each other out on their bull and pull each other up when they are down. Being that Jana, is scared and wants to live a life in isolation, Teddy makes it her job to bring her out in public. Jana's story is heart wrenching and I honestly thought we would get more of it. I thought past people were going to show up again, but they didn't and I am not sure how I feel about that. 

Max, is carrying scars of his own. Suffering from PTSD, he is suffering nightmares and drinking too much just to cope. He is seeing a therapist on the regular, but it is not helping all that much. When it is suggested that he get back to things he enjoyed doing before the military, like sex ... so he goes back to painting. Attending a class that does in fact change his life, when he meets Jana. 

The friendship that develops was really a beautiful read. Max, by no means hides his attraction to Jana, but he lets her make the moves (not very MC.) But once she does, they are explosive!

Now, this is how the club is involved. They happen upon Jana one day at the grocery and insult her...YEAH. Max, catches it and well loses his mind, but still it is never really resolved. (Not very MC.) Max, goes to the club that he has not visited in months (um, hello?) and they are all just welcoming... I had a hard time with this, he was a dang nomad at this point, not a member.
Overcoming their pasts and being honest is difficult for both Jana and Max. It is especially hard when Max, runs at the first sign of trouble....many times. He is suffering and refuses to let Jana in . Jana on the other had, has made her mind up. If he can't be there full time, he isn't allowed to be there at all, even if she is in love with him.

This story does have a very good message about excepting help from other and overcoming your monsters to see the beauty right in front of your eyes. For that reason alone, this book gets 4 clocks. I just wish it was either a TRUE MC or not described that way. AGAIN, these are just my opinions. 

4 Clock for Beautifully Broken 
KB Winters

Owen , An Undercover Billionaire Novel by Melody Anne. Reveiw by Dawn

Owen (Undercover Billionaire Book 3) by [Anne, Melody]

There was a time when Eden’s entire world revolved around Owen Forbes. They were inseparable childhood sweethearts. They planned a life together. Then, without so much as a goodbye, Owen vanished. Now, after ten years, he’s returned to town as the hottest new firefighter on the force. Whatever secrets pulled them apart, Eden can’t fight the sparks reignited by the man who broke her heart.
Owen knows he did Eden wrong. If only he could tell her why. As body meets body, he’s whispering for a second chance—wanting her back so bad it hurts. It can also be dangerous. An arsonist is targeting the small town of Edmonds, and Eden with it. And it’s Owen himself who’s become engulfed in suspicion.
Eden knows that with a past as hot and mysterious as Owen’s, their future together could go up in flames. Because the one man she’s afraid to trust is the only man she desires—and the only one who can save her.

Dawn's reveiw

This is a second chance romance that is told through dual pov's and I appreciated that. I did think this story was a good addition to the Undercover Billionaire's series by Melody Anne. I just didn't love it. It was sexy as we know Melody, does really well. It was full of angst, mystery, love and resolution for Owen and Eden. 
I loved that she made Owen a fire fighter, that in itself made him very likable. Eden, was a strong "I can take care of myself" kind of leading lady. It was tiresome at times, but she was determined to show just how strong she was, almost to a fault. 

Owen and Eden, I really wanted to love them and I did for the most part. I did grow tired of the back and forth and continued beating a dead horse, it was a lot.  It really became very hard to keep my mind on the book, because I knew it was coming ...AGAIN. 
There were many things I did like about the book. The angst and suspense were on par and really kept me vested in that part of the story.  Owen,  was likable and I sorta of wanted to be mad at him for just up and leaving Eden. Once the reasoning behind it was revealed, he became a bit more likable, but I still didn't love him. He cut everyone off and it was just "OK he's back, all is good."
Eden, I was a little more on the fence about. OK, you love him have always loved him, but you were completely heart broken by him , but you jump in bed with him at any given time.????  I wanted her to quit going rogue and doing all this crazy dangerous stuff, when warned that she was in danger. 
I am still at a bit of a loss as to why the Forbes are targeted. I am however looking forward to Declan's book. He has been a mystery all this time and I am curious about him. 

3.5 Clocks for Owen 
Melody Anne

Honest review basted on book provided 
by NetGalley

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Moonlight & Whiskey by Tricia Lynne......... 5 Clock review by Dawn

Moonlight & Whiskey by [Lynne, Tricia]When life gives you curves, you gotta learn how to rock them.
Successful businesswoman Avery Barrows likes her dips and curves, but she’s sick of the haters telling her that she should be ashamed of her body instead of embracing it. Determined to send them a big f*** you, Avery resolves to cut loose during a girls’ trip, hightailing her quick-mouthed, plus-sized self to New Orleans. So, what’s a smart woman with a little extra gotta do to get laid in this town?

Not much if you ask Declan McGinn, the lead singer of BlackSmith. Tall, dark, and tattooed, with a body made for sin, Declan prefers his women as curvy as his guitars. Avery’s sharp tongue and keen mind makes him want her even more.

As they burn up the sheets, Avery and Declan realize this is no one-night (or even one-week) stand. But for all of her bluster, Avery isn’t sure she can handle any more rejection. Besides, Declan has demons of his own. Now Avery has a choice to make: play it safe, or place her trust in the hands of a man who’s as tempting as the devil himself.

~Dawn's Review~

I love finding new author's! I am so stoked to have found Moonlight & Whiskey just waiting on me to devour in a DAY! 

This is just the book I was looking for and a new author, which I have been craving.  The writing is really fantastic! I am a super smart mouth so I related so much to Avery on so many levels. I am also a curvy girl who loves my curves and have a man who loves them as well.  This story is a lesson in self acceptance and loving one's self for exactly who you are. Even the "beautiful people" have self doubt and are always finding some flaw, we all do. When Avery and Declan meet, it is fireworks instantly and I was 100% in. The verbiage used to describe our leads, was spot on, I had a clear mental picture of what Avery and Declan looked like and my imagination went wild. 

Avery, is everything we want in a leading lady. She doesn't hold back on much of anything, she says whatever comes to mind and sometimes that gets her into trouble... or asked out. 
Declan , is a super hot guy, a sexy rock singer and so much more. He has no business being attracted to Avery (according to Avery) but oh, is he. One touch and the electricity shoots through both of them and there is no denying something is going to happen.  
Explosive does not even begin to cover the fireworks that Avery and Declan share when they decide to give into their shared passion.   What is suppose to be a vacation fling is setting up to be something that is so much more. Both Avery and Declan,  are harboring secrets that are eating them up inside. Avery, is afraid to let herself go and just live her best life, free of judgement and consequence. While Declan, has some serious issues with his past and is steadfast in believing, if he falls for someone he will end up just hurting them, so why bother? He never counted on Avery coming into his life. 
It is a very interesting story as we see Avery, come into her own and accept herself for the fabulous person she is. She realizes that she is worthy of a good man and respect from her job. NO more is she willing to be the doormat to be walked on, by anyone. 
Declan, on the other had is having a tough time figuring out how to come to terms with his feelings for Avery. He feels like he will never measure up to the people in Avery's life. Little does he know, he is far beyond better than the narrow minded people Avery works with.
The author went deep with the supporting cast. Avery's best friend is the best kind of friend. Kat, calls Avery to the mat when she is too hard on herself, she is supportive and hilarious!  Kat and Avery, could easily have a series of books written about their adventures. Jamie, Shaun and Mattie are the band members, but each of them play a part in this story that leaves us wanting to know more about them. I want their stories as well. The cast is rich and wonderfully developed. 
Moonlight & Whiskey, gives you angst, humor, sexiness and resolution. It is a fantastic read. I connected with Avery, in a way I have NEVER connected with another leading lady.
This is Author Tricia Lynne's, first book and I am here to tell you, that I am IN for everything else she has coming! 

5 Clock's for 
Moonlight & Whiskey
by Tricia Lynne

book provided by NetGalley 
for review.