Thursday, June 26, 2014

What I have been reading... by Dawn

Ok, so I have been very absent on the blog lately....sorry, my B.A.D.

I have been selfishly reading for ME! I am usually so far behind with things sent by publishers, authors and well I have kids.

Our vacation was the first week of June, so I made sure all of my "have to's" were done. I wanted to be able to enjoy reading, listening to the waves. 
I normally have to highlight and mark pages that I want to reference when doing a blog or review for a publisher. I don't mind doing it at all..but reading for me is entirely different! Ya know?

Here is a little of what I read, while reading for ME!!! 

I am a "Johnny Come Lately" to this series. Funnily enough my Bad Ass mother-in-law, brought these to the beach for me... And now I am addicted!! 

The Black Dagger Brotherhood. I am on book #4 and LOVING this series.

I have had this book on my kindle for a very long time. I was not real sure I wanted to read it because of the subject matter. Well, HOLY CRAP I am so glad I opened it... Simply put, this series is utterly FANTASTIC!!! I read all 3 in three days.. they are that amazing! Dark, gritty, drama filled and disturbing.. In the BEST possible way. Seriously, this is one of the best trilogies I have ever read. 
Pepper Winters, girl you gave us such a bad ass in Tess ... A tortured soul in Q ...and a complex beautiful love story in Twisted Together... 

Monsters In The Dark series... Tears of Tess, Quintessentially Q and Twisted Together... 


I have recently fallen in love with the writing of Mia Sheridan. Her Sign of Love series, is FAB! Each book is different than the previous one. First up was Archer's Voice... I ugly cried, I laughed and I loved...This is absolutely brilliant writing. I have a lot of books that I love, but this one... Archer and Bree's story, one of my top 5 books ever! 

Then I read this little bit of heaven... Ahhh, Carson Stinger, Straight Male Performer... If you have read this, you get it! If you have not met Carson yet, GET ON THAT SHIT FAST! Carson and Grace's story is pure gold. You get to laugh, steamy hotness and fall in love with two amazing characters. 

And finally, my most beloved series 4 in the Undeniable Series by Madeline Sheehan... UnBeloved .... review to be posted ASAP!!!

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