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The Protectors, ADAM by Teresa Gabelman...Review by Kathy

Half-breed vampire, Adam Pride, has an almighty chip on his broad shoulders. Trying to move on after finding Angelina married to another, Adam has a decision to make. Remove the chip and move on or kill the man who took what he wanted most in the world, his Angel. 

With his heart in pieces, Adam’s on a mission to become the best VC Warrior he can be. It’s not long before fate steps in, turning his world and life as he knows it upside down. Shocking revelations will realign allegiances and draw the VC Warriors onto a new path. This journey is not Adam’s alone. Every Warrior, half-breed and human will be affected by what is to come. The unknown awaits. The battle has just begun.

Okay, I admit that I have been salivating over this book, not only is the cover HOT but I am so invested in the story. I was literally jumping up and down and making noises that my kid and cats did not approve of,when this book came out early. Thank you Teresa Gabelman. As I previously stated in a review, I read her other books in 2 days and then my horribly not patiently waiting had to begin, but DAMN was it worth it. I love the warriors, each and every one of them. I find myself heavily invested in each one of them and their continuing relationships with their mates, friends, family and other warriors.  I mean how can you not love Sid? 

"I'm sorry." Lana did look at him this time; her eyes filled with tears. 
"I'm not," Sid chuckled with a lopsided grin. " Listen, I love you, but to be honest, having a dead person come to give me a message is just plain-ass creepy. I can't wait to see the guy's faces when they hear they have a message from beyond the grave."
Lana snorted and rolled her eyes, while Caroline laughed outright. " It really doesn't bother you?" The relief in Lana's voice was evident as she stared up at Sid, even the worry lines that creased her forehead before seemed to fade away.
Sid smiled down at her, taking her face carefully into his large hands. "No, it doesn't. It means a lot to me that you were worried about my feelings, but I don't live in the past. I live in the moment and you are my moment." He leaned down and kissed her lightly. 
"That was beautiful." Caroline fake sniffed, dabbing the corner of her eye.
Lifting his lips from Lana, he looked at Caroline and winked. " It was pretty awesome wasn't it?"
Lana pinched his stomach, making him jump. "Don't ruin the moment being a smartass."
Sid laughed and hugged her close. "Hey, you knew exactly what you were getting with me. Smartass was definitely at the top of the list."
"I want one," Caroline sighed.
"One what?" Lana asked, but kept her eyes on Sid who was staring down at her with such intensity she also sighed. 
"A Warrior." Caroline pointed at Sid with a dreamy sigh. "I want me a Warrior. Is Dr.Hottie McVampire taken?"
Sid laughed loudly, rubbing his hands together in evil glee. "Oh, now that is a good one. I've been trying to come up with a nickname for him."

I agree with Caroline. I want one too....
 I mean how can you not love Sid? I love a good smartass. Adam and Jill are really good at the snarky smartass things too. 

"I think the last case you were involved in, you ended up naked in front of a bunch of men." Steve grinned. "One would think you wouldn't want to do that again, unless you....liked it."
"Steve, do you like pissing me off?" Jill frowned, glaring over at him. "I mean really? Do you want me to kick your ass?"
Adam and Steve shared a grin." Will it...naked?" Steve wiggled his eyebrows, and then yelped when Jill kicked him off the bed before pouncing on him.
"What the hell is going on?" Slade crossed his arms with a frown, staring down at Jill and Steve, who stopped in mid swings to look up at him.
"I think..."Adam grinned, grabbing his shoes and putting them on, "it all started when Steve wanted Jill to kick his ass...naked."
Steve pushed Jill away like she had the plague. Standing up quickly, he glared at Adam as if he'd lost his mind. "I didn't say naked." he snorted glancing at Slade, but pointed his thumb at Adam while shaking his head. " I said..."
"Naked." Adam grinned, watching Steve try to worm himself out of this one.
Steve glared at him again before laughing nervously. "Okay, I did say naked, but it was just a joke." Steve snorted again, clearly indicating he was about to shit himself as Slade's eyes drilled into his; this time he thumbed toward Jill."I mean who'd want to see Jill naked."
"Hey!" Jill smacked the back of Steve's head. "There are plenty who would want to see me naked."
"Yeah I know, but..."Steve looked between Jill and Slade, who were glaring at him from different heights. "Well, I don't know that, know what, I'm just going to shut the hell up."
Adam's head fell back as he laughed loudly, the first real laugh since he didn't know when. Still grinning, he looked at Slade. "I don't know, my man. I think if Jill offered to fight me naked, I might take her up on it." Adam winked at Jill, knowing he was pushing it, but didn't care. "What about you, Doc? Naked ground fighting sound good to you?"

 This is the story of Adam. He has made some serious mistakes in the past. He lost his Angel. He has decided that he must get on with his life. He wants to be let back in to be a Warrior. He will be one and he will be great at it. He will be a member of the team. But, he still can't forget his Angel. He thinks that she is in love and married to another man. Others have doubts that this is true but, he read the truth, right?

 There is the story of Angelina's kidnapping and her husband. She is supposedly very happy and in love. She has moved on from Adam. As we get into the story we find out that everything is not always what it seems. Will Adam and the others figure it out in time to help his Angel. This is not the only issue that the Warriors are facing. Adam,Jill and Steve need to start heavy training for the Warrior initiation. There is also something going on with the new mayor and his hatred of the half breeds. It doesn't help that Alice is his new fiancee either. 
The friendship between the half breed warriors is something that Adam will need. Something they will all need in the very near future.

 Let me say that I seriously want Jill or Lana or someone to rip out Alice's heart and stuff her head up her own ass. Okay, I know that seems violent but truthfully this.....person, i mean bitch, deserves everything she gets and then some...Somebody please take her out....Okay next thing, have I mentioned how much I adore these books? I think Teresa Gabelman is a freaking genius. Every single book I fall more for each one of these guys. I love them all, not one of them is easy. They all have something that just grabs me and will not let go. Adam has been fighting the attitude and his own demons from losing Angel. Yet he totally redeems himself, he is just as loving as the others. Each one brings laughter and love. Now with that said, the one thing I really hated about this book.... it freaking ended. I was cussing and yelling. Yup I admit it I threw a tantrum because I can't keep going. Totally pissed it ended.  I want Slade and Jill's story. I want to get to know Jax. I want to know if Caroline and Sloan are going to be anything. I want to know what happens next. I NEED to know....Please Ms. Gableman, write really really really fast because I NEED to know.... OH yeah this totally is worth 5 clocks....

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