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Lifting the Veil by Kate Allenton .....Review by Kathy

Kate Allenton - Lifting the Veil


Unemployed accountant Sophie Masterson never dreams that a trip to Salem on Halloween night will change her life forever. When a birthday gift of a psychic reading is thrust upon her by her best friend, Sophie has no choice but to play along. She wants the winning lottery numbers but, instead, receives something far more ominous—a warning of things to come. Being told her own clairvoyant abilities will soon surface should be enough to send any woman running to hide. Throw in the possibility that something sinister is headed her way and all she wants is an easy out. 

When asked to help her brother, the police chief, with some easy filing, she’s sure that her problems are over. She now has an income, a job, and a safe haven where she can relax. What she doesn’t expect is that one of those files will be the catalyst to set the wheels in motion for the predictions to come true. 

Detective Jack Love has a hard time following instructions. When his latest bust gets him benched, and shoved in the cold case filing room, the last thing he expects is to be tasked with babysitting the chief’s sister. When unqualified and in-­need-­of-­medication Sophie gets the crazy idea to play detective on a case gone cold, there is little he can do to dissuade her from investigating. 

Attempting to keep her clairvoyant abilities a secret, Sophie Masterson thrusts herself into a cold case where the dead are multiplying, the clues are disappearing, and the hunky cop assigned to play babysitter is a nonbeliever. She doesn't hold out much hope for solving the case, much less keeping her secret, especially when the dead seek her out to tell their tales. 

When Sophie plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with winner takes all, it’s no longer the dead that scare her, but Jack Love. Surviving with her heart intact now ranks at the top of her list. 

 Can I just say that when I read the blurb I immediately hit the one click button and left post that was off to read. I was so not disappointed. I love Kate Allenton. I love her heroines and heroes. The women are all kick ass and take the names later types that I adore. The men are all Alpha he men who are going to tell the ladies how its going to be, not that they listen. Her characters are well developed and always make me love them. I usually laugh and yell. Always a sign of a good book. So without further ado......

" Remind me again why I let you talk me into this."
"Because we're going to have fun."
"Yeah...when does that start?"
"Look around you, Soph, the fun has already started." Amber grinned. "Besides, it's your duty as my best friend to be there for me when I'm told when Mr. Right is going to make his appearance. He's overdue."
"Maybe he lost his map," Sophie joked, earning her a glare from her best friend.

Finally not a minute too soon, Amber bounced over, grinning from ear to ear."Oh my god, mine was great."
"How was yours?"
Sophie shrugged. "I apparently have the same abilities as those quacks, and it's going to show up soon."
Amber's eyes bugged wide. "Oh my god...I can just call you now." Her brows dipped. "If that's okay."
"Sure...if it were true."
"You don't think it is?"
"Nope, I haven't had any headaches, no ringing in my ears, and no dead people talking to me."
"Hmm. Well, maybe it can still happen."
"Don't hold your breathe."

Eileen chuckled. "It's the same symbol you'll be seeing every day at the temporary job I lined up for you, grasshopper."
"Are you high? There is no way that my brother is going to allow that."
"I baked his favorite cookies."
Sophie laughed and closed her eyes."They can't be that good."
"Oh, honey, haven't you heard? I'm a baking goddess. He'd do anything for the sweet morsels I can deliver, in and out of the kitchen."
"Thanks for the visual. Now I'm going to have to bleach my eyes and my ears."
Eileen chuckled. "You don't like to hear about your brother and me getting our freak on?"
"I'm hanging up now."

See, made you laugh.

Okay, the story is about a girl who lost her job and was told she is psychic. She doesn't believe it at all, until she has no choice. Then their is Jack Love. the Hot Cop she gets partnered up with in the freezer( Cold cases). He is not a happy camper, but if he would just follow the rules and listen then he wouldn't have been put into the freezer to babysit,i mean help Sophie. He definitely made a first impression on Sophie. 

" Are you here to bail your boyfriend  out of jail, sweetheart?" He wiggled his brows. "You can't do that here. You have to do that downtown at the jail."
She whipped her gaze to meet his. " i'm not your sweetheart and thee is no boyfriend in jail."
"Love," Max bellowed form his office. "Get your ass in here and bring Sophie with you."
Sophie chuckled. "Love...really?" She grinned. "Well, Love, seems my brother would like to see us."
"Masterson's your brother?" He grimaced and dropped his head forward. "I should have known."
"After you honey."
"I'm not your honey either."

Yup, Jack sucked at his first impression. Once they move on from that though, yup he continues to make an ass out of himself. I loved it and him. Jack caught my attention. He could be sweet, manly and dumb in just a couple of minutes. But, once he commits to helping her, he does. He believes her and helps her out. Even if she isn't trained as a detective she is still really good at it. 
There is another guy, his name is Marshall. he is Jack's best friend and is enamored of Sophie. He helps her learn to shoot a gun and flirts outrageously with her. Then there is AMBER. Let me just say that she needs her own book. She is a brilliant sidekick, I can so see her spreading all sorts of problems, I mean JOY. I love her and Sophie. I can just imagine the stuff that the two of them can do. The things that could drive men "Bat shit crazy". Yes, she so needs to have her own story. Cuz, let me tell you I am so there...

 The story has all my favorites in one book. How can you go wrong with a romantic paranormal suspense with comedy in it? You just know it will be a fantastic read because it's Kate Allenton. If you haven't read her other books, go read them. You will not be disappointed in them. I have truly enjoyed each one of her books.  Kate also used a real  person for Theresa in the book. You can check her out at  I want to say so much about this book, but you know I hate spoilers...So to stop myself, I am just going to say go get this book. It is a 5 clock read for me. I have also already told the author that I only want one person for Sophie.... Not the other one... He needs to go to ..... OK go read.... Ohhhh and Kate write fast lol....

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