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Cold Day in Hell by Jerrie Alexander

Cold Day in Hell by Jerrie Alexander


Ex-Army Ranger Tyrell Castillo’s first mission for Lost and Found, Inc. goes awry when his contact is kidnapped, and he’s left scrambling for weapons and explosives. He’ll have to blow up a drug cartel’s compound, rescue the woman, and keep her safe while they cross the sweltering hot Colombian jungle.

Driven by the need for revenge, Ana Maria Vega Cisneros doesn’t want to be rescued. She wants revenge. She’ll risk her life to ensure the drug lord who killed her family suffers the same fate.

The cartel leaves a trail of blood on their hunt for Ty and Ana. When Ty receives the order to kill the drug lord with extreme prejudice, he and Ana will face the enemy head on. Can Ty protect the woman who’s hell bent on vengeance? The woman he’s grown to love?

This is the second book of the Lost and Found, Inc series. It can be read as a stand alone but does have reoccurring characters. The book starts off with Ty getting ready to blow up a drug cartels compound but he has to get Ana out before he can blow it. There first meeting is far from love at first sight. He is trying to get her out of the situation and she is madder than hell at him for not making sure that Ortega (the drug lord) is on the premises.
What the hell? The lamb had attacked the lion. He reapplied the pressure while keeping one eye on the door.
"Stop that," he commanded, impressed at her bravado.
Even through the lens on the night vision goggles, he spotted a bruise on her cheek. Heat sizzled up his spine at the bastard who'd hit her.
He'd expected fear or panic to be oozing from her every pore, but didn't sense either emotion from her. Waves of anger rolled off her.
"Do you understand?" he repeated. She nodded slightly, relaxed her tense muscles, and then tried to kick him in the nuts.
He didn't have time to reason with her. And from what he'd seen so far, sweet-talking her was out. "I'm going to remove my hand. If you fight me, I'll tie and gag you. Got it?"
This time he got a full nod. the expression behind her eyes made him doubt her honesty.
"I don't have time to argue, so you'll have to trust that I'm the contact you were supposed to meet in Bogota," Cautiously, he lifted two fingers from her lips and waited to see if she complied.
"I know who you are," she hissed. "And you've ruined everything."
"Me? I think you cornered the market on screw-ups." He quickly assessed her condition. Other than the bruise, she appeared to be unharmed.Long dark hair fell around her shoulders. She wore jeans and a T-shirt. all she needed was shoes, preferably a good pair of boots.
Damn she was a little thing. Beautiful, bruised, and pissed. Protecting her as they crossed the sweltering jungle wasn't going to be easy. This woman was going to make the next few days a living hell.

Ana is a very well thought out and tough heroine. She has experienced loss and wants her revenge against the man who caused it. Will Ty help her or is she doomed to failure? Can they make it out of the jungle with a drug lord and his army gunning for them? And are all the people helping them friends?

The action is fast paced and doesn't let up. They move from Colombia to the US and back. There are some especially disturbing parts with a large spider but, that might just be my own phobia at work. I loved that the heroine is able to shoot as well as the hero. She saves him, he saves her. Once they are in the jungle the attraction starts and doesn't let up. The book does have a couple of sex scenes but they are not over the top or especially graphic.

Ana is a very well thought out and tough heroine. She has experienced loss and wants her revenge against the man who caused it. Will Ty help her or is she doomed to failure?

I truly enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down. The first in the series is  Hell or High Water and I would highly recommend that book as well, but as I said it is not necessary to read beforehand. I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd book No Chance in Hell.

 I am giving this book 5 clocks.
Review by Kathy Lee-Herbst


  1. Thank you for the review! I appreciate your support.

  2. Great review, Kathy! I have read these first two in the series and I think I'll explode waiting for the third! This cover is HAWT~! thanks for hosting today :)