Monday, May 13, 2019

Naughty Stranger by Stacey Kennedy......Review by Dawn

After a sudden tragedy blew her world apart, Peyton Kerr fled her big city career and started over in Stoney Creek, Maine. So far, she's loving small-town life--no one knows about her past, and her easy flirtation with Boone Knight gives her a reason to smile. But then someone is murdered in Peyton's store, and her quiet, anonymous existence is instantly destroyed. To make matters worse, Boone--a police detective--is assigned to the case, and Peyton knows she can't keep him at arm's length any longer. She's resisted the simmering heat between them--but now this gorgeous man is promising to keep her safe--and satisfied...

Boone Knight doesn't want the complications of a relationship. But when he volunteers to protect his town's newest--and sexiest--resident, he finally admits he'd like to explore their sizzling attraction. And after one incredible night, everything changes for Boone. Peyton is sweeter--and braver--than anyone he's ever met, and with her in his arms, everything makes sense. He just needs to convince her to trust him enough to reveal her secrets, or risk losing her to a merciless killer who seems to grow bolder with each passing day.

Dawn’s Review

Ms. Kennedy is a new to me author and I AM A FAN! This story had a little bit of everything. A sexy cop , a widow, murder , mystery, and smoking hot off the charts chemistry. 
Boone Knight , is a local detective along with his life long friends Asher and Rhett .
Payton is on a mission to move on. Move on from her grief, from her old life back when she was a Mrs and her life as a nurse. This is what brings her cross country to Maine and Boone Knight. Having bought a local lingerie store, right next to the local bar, owned by Kingsley Knight  Celebrating her new shop and meeting her new neighbor,  leads to a drunken kiss between Boone and Payton.  Wanting to forget the kiss , she keeps her distance from Boone, but little does she know a dead body is about to end up in her new shop. 
The small town is rocked by the murder of a young innocent lady and even more shocking is the location of the body. Determined to find out who is guilty of murder and his unwavering need to protect Payton , Boone becomes her everything. I thought that maybe I would have a problem with this instant connection they shared, but it works very well. This is an all encompassing story, all the supporting characters are important to the story, but not overpowering the leads at all. I loved the friendships that were formed between Remy, Kingsley and Payton. It actually was my favorite part of the story. 
The ‘whodunnit “ that ensues keeps you guessing. Boone and his boys are all over the placing in trying to find the suspect and figure out why Payton is a target. When it becomes clear that the women are not safe Boone, insists that Payton, has round the clock protection and he is all to happy to provide that.  Leading Payton and Boone, to some smoking hot encounters. As a reader you are treated to amazing chemistry. 
The ending leads into book 2 which should be Remy and Asher’s story, which I am totally here for.!!! 

5 Clocks

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