Wednesday, May 8, 2019

KIT: The Carson Brothers book 1 by S R Dyble........ review by Dawn

After her family was brutally murdered, Eve decided one thing. Never to let anyone in. To never love again. EVER. 
That way, she wouldn't ever feel that hurt again. For a year she'd done just that. All that was about to change when Kit Carson, a cocky Australian boxer randomly enrolled onto her photography course at college and pushed his way into her life. Kit was everything Eve hated about pretty boys. Only, he wasn't a boy. He was all man. Despite her dislike for him, even she couldn't deny her curiosity. Things were about to change drastically in Eve's life, and secrets were about to spill out. All at the hands of Kit Carson.

Dawn's Review

I was very intrigued from the blurb and when the author reached out offering an ARC. This is a fantastic debut book. The Carson Brother's series is going to keep me coming back! 
Eve, is broken and with very good reason. She is the loan survivor of a home invasion that left her parents and brother dead. She relives that night, every night when she sleeps. She is going through her young life devoid of emotion. Never allowing anyone in except her Grandparents and her friend Lilly. Until the day Kit Carson, shows up in her college class. 
Kit is just that guy... you know the one that is so good looking that is should be illegal? His very existence makes Eve, uneasy. He is crass and entirely to cocky for her liking. He is just nothing that Eve would ever entertain. But, being "that guy" means, Kit sees Eve as a challenge. 
The back and forth between Eve and Kit, is just priceless. She gives just as good as she gets. Never letting Kit feel like he has her on edge. Kit, makes it his mission to get to know Eve, even if she is throwing shots at him. They are the very definition of "there is a thin line between thin and hate. "
There is so much that I would love to tell you about the major "PLOT TWIST;" but that would be such a disservice to you. It was very very unexpected and being that I read SO much, It was so refreshing and welcoming .
This book does end with a cliffhanger, but the author is working on book 2 and I AM HERE FOR IT! 

4.5 Clocks 
KIT: Carson Brothers book 1 
S R Dyble 

Honest review based on book provided by the author

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