Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Entangled by JS Scott book 2 ..... Review by Dawn

Dawn's Review This is the second book in the billionaire series by JS Scott and it did not disappoint.
I really enjoyed this story and the continuation of the Sinclair siblings.. Adrian, shared a summer of love with his sister’s best friend. They both came from very poor family’s and had to do what they could for money. This meant Aidan taking a summer job on a fishing boat, leaving Skye in the hands of her unstable mother. Little did Adain know Skye was about to be married off to a much older man. Aidan’s older brother Seth , stepped in and did what he thought was best for Aidan, not knowing the terror that would be Skye’s future.
This back story set the stage for the an epic show down between a seriously angry Skye. Forced to have to sit next to Aidan at Jades\’s wedding .Tempers boil over and Skye finally lets her fury out on Aidan.
This was easy to follow, which is surprising because there are a lot of players in this story. All the siblings are present and you can see where the set up is for the next story.. I am ready to read more in this series, because it keeps me invested in the characters. I am however, a little tired of the repetitive conversations about money . More on point , how the Sinclair family came into their new found fortune. It is mentioned often and is very unnecessary, I mean I picked up on it the first time it was mentioned. It did not need to be constantly repeated.

I am coming back for the remaining books because I do really enjoy the stories. 4 Clocks for Entangled by JS Scott Review based on book provided by NetGalley Image result for 4 clocks

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