Monday, March 2, 2015

Stealing Rose (The Fowler Sisters book 2) by Monica Murphy... Review by Dawn

People say the youngest child has it easy, but nothing can be further from the truth. Unlike my two sisters, Violet and Lily, I’m never in the limelight. I just work my butt off for Fleur Cosmetics and get little to no thanks for it. I’ve been pushed too far one too many times, and I’m finally brave enough to do something about it.
Maybe my newfound courage has something to do with the amazing pink and white diamond necklace I wear to the party in Cannes. The instant those dazzling heirloom jewels touch my skin, they excite some deep, aching need inside. And when that guy—that totally gorgeous guy—locks eyes with me, I know this nice girl is going to be naughty.
For once it’s my turn. My turn to say no to my father, to outshine my sisters, to walk away from it all—straight into the arms of a mysterious stranger. But what if Caden is much more than I bargained for? Sure, he makes me feel sexy and free in a way I never have before, but there’s something else I can’t quite place—something dangerous. Maybe our “chance” meeting wasn’t so random. Maybe he was looking for me for a reason. Whatever his motive, there’s no going back now.
And maybe I don’t want to.

This is going to be such a hard review to do. There is so much I "want" to tell you, but I can not spoil it for you. 

Ok, so we know Rose is the baby of the Fowler family, if you have read book 1.

Rose is a hard worker, always doing what it right, never straying from the plotted course. She is a lot like Violet, but very much unappreciated . Rose is waiting to come out of her shell. Of course no one expects it to be at a movie premier in Cannes. All it takes is a white dress and some liquid courage. Her father is less than thrilled, Violet thinks she is acting out and her Grandmother is handing her the Poppy Diamonds.  Rose is ready to take a leap, having absolutely no idea where she may land. 

Caden Kingsley, is keeping his eye on Rose, waiting for his chance at her. He is not an honest man, he is not a good man, but he is very, very good at what he does. He was once use to this privileged life, only to have it all taken away by his own father. Caden, has a job to do, but he never expected Rose to have such an impact on him.

These two cracked me up, the banter between them is hilarious. Rose really comes out of her shell and I loved seeing it. Rose is a bit of a "scolded child" when she interacts with Violet, and to be honest, Violet bugged the crap out of me in this book. She often talked down to Rose and I didn't care for that part of her character. I get it, she is older than Rose, but man she talks to Rose like she is a 13 year old. Anyway... Caden, helps Ro really open up and talk about things that she has never told anyone. She really grows in this story and I liked that a lot.

 I have to say, my favorite part was the last few chapters of the book when Lily came into the story. I am going to LOVE Lily's story, I can already tell. Lily, is more sensitive with Rose, she understands and offers help to Rose, instead of judging her. I really loved their relationship. 

This story has very, steamy scenes between Caden and Rose... I MEAN HAWT!  It's sexy and fun to see play out. 

Once I  found out what Caden was all about, I was expecting more drama. But the drama comes in a different way. It was really interesting how this all comes to a head. All the intertwining of the family and the accidental meetings, it gives you a bit more drama. 

I really did enjoy this story, but I am dying to get my hands on Taming Lily!  Oh and I am praying that Mrs. Murphy will give me a whopper of a story for Pilar's demise. I still hate her and want her to be destroyed!  I hope Lily brings her down.

 4 Clocks for Stealing Rose.

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