Friday, March 13, 2015

Temptong Bad by M Robinson...Review by Dawn

     I’ve come from a privileged life and an even more privileged upbringing. My parents taught me right from wrong and everything in between… except I wanted the gray area. I wanted to live life on the edge with the possibility of falling over. I didn’t care about the consequences because I had no heart…
     I left that on the floor of my parent’s bedroom door, shattered.
     And never went back to pick up the pieces.
     Family first.
     I learned the meaning of the word hate.
     I learned that life is a battlefield and I stood frontline.
     I learned that praying doesn’t work and God doesn’t listen.
     And I learned how to be a man…
     All at the receiving end of my father’s fists, my mother’s tears, and my sisters screams.
     You can’t run away from your past…
     It will always find you, especially when you’re asleep.
Having read the VIP series and loving it so very much. I found myself wanting to review Tempting Bad on it's own merits. I wanted to act like I didn't know any of the characters. I am so excited to tell you all that I loved this book so much!
There are so many books that keep the lead characters deep secrets until, we are 25 chapters in. Leaving us with a fantastic book in the beginning and a rushed ending... I find that annoying. Tempting Bad is NOT that book!
You are "in" on the secrets very early on.
The honesty between Brooke and Devon was so refreshing. Being in the loop so early, I feel made this book something so different and I could not get enough.
M . Robinson, does not write a sweet, hearts and flowers book. This is filled with angst and times when you want to send her a message, asking her "why are you doing this to these people? What did they ever do to deserve this? Have they not suffered enough?" I am guilty of doing this.  I was 92% in and expecting it to be wrapped up with , what I thought would work as an ending. Then I found myself literally saying " she did NOT just write that!" M, takes you on a hundred mile journey one way and then BOOM, veers to the left, changing lanes into on coming traffic!!!! Always the unexpected, and I ate it up.
Brooke and Devon have some of the best chemistry I have ever read.
You could feel it.
You believed it.
The way Devon would see the changes in Brooke and how he would treat her, was so smart. Brooke is such a multifaceted character. She plays the part perfectly. She knows when to turn it on and when she is beat at her own game. Which Devon does every chance he gets. He knows she is hiding , he knows she is pretending, after all, he is doing the same thing.
Devon, is OMG, he is just everything... I mean really, that is how I feel about him. He is suffering, he is strong, he loves his family and he would do anything to protect those he cares about. I loved that about him. He is taken by Brooke the second he meets her. He can not walk away, he can't just be friends, the pull is to great and they both give in.
No rules
No expectations
No labels
But the past, she has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.  You never know when it is going to happen and who may or may not have engineered it.
When faced with their ghosts Brooke and Devon have to decide to face them or to let it destroy them.
The one sure thing they had in common was how much they wanted each other. And HOLY. MY. GOD, it was HOT! This is a seriously sexual book. I mean that in the best possible way. It is blush inducing, panty changing, fanning yourself  HOT! But not so much that it takes over the book. It is the perfect balance. It seriously is one of the sexiest books I have read in a very long time.
If you have no idea of the history of these characters, you need to go NOW and read the VIP series.  Yaz , Sebastian and of course Madame are key in this story. Along with past relationships ,being interwoven into this complex story.
I would love to tell you everything I possibly could about this story, but you would be missing out on such a fantastic read.
5 Screaming Clocks from me.
ARC copy provided by the author for an honest review.

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