Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Chronicles of Moxie by ZB Heller


Moxie Summers is a curvy, twenty-six year-old teacher who has not had the best track record with relationships. In a drunken stupor at a bar, she meets Miles who turns out to be her sparing equal, until she vomits all over his shoes. Just when she thinks things couldn’t get worse, her dream man turns out to be the single father of the newest student in her class. 

While fighting an attraction for Miles, Moxie’s conniving stepmother tries to advise Moxie she needs to get in shape if she’s ever going to catch the man of her dreams. To make matters worse a Girl Scout plans Moxie’s demise, a surprise party makes everyone blush, and then there was the skunk… 

Can Moxie overcome all the Girl Scout cookies, food poisoning and a showdown at Costco to get to Miles? 

OK, so here is the deal ... I was so excited to read this book. I wanted something funny, which is different for me. It is funny and the one liners are great. The characters are super likable. Ryan and Renee are a BLAST! Miles is just so swoon worthy and Dillion is just the greatest kid, I really loved that kid and Moxie, well she is FAB! 

The potential for this story was huge! it cover topics that are not addressed in many books. A widower, child who survived a car crash that killed his mother, a gay bestie, teachers who are far from your normal straight laced teachers and body issues (we will come back to that.) Like I said, I was so excited for this book...........and then............. 40% went by and I was thinking, "when is the funny gonna stop and get to the story?" Yes, everyone, it was too much funny! The constant zingers and smart ass comments, really grew tiresome. For a long time it seemed like I was not going to be able to finish this, but I DO NOT QUIT ON A BOOK! 

I felt the "need to be funny" really over shadowed the fantastic story of a woman with confidence on the outside and dying of self doubt and constant worry about her weight and body image on the inside. It did take a turn and become much more of a story at about 60%, I DO NOT QUIT! 
I enjoyed it a lot at this point.

I would give this to my twenty something daughter to read. It really does have a message, I just wished it would have been focused on much more! 

I am giving The Chronicles Of Moxie by ZB Heller 3.5 clocks!   

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