Sunday, November 2, 2014

Last Light, The Night Owl Trilogy by M. Pierce..... Review by Dawn

Last Light.... I will say it took me 77% to get into this story.  
In the beginning I was so confused. A lot of information was thrown at you from the get go. I had to stop and process this information. I am not exactly sure why this was such a daunting task for me. 

For me, I have read Night Owl and never connected with Mat and Hannah, this carried  through in Last Light. I can read a book in one setting and with this one I struggled for a week. 
All the lies and deceit were hard to deal with. There was just so much of it. When Hannah did eventually find out, I was elated and enjoyed her taking him to task. Which she did, but he really come out unscathed. Egh, reaction from me.

I enjoyed the author's story of  dealing with Matt's "death" I had been wondering how she was going to write that. I still like Nate. I feel like he may not be the "Good Guy'" he is portraying, and that intrigues me. Seth, is a puzzle... why do he and Matt have such bad blood? Again, it intrigues me.

I read a lot, so sex scenes are second nature to me. When the story is great and a steamy scene comes up, it serves its purpose.  I am dying to get back to the story. Sadly, for me Last Light , was "saved" by the sex scenes. I found those more riveting than the actually story. 
I am dying to connect with Matt and Hannah, I really want to love this series. I am just ....Not. 
I expected the cliffhanger ending. 
I will read the next installment, because I have to know how this all plays out and my interest in Nate and Seth. 

I am giving Last Light, book 2 in the Night Owl series ....3 Clocks

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