Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Packaged ; An Erotic Quickie by Angela Graham and S.E. Hall..... review by Kathy

Packaged (An Erotic Quickie)

Certain men.
Certain professions.
Some things are just universally SEXY.
But maybe not quite this sexy-
"You've been expecting this."

So I was actively reading another book when I got a notification on Facebook that this little gem was recommended. I read the blurb, and was intrigued immediately. Besides the cover is freaking HOT.  I stopped reading the other book, one clicked this one and was off to read. Wasn't sure what I would find, it was supposed to be a quick read. I was immediately sucked into the story. Amelia, the heroine in the story is getting some interesting notes left in her mail cubby at work. The quotes grab your attention, you are left wondering if these are from some crazy stalker psycho guy or just a really inept and shy guy. I was going back in forth over which it really was.  She does tell him that she is not interested, but she is intrigued. Eventually they start texting each other.

The last two women I fucked, it was your gorgeous body I envisioned as I took them from behind. It was the only position where I wouldn’t be reminded they weren’t you, that their faces were a dismal contrast to your magnificence. And when I shot my seed over their backs, hands tight in their dull hair, it was your name I called out. Loud yet still unsatisfied.
Holy shit! I struggle to find words to follow that. I’m fully creeped out, but I can’t ignore the slickness building between my thighs. 
Me: R these women still alive? 
Again, I’m not holding back my thoughts. With the chime he’s done typing, I’ve settled into the couch with a glass of white wine, wrapped in a fuzzy throw blanket to warm the gooseflesh covering my legs.
30/70: Yes.
That’s it? Yes? I’m gonna need a bit more than “yes” to keep this little chat going. 
Me: Alive but buried in a box somewhere counting down air minutes? Not a question to answer vaguely. 
20/80: Fuck, you really peg me for a psycho, don’t you? Smart girl.
Spine painfully rigid, my fingers grasp so tight around the stem of my glass I’m waiting for it to shatter. I snap. Smart girl? Shit, shit, shit! No time to change his ID from 20/80 to 100% lunatic, I quickly type a reply. 
Me: Goodbye. 
20/80: You are a smart girl, Amelia. That’s not to scare you but an endearment. I’m not looking to bury you alive. That would be a new one for me. And not my thing. I enjoy watching a woman walking away on wobbly legs, thoroughly fucked. 
Now’s the time to block him, but instead I’m typing again.
Me: Have you ever been arrested, called in for questioning in a murder and/or missing person’s case?
10/90: No
Me: Ever hit a woman?
10/90: Only when they begged for it. You like to be spanked? 
Me: Idk. Never tried it

Me: Met a woman in person after meeting her on the internet?
40/60: No. You? 
Me: NO. Definitely not. 100% hetero, but no to a man either ;) 
40/60: See-> Smart girl! 

40/60: Are you lonely? 
Me: You are NOT coming over. OMG, talk about one step forward, forty-five back!
40/60: I meant in general, Amelia. Are you lonely? 
40/60: Top 5 criteria for a man you’d give a chance?
Me: Hmmm. 1. Meeting him in person. 2. Completely single, unattached with no crazy ex-wives or children. 3. No record. 4. Polite, a gentleman of sorts. I’m capable of opening my own car door, but remembering special dates would be nice. 5. No wandering eyes or other body parts. Absolute, unfailing monogamy and faithfulness. U? 
40/60: 1. Same. 2. Compatible sexually. 3. Moral, honest character. 4. Not high maintenance (which opening her car door every time is not) 5. Same. 
Me: Well, who knows, maybe one day you’ll man up and come say hi. In public tho please! Still not convinced you’re not gonna dispose of my body when you’re done with all those dirty things you’re supposedly planning. For now, I’m off to bed. HAGN.
40/60: Perhaps. Pleasant dreams, Beauty.

I have to say that the authors do a spectacular job of making you like/dislike the Hero of the story. I was constantly changing my mind as to whether Amelia should respond or ignore the messages. They have just enough to make you second guess everything. I loved it. I always love when authors are able to do that, and with it being a shorter book, I was impressed that was able to get this much feeling from me. I liked the character of Amelia, she was shy , yet stood up for herself when needed. She totally took on the "bitch" of the story. Do wish that something had happened to the bitch. I was suspicious of every single guy she came in contact with throughout the book. I thought for sure I had figured everything out, then seconded guessed everything. I was shocked about some of the things that happened. At one time I wanted to punch the "H" of the story.
 I really did enjoy this one. Gladly give it 4 1/2 clocks, would have been a full 5 clocks if just a little bit longer. Would like to see more with the characters though. They intrigued me, a lot. There is so much more that I want to say but really don't want to give any spoilers out.

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