Saturday, July 5, 2014


Interview with author JJ. McAvoy 
on her novel
Ruthless People

1. Tell us about the process of writing Ruthless People
I'm not sure if there was a process honestly. I took me a total of 55 days to write. I sat at my computer whenever I could and just kept going until it was finally done. 

2. Who was your favorite character to write, Liam or Melody?
Lol, I like writing both but for different reasons. Melody because I can relate to being just unable to accept love from people and Liam because he always says the things I want to hear...well most of the time. 

3. Which mafia family is more kick-ass the Irish or Italian and why?
You are trying to make me pick sides! Lol I would have to say if I had to chose it would be the Irish in my mind.They are just brute force. 

4. If you were a mob boss would you be more like Melody or Liam, or different from both of them? 
I would be the worst mob boss in history. There is no way I could be as cold as Melody or as hot headed as Liam. 

5. What did you learn through the writing process and what is the best thing about being a published author?
The fans. I know some people will say it has to be the money. But in all honesty I could care less about the money. For me it is all about the people who read my work and enjoy it. That is the biggest pay off to me because in that moment I feel like I've made a new friend/connection. I believe that in some way we all want to prove that we aren't the only ones that feel or think a certain way. That we aren't alone. When a person tells me they like my work I feel like someone else gets me and the world doesn't feel like it filled with 7 billion strangers but possible friends...people who think like me.

6. Whats your favourite scene in Ruthless People?
It would have to be at the end when Melody is low and just how the family comes around her. I love her thoughts mixed in with their words. Plus one of the most important quotes of the book for me is thought there "Everyone in this family is broken." 

7. We are desperate for the next book, can you give us something to tide us over until it comes out?
Next book, wow, I'm just trying to make it through this book. I guess it all depends on you all, the fans, if enough people keep pushing it might be out soon. I'm sorry I don't have a set date. Maybe I will learn my fate after this summer. 

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