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Sexy Hart by Dani Lovell... Reviews by Dawn and Kathy....

With her closest girlfriends taking a step into their futures, and her gorgeous boy-BFF, Oliver, seemingly content to settle for the witch-from-hell, Clare feels everyone is growing up without her. 

Clare’s hopes to repair the strained friendship with Oliver during their luxury trip to LA to witness the birth of Tilly and Luke’s precious bundle are dashed when jealous girlfriend, Stacy, decides to tag along, ruining any chance of the pair kissing and making up… 
…or does it? Could the holiday change their lives and friendship, forever? Will their secret, sporadic, lascivious encounters develop into the romance that Clare so desperately craves? Or will the Universe have other, less ideal plans for her perfect Oliver?

First off... Kathy and I are both reviewing this absolutely delicious book, so here goes!
Sexy Hart is the third book in the Amazing Sexy Series by Author Dani Lovell. This is Oliver and Clare's story... and what a fantastic addition to the series!

We pick up where Sexy Summers left us, with Oliver and Clare just "hooking up" in the hospital bathroom after the birth of little Emily... sounds so romantic right? Well, it was HOT!!! 

Oliver Hart, won my heart in SS, he was so amazing with Tilly during her rough time and that made me love him.... OH, but SH made me fall in love with Olly all over again. What a leading man... kind, sweet, thoughtful, HOT, successful, loyal, HOT, funny, loving and did I mention HOT? His loyalty to the supporting cast is what I find so appealing. He loves his sister, Bea (our original leading lady) and her 2 best friends Tilly and Clare with a fierceness that I find so attractive in my leading man. I am swooning as I write this... yeah, he is THAT AMAZING...

Clare Alden, is our quiet,shy,sweet, uber nice, thoughtful, hard working dreamer. She longs for the love of her life to enter the picture so she can have her happily ever after... One problem, she has been in love with Oliver since she was 17. She moved on with hit and miss guys and became best friends with Olly. Was that ever going to be enough? She would take it, if that was all she could get.

The trip to LA for the birth of Luke and Tilly's daughter is eventful. Emotions are running HIGH and everyone is on cloud 9..Everyone that is except Stacy, Oliver's "bitch-faced" girlfriend. She is super jealous of Olly and Clare's friendship and the closeness of the group as a whole. Clare is beyond nice to her, even as Stacy unleashes a slew of insults toward her any chance she gets... And ever nice, Clare just takes it and keep's her real feelings to herself... 
I return a sympathetic smile automatically, I can't help it, I feel sorry for him - she's constantly hideous, I simply cannot understand why he likes her, his other girlfriends have all been really nice in comparison - mind you, ‘Cruella Deville' would seem nice in comparison to Stinky Stacy.

Sometimes Clare feels like she deserves it, she did in fact hook up with Oliver, while he was with Stacy. Oliver being ever the gentlemen, will not let her suffer in guilt alone. He knows what happened is on both of them. 

Events, unfold while the "crew" head to Vegas to celebrate Clare's birthday... a slap and an elbow to the boob are thrown... I just wish Tilly would have been there (of course she couldn't be, she just had a baby) but it my head it would have played out like this...it would have went from "WHF?" to "AWE, HELL NA!" and madness ensues!!! Anyhoo... Oliver makes a decision that evening that changes everything!!! 

I can not tell you everything I want to and believe me I WANT TO!  This story had me laughing, instant messaging my fellow blogger and crying...like, UGLY, SNOT CRYING!!!
Ms. Lovell, wrote a story that moved me, evoked emotions and tore my heart out. The spot on detail that she put into the latter portion of the story was simply fantastic. If you have read the story you know what I am talking about. Having suffered this with a loved one, it emotionally wrecked me. Clare's handling of this situation was written so beautifully. I love, love , love this part of the book... 

I decide to take one of his hooded sweatshirts to wear, myself. I didn’t even think to bring a sweater from home as it’s a fairly warm day, but the hospital will probably be chilly and it’ll comfort me to be wrapped in Oliver. As I pull the sweatshirt from the hanger, I’m distracted by the small cupboard within the wardrobe, housing his aftershave. I slowly open it up and take out the bottle, spraying it once onto the sweater. 

I can not recommend this book or the whole Sexy Series to you enough! It is so refreshing to read a book that is full of LOVE and HART (see what I did there?) Having so many books that are heavy, and this story does have it's fair share of drama. But all in all this book for me is about, finding that once in a lifetime love and never giving up on it!
5 clocks across the board from me, Dawn...LOVED IT!

Kathy's Review

OMG finally. I know we have all been waiting patiently( or not so patiently in my case) for the story of Oliver and Clare. Plus a chance to catch up with Bea, Daniel, Luke,Tilly and baby Emily. Thank you writing gods for giving us Dani Lovell. She picked up right where Sexy Summers ended. The birth of Emily..... 

Bea and Daniel sit on the couch opposite us, Bea patiently waiting her turn with the baby. I can't give her up yet though, just a few more minutes. I want to inspect her, everything about her. I pick up a hand and look at her tiny nails, I look at her cute lashes, the little red blob in the centre of her top lip... god, she's just too gorgeous for words.

Oliver is still totally fixated also, he puts an arm around my shoulder and leans right in against me, his other hand resting lightly on Emily's tummy - it's bigger than she is. For a moment, I can't help but imagine that this is me and my baby-daddy, appreciating our newborn. It hurts so much that I have to snap out of it and remember that I don't have a baby-daddy, or more ideally, a boyfriend who could be the father of my child. My child... will I ever have one of those? 

He leans down and kisses Emily's tiny hand before pulling back slightly and offering me a smile. "She's so tiny."
"I know! You look broody Olly..." I tease with a huge grin on my face, and his response really surprises me.
"I'd like one... yeah, why not?"
I pause briefly, staring at him. "Really? You want a baby?"
He sits a little further away so he can look at me. "Yeah... not right this minute of course but I'm getting older and I always wanted kids. This little creature only confirms that."

Oh bejesu. His sex appeal just increased massively. I knew he wanted kids but hearing him talk about it like that makes me weak at the knees. It's a good job I'm sitting down with this baby. But... oh. Please, please, please let him have one with someone other than her... she'd never let me anywhere near. "So.. um... would you... with..."
"Come on Clare, you can spit it out. Would I have a baby with Stacy?"
"What the fuck?" Tilly shouts out, "You better be kidding me, that whore-bag isn't pregnant with your baby is she?"
"Hey, now that's enough!" Oliver responds firmly. "You may not like a lot of the things she says and does, Til, but she is still my girlfriend and there's a limit to what you can and can't say. That's out of order."

This is Clare and Oliver's story. This book is different from both Sexy Berkeley and Sexy Summers. Clare and Oliver have known each other for years. They have "hooked up" before in both England when Bea and Tilly were meeting their men, in Aspen, and again last night after Emily's birth. They have to deal with Oliver's girlfriend Stacy. She hates Clare and is horrible to her. Let me tell you that Stacy is just a bitch.......

"Stop doing that embarrassed blush thing you do when anyone pays you a compliment. This is me. You're fucking hot, Clare. You're miles more beautiful than every single woman in this room, and you're probably the nicest person in here, too. If I... if we... if..." he stutters, trying to formulate a sentence to come out in the most acceptable way... "If we weren't... such good friends... and if we were interested in each other in that way - I'd snap you up in a second."

Er... what now? I stare at Oliver like he's gone crazy. We just don't talk like this. The first part of his little speech... yes, maybe, but that second part about if we weren't this and if we were that... I mean, even when we have had sex those types of conversations never happen.

"Don't look at me like that, you know what I mean. We do have an attraction there so obviously I can appreciate your beauty and elegance and fantastic body and all that..." blushing, blushing, blushing like a crazy mofo "but obviously we just wouldn't go there so that's why we aren't together, isn't it?"

This is rhetorical. For sure. It is... isn't it? "Uh huh..." I'll go with it.

"So, I just can't understand, knowing all of those things about you which are clearly openly obvious to any man that talks to you, why you're not with anyone."
I take another large gulp of my wine and shrug. "I don't know... I'm picky, I suppose... you know that about me."
"And there's no one... no one you're kind of... interested in that you can't have?"
What the frugle? (Yes, thats language control.) "Um... no? Do you mean someone with a girlfriend or wife?" I'm really struggling to get his point here... is he talking about himself?
"Whatever, someone like that.”
"That's a really weird, specific question, Oliver. But no, I'm not waiting for anyone. I am looking for the right man, someone who has all of the qualities I like and who would be a good dad. I know that seems premature, but it is my goal to have a baby at some point and I'm at the age now where I don't want a boy to mess about with - I want a man, a fun man but a good man. A family man."

He nods and forces the corners of his mouth downwards. "Makes sense. But just so you know, you're too good for a lot of guys. And you're really fucking sexy."
My eyes widen as I stare at him and a giggle escapes me. "Oliver!"
"What? You are! So I may have had a couple of glasses at Til and Luke's house, and I am drinking this pretty fast so I do have boozy mouth, but my boozy mouth always speaks the truth and you know it. Clare Alden is a very, very sexy woman."

OK, now Oliver is freaking sweet, sexy, and just yummy...He says all these amazingly loving things to Clare...He makes my heart just **SIGH**......If men only said half the sweet,warm, and heartfelt things.....Clare is almost too sweet..She lets Stacy say some horrible things to her and about her..At one point I messaged Dani Lovell and told her that Stacy is a bitch and OMG i want to punch her...I was truly upset and wanted to actually punch her (fictional or not). 

I absolutely loved this book. I want so much to tell everyone everything that i loved about it but don't want to give out any spoilers. Let me just say this.....I was cruising along in love with these characters. The love and the laughter. The sweetness and the steaminess. The rightness of the couple. Was smiling and had this amazing warm feeling. Then out of flipping nowhere I was blindsided. I ended up doing the ugly cry. The sobbing in a corner while trying to console my heart that was just torn apart. Then I was almost OK and wham right back to the sobbing and OMG would it end or was this going to be a loss that I couldn't handle...Nope not telling......I love Dani Lovell's writing...She always takes my emotions and tosses them about. She makes me feel so much and I am truly grateful to her. There are some great writers out there. Some fantastic books. Having a writer able to make me feel these emotions EVERY single time is a gift and I can't wait for her to do it again. I do want to let everyone know that I do beta/proof read for Dani. I am very lucky to be able to do this and I feel totally blessed that she let's me. I am also totally honest not only with any critiques for her but in my opinions on her works. With that said I give this 5 clocks and truthfully if I could give it more than I would. 

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