Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hitting my TBR list..... Dawn

Hey all Dawn here! I have been caught up with all of the ARC's publishers have sent me for April...GO ME! So I have decided to take a stab at my infinite TBR list.... Thought I would share some of those that I have knocked off so far!!!!

First up, I went through The Black Falcon series by Michelle A. Valentine
(books 3-5)

Then I decided to go back and visit the guys at 
Corps Security books 2&3
Cage ~OMG CAGE! I am swooning HARD! How about that Jase Dean cover! Smokin' 
 Then I went directly to Beck~ Again, SWOONING~


Next up I went to Raw... 
and that is exactly what I felt RAW.
I am still not sure if I love or hate Twitch...
 the biggest MIND F@%K EVER!

Needing something completely different, after that total 
screw my brain took after RAW.

I went to one of my Favorite series... 
Take Me On (The Ross Siblings Bk #4) 
 And the guys and gals at Dermamania!
(Brian Ross, is still one of my original BBF's)

Gabby and Ian, ugh YES! I swear these books make me want to jump in my truck and head down the road to Austin and find these people... I know we would be Fast & Furious Friends!

So excited and Madam comes out in May... 
I am looking forward to reading both of these!

To be continued....

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