Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LAST BREATH by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick... review by Kathy



I never really knew what misery was until the day I was kidnapped and sold for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two months later, I'm at a brothel in Rio when I meet Daniel Hays. He says he's here to save me, but can I trust him? All I know of him are his sarcastic retorts and his tendency to solve every dispute with his gun. He's also the only safe thing in my world, and I know it's wrong to fall in love with him, but I can't seem to help myself. He says he’ll protect me until his last breath but I don’t know if I should believe him or even if I can. 


For the last eighteen months, I’ve had one goal: to find my kidnapped sister. I’ve left the Army, turned paid hit man, and have befriended criminals all across the globe. In every brothel I raid or every human trafficking truck I stop, her face is the one I’m desperate to see. In Rio, I find Regan Porter, bruised but not broken and still sane despite her weeks in hell. I should leave her behind or send her home because the last thing either of us needs is to get involved. But with every passing minute, I find I can’t let her go.

I have patiently waited for this second book in the Hitman series. I have not hounded either of the authors with annoying questions like...When will I get to read about Daniel and Regan....I think i should get points for this, I really am not normally this patient...OK I am never this patient and may have stalked the authors pages a few times....I was ridiculously happy to get this last night...I haven't read anything lately due to an illness, that was out the window as soon as I saw this in my Kindle. Was up till 3:32 am reading. Was it worth the loss of sleep....HELL YEAH it was...

So this book takes up from the end of book 1.  Daniel is asked to find Regan by Nick and Daisy. He has been searching for months for her in Russia and now in Brazil. He finds her after months of hell in a disgusting brothel being "broken". Daniel is also looking for his sister who was kidnapped 18 months ago in Cancun. He is also searching for the Emperor, a hacker that Vasily Petrovich is trying to find. All roads are leading to one place...RIO...

 I've seen pictures of Regan Porter before, and not in Gomes' book, but nothing prepares me for her full-fledged, magazine-quality beauty. She hasn't been eating well; her delicate bones are beginning to look sharp in places--at her shoulders, ribs, and hips. But there's no denying her breathtaking looks. Her blonde hair is damp and small strands stick to her perfect skull. Her oval face, with its pink cheekbones and lush lips and eyebrows that look like wings, stands out like a piece of fine china at a flea market. Though she's thin, there's a delicious  curviness in the slope of her side as  it dips into he waist and flares back out to form a cuppable roundness at the hip. And those endlessly long legs.

 Shit. I close my eyes and swallow. No decent man would be standing here thinking about those legs wrapped around his waist. But then again, I'm not decent. I'm no longer army sniper, Special Forces Daniel Hays who may have once been lauded as a hero for killing insurgents in Afghanistan. now I'm Daniel Hays, mercenary who kills people money and spends all his spare time in brothels and flesh dens like this one. Decency is a word I don't even know the meaning to anymore.

After months in the brothels and repeatedly being raped and somehow still strong enough to not be broken, Regan can't stand to be touched. She has flash backs to rapes and the disgusting men who have hurt her....

But Daniel never breaks his word. He never touches me sexually, and by the time he boots me out of the shower, I'm confused and a little sad to leave him behind in there. 

I liked being touched by him. I liked that he touched me and I didn't have to worry. hat no one was going to be forcing me to do anything, and that there was only caressing and tenderness. and god, I've missed tenderness so much. 

I feel guilty for making Daniel panic, so I sigh. "Is it weird if I say I think I need a hug?"
He looks down at me in surprise and then chuckles, that roguish grin stealing across his handsome face again. " You want me to slide into bed with you and cuddle?"

"Actually that sounds amazing." I tell him and sit up, hugging the sheet to my breasts. "Is it weird if I want to cuddle?"

AHHHHHH.....Yes Daniel I want to cuddle.....ummmmm... I mean....You can see why I love Daniel... He is a good guy..... I absolutely love REGAN. She has been through so much but is still strong, yet scared and still able to function. Daniel admires her strength and determination. I loved this book just as much as the first book. I think that Jessica and Jen are fabulous authors. Hopefully will continue to collaborate for many many books.  This book is a fast paced novel with lots of steamy scenes but yet still has the gentle lovemaking that is needed to heal...the first kiss... OMG...I am giving this 5 clocks. Go grab this and read, it is so worth it.... I am off to think of Daniel...ahhhhhhhh

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