Monday, February 3, 2014

Tie Me Down by Tracy Wolff.... reviewed by Dawn


As the only woman on her homicide squad, star investigator Genevieve Delacroix maintains a tough-as-nails attitude that keeps men at arm’s length. She never gives in to her secret fantasies—until she meets a mysterious stranger who teaches her how little control she really has over her mind or her body.

Cole Adams arrives in New Orleans believing Genevieve is his last hope for solving the murder of his younger sister. He just doesn’t expect the hard-bitten detective to look like a blond bombshell. Once he breaks through her inhibitions, he soon finds an unexpected obsession driving Genevieve right to the edge of desire . . . and beyond. But when the serial killer who has been terrorizing the streets of the French Quarter sets his sights on Genevieve, they realize that they both have let down their guard. And losing control can have fatal consequences.

Ok who doesn't love a badass chick as a homicide detective? Well let me tell you Genevieve is exactly that. Gen, is deep into investigating multiple murders as new ones come in. The work of a serial kill? She feels in her gut, but can not convince her chauvinistic lieutenant to believe her. Haunted by the images she has witnessed and the families of the victims, Gen, just wants to forget for one night, enter Cole Adams. But is it random that he picks her up or is there another reason?

His need for control and breaking Genevieve is his new favorite past time. He pushes Gen, to the edge and then sends her flying over into the abyss. Gen, is use to be the one in control and relinquishing to Cole is one of the hardest things she has ever done. She fights him with everything she has, but its not enough, Cole always wins.  

I was really interested to see where this story would take me, and I was shocked and surprised by the ending!!! This is a really good Erotic/Suspense story, it has all the drama, suspense and holy hotness sex scenes!!! I have read hundreds of erotic/romance books, and I will gladly put this out there... This book as some of the BEST BJ scenes I have ever read (Chapter 7 to be exact !) Some may find it a bit crude of me to say this, but I am telling you, they are amazing!!!  OK ... so where was I... Oh yeah, it really is a great story...

There were a few things that I could have had less of... fact that every time they had "sexy time" they would scream each others name.. I know its petty, but it drove me nuts... there is a ton of detailed kissing... and lastly, seriously every orgasm was "the most intense/ biggest/earth shattering I've ever had"...Alright we get it.. he had the gift of the "BIG O" ... Again, just a reader preference I think.

If you are not into murder,a man controlling his woman and lots and lots of sex, this is not the book for you. I happen to have really enjoyed it alot!

I am giving Tie Me Down 4.5 clocks!
review based on ARC copy 

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