Monday, January 20, 2014

Alex by Irish Winters....Review by Kathy


He’s trying to forget . . . 

Alex Stewart, ex-Marine and tough as nails boss, ditches the success of his fledgling business and flees to his cabin in the deep woods. He’s had enough. Four years after the deaths of his wife and daughter, he’s stuck in the anger stage of grief. He wants to be left alone. Life used to make sense. It just doesn’t bring him joy. Nothing does. 

She’s trying to remember . . . 

Left to die in those same deep woods, Kelsey is the last thing Alex expects to find at his cabin. She’s everything he’s running away from. Responsibility. Memories. Having to care about someone else beside himself. To make matters worse, she can’t remember anything except her first name. Neither can she explain the marks on her body, nor why two darling baby boys haunt her dreams. 

But Alex can . . . 

So what do you do when you are in so much pain you strike out at anyone and every one?  Do you eventually "get over it" or is it something that will haunt you forever? I found this book on accident (shhhh I mistyped the book name). This is not an author that I was familiar with however, I am glad that I read the book.  I am going to tell you that I ended up crying and being totally shocked in this book. I just didn't see some things coming at all. It slammed into me and I admit I cried like a baby whose favorite toy was just broken. 

The main character Alex has suffered for years with survivors guilt at the lose of his beloved wife Sara and his 6 year old daughter Abby. He was out of the country in Afghanistan at the time of there deaths. He was a marine. He should have been there to save them. 

Then there is Kelsey. She can't remember where she is, who she is, or why she is all busted up. Alex found her, now he will have to save her. Can a man who can't get over his loss help this wounded woman? Will he be able to protect her or will his anger cause more of an issue?

"I wasn't always like this." She glared at him, her sorrow turning into anger. "I went to college. I loved my job. I was good at it, you know? I had a nice apartment. It wasn't big, but it was nice. Did you even know that?"
"Yes, I do know that about you."
She stared at him. Was he lying, too? How could he know ? The gentle squeeze of his fingers seemed to bridge the gap. All she saw was a friend and her strongest, heck, her only protector. he pulled the sodden mass of tissues from her fingers and replaced it with another batch, his gentle hands never losing hold of hers in the process. She glared at those blue eyes that had only moments before been cold and unfeeling. Whatever was happening between them, she wanted it out in the open, all the poison and anger, all of it. Now.
" you know, people think women lie me are stupid because we stay," she explained, " but it's not easy to leave. It's like I changed over night. One day I'm doing pretty good. I've got a job, and I'm happy, but the next day, I'm ugly and all beat up. It's hard to get away. I couldn't believe anyone could hurt me like he did. I 'd never been in a fight, not even once. Ever. i didn't know how to slap anyone."

I did enjoy the book. I loved the gentle way Alex dealt with Kelsey. I could see the effect that domestic violence would have had on a woman. How does anyone ever learn to forget and move on from that. How do you trust someone else? How do you love someone else? This book also deals with the death of loved ones, including children. This may not be the book for everyone. Like I said I was completely shocked at some parts of this book. I definitely got my heart engaged in Alex and Kelsey. I also told Alex to man up at one point in the story. I am giving this book 4 clocks. Nice debut book. I will look forward to the rest in the series. 

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