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Crazy Making, Words and lyrics of Justin Furstenfeld. To the Music of Blue October

Crazy Making
Words and Lyrics by Justin Furstenfeld
To the Music of Blue October

This is not my typical book review. This is more of a "YOU OUGHT TO KNOW..." I hope if you take the time to read this book or the third edition, and you walk away feeling like you just may understand people better and the music, really it is truly amazing.
~This is a lyric book written by Blue October frontman, Justin Furstenfeld. It includes all albums through Approaching Normal, plus other bits and pieces and a good deal of pictures.~

 First lets just call this what it is Poetry
I will admit it, I am A HUGE FANGIRL of all things Blue October. I go to the shows, I buy the t shirts, I get tattoos of lyrics from their songs, I pre order the CD's, I order the special live albums and I get as many people as I can to listen to their music.
When I am listening to music, I like to try and figure out what the song is about and what was going through the writers head while writing it. I FINALLY HAVE MY ANSWERS!  

We are granted access to Justin's  struggle (yeah, I feel like I know him enough to call him Justin). From being dropped by the biggest label in the industry Universal Records to the deepest of the darkest places... his depression.

Reading "The Beginning" was enough to make me cry. I have never understood depression in the long term sense. It was always "something you experienced for a day or so after something bad happened." I have never experienced depression so I always assumed it was someone just sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. Reading his lyrics and hand written notes have made me much more sympathetic to mental health issues.
Hand written note with the lyrics to HRSA
(High Risk Self Abuse)
Committed at twenty two
Just to get over you
My belly aches blue
Lorazepam flu
I'm down for the count
Always three times a day
Sometimes four
A bee stings straight through the arm
The high swing I ride upon
My eyes can't quite focus on
The nurse with my Lucky Charms
Well a two step was just a laugh
Our boundaries were broken in half
It's a good thing to know
As you walk into group for the show
Knock-knock on the window pane
My smoke break, the hour rang
My quiet roommate sleeps the same
Woke up when dinner came
The man's no more than forty old
He arrived scared two days ago
He had a family of earth and gold
But still nonetheless alone.
I, learned quick Knew what to say
Then three angels walked my way
In Spanish tongue they knelt to pray
and said "God keep him safe from the screaming voices"
They became my family
outstretched their hands are on my head
Now I can feel them breathing
They actually knelt down and prayed for me
They actually knelt down and prayed for me
Don't you dare put me on H.R.S.A
Does self abuse extend your hospital stay?
I think I'll lie a bit
Lord, I won't cry over anything
Over anything at all
I won't cry over anything at all
~~~(High Risk Self Abuse)
Where you go, if or when your Brain Flips~~~
I almost felt like I was snooping through his diary, his innermost thoughts. I would have loved to know more about the man; what were the reasons for this break down, what caused this relapse, how could you do that? How is your personal life now?... You know ALL the stuff that is NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS, and I am so glad he didn't give us that much personal in-depth information. Mystery keeps things interesting.
All of the lyrics and personal writings make for a fantastic read. I thought I was just "reading wayyy too much" into his songs. I would sit and think, trying to figure out who he was singing this about and why? When really all I needed to do was just's all right there. We each interpret every song differently. I thought I had most of the lyrics figured out and knew exactly what each song meant.....BOY, was I wrong and I LOVED being wrong. It really didn't change what the song made me think or feel. It actually made me smile knowing that "the boys" ( that's what me and the BFF call them) were evoking different thoughts in all of us. Doing what music should do... move you.

This is more of a personal review for me, I just wanted to spread the word of this fantastically talented man and band. I know some may hate that I did this but, hey to each their own and besides, its my blog and I can do whatever I want (Sticks out tongue). 

 If you are not familiar with Blue October,  I am asking you to give them a try, and really listen to what they are saying. I believe some of their songs will move you more than you have ever been moved.
 To quote the great Justin Furstenfeld,
"I close my eyes and I smile knowing that everything is alright"
18th Floor Balcony

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