Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lost Rider, The Coming Home Series book 1 by Harper Sloan... 5+ Clock review by Dawn



I have been in a book funk for the last 3 weeks, which is bad news for a blogger. Nothing was keeping my attention or even peaking my interest. I received Lost Rider as an ARC via Netgalley, which was good for me. Meaning I had to read it and be done before the book went into archive status. So, here I went in, thinking "I hope this snaps my readers block." Well, people I am so happy to spread the word, Lost Rider saved me! I feel renewed and washed clean of the horrid readers funk.

Ok, I am a Texas transplant, born a Yankee, but got to Texas as fast as I could. I've been here for 17 years so I feel like I can speak to the authentic feel this story has. Oh and yes, I am married to a Cowboy who happens to be an Communication Engineer,  my neighbors rodeo, we live on a ranch... I GOT THIS.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I am seriously in love with the writing. It is so readable and believable. I have read may stories that make speaking with a drawl or using "Texas dialect" makes everything sound so hick or just wrong. This was enough to get the point across, but not belittle the people speaking. I will say, the word "darlin'" was used a lot, but my husband calles me "babe" all the freaking time, so who am I to judge? I have never really read a "Cowboy book" before and well, I am not actively seeking them out. 

Maverick ( I mean, come on that is an AWESOME name for a bull rider!) and Leighton, are my new "It" couple. They have so much chemistry it explodes off the pages. Whether it is their fighting or their passion, it just ignites and you feel every bit of it. This story has a bit of back and forth from the past and present, but it is not much and it only adds to the history of Mav and Leigh, which is long and heartbreaking. They have only ever loved each other, but sometimes that love has to be put on hold. When your survival is threatened daily, you do what you have to do to live, even if it means a piece of you feels like it is dying.

You not only get this amazing leading couple, the supporting characters are equally as important. Clay and Quinn are Maverick's siblings and they play an important roll in the lives of our leads. Their pasts are so filled with loss, hurt, and a longing to be loved . Each of the characters are dealing with it in their own way or avoiding it all together. This series only intrigues me more now and I am dying, yes, dying to get my grabby hand on those books!
I feel the potential for this series is HUGE. We all know Harper, can write a mean leading male and some seriously HOT scenes and people... THIS IS SMOKIN' HOT.  I love that Leighton is no shrinking violet. She wants her man and make no mistake, she will have him! I laughed and loved every word of this book. 

Loved it so much, I gave it 6 CLOCKS!

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