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Bombshell (Hollywood A- List book 1 by CD Reiss ... Review by Dawn

Bombshell (Hollywood A-List Book 1) by [Reiss, CD]

Hollywood bad boy Brad Sinclair always gets his way, whether it’s the role he wants or the bikini-clad model he has to have. But when a bombshell gets dropped in his lap in the form of a dimpled five-year-old from a forgotten relationship, he knows his life is about to change forever.
Cara DuMont isn’t exactly thrilled when she gets assigned to be the nanny for the latest box-office king. She has one rule: no celebrity fathers, especially single ones with devilish good looks and rock-hard abs.
But as soon as Cara meets Brad and his adorable little girl, she knows she’s in for a world of trouble. Because there’s something about the way Brad looks at her that makes her believe that some rules are meant to be broken…

This was my first CD Reiss book and I enjoyed it. 

I felt the story went along nicely and was for the most part an easy enjoyable read. Brad, the movie star rode the fence for me. I was not sure I liked him or I hated him. He never grew on me. The distance he kept from his daughter was not flattering, but getting her just dropped into his lap after 6 years would can make one a little freaked out. I didn't like that he never addressed the way his assistant and PR people called her "The Bombshell." I get it, its the title, but that would last about 3 or 4 times with me. Also, to me "The Bombshell" was the fact that his team knew about the child from the beginning and basically hid it from Brad. Where Brad did get to my heart was when it was revealed he suffered from dyslexia. It tugged on my heart that he was so proud of his daughter for her ability to read at age 6. I LOVED that actually. 
Cara, I liked her. She was so good with  Nichole and with Brad she was trying to keep him on track, that was her job as nanny. Cara, was not boring, but not that exciting either. I wanted more from her past, we get glimpses and there are some whopper reveals, but I wanted more from her. 
NOW Nichole, she is EVERYTHING. She is a smart little girl and I could totally see this little girl that was played out on the pages . She was sassy without being a brat. She was smart, but a believable sort of smart. She just wanted to be loved and she so deserved it. Bravo on writing a brilliant character.
I am curious as to what is to come in the series and will read them.

4 Clocks for me 

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