Sunday, April 30, 2017

Irreplaceable, A Twisted Silk Novel by Author Dani Lovell ..... Review by Dawn

Their love was doomed from the start. Musician Bear, revered, free-spirited and a confirmed commitment-phobe, and Blanca, a headstrong girl-next-door with her future mapped out in her heart and mind. Their love was unparalleled, but it wasn’t enough to save their tumultuous relationship.

Years later, fate plays its hand. Through a string of chance encounters, their simmering desires are reignited, leading to a hot, steamy, never-to-be-forgotten adventure.

Sparks fly and passion reigns, so can they exorcise the demons that kept them apart? Will they avoid yet another love-calamity to prove that they are, to each other, irreplaceable?

Oh this story! It immediately takes you back to think about the one who got away. Whether that is a sad memory or a lovely place to visit, it transports you back.
When I was reading this story I was so captivated by the detail. Most of the time I am not a fan of lots 
of details, but this one it worked so well. The vivid picture Ms. Lovell painted of this gorgeous setting had me longing to take a holiday.
Bear by the way, I loved that his name was Ted, brilliant! He was so likable, so not how I expected him to be. Most musicians are portrayed as these careless, party animals and they are hard for me to like, not Bear.  I really loved the respect he had for Blanca.  Most couples who break up are ugly to one another, but that was not the case in this story. The author made our leads mature and I so greatly appreciated that.
Blanca you could say was hung up on Bear, but not in a way that she could not go on. She tried to but, he was always in the back of her mind, no one ever quite measured up. After a failed attempt at dating, she goes away with a coworker and low and behold, she ends up in the same location as Bear. The chemistry these two had once they decided to just go with it, was palpable. Blanca wanted answers as to what was going to happen when the trip was over, but would asking put too much pressure on Bear? Would history repeat it's self and once again send Bear and Blanca in different directions?
I really enjoyed this book and once again Author Dani Lovell writes a beautiful story, winning our hearts. 

5 Clocks!!!

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