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April Recap

April Books
Reviews posted below.

Bombshell by CD Reiss 
This was my first CD Reiss book and I enjoyed it. 

I felt the story went along nicely and was for the most part an easy enjoyable read. Brad, the movie star rode the fence for me. I was not sure I liked him or I hated him. He never grew on me. The distance he kept from his daughter was not flattering, but getting her just dropped into his lap after 6 years would can make one a little freaked out. I didn't like that he never addressed the way his assistant and PR people called her "The Bombshell." I get it, its the title, but that would last about 3 or 4 times with me. Also, to me "The Bombshell" was the fact that his team knew about the child from the beginning and basically hid it from Brad. Where Brad did get to my heart was when it was revealed he suffered from dyslexia. It tugged on my heart that he was so proud of his daughter for her ability to read at age 6. I LOVED that actually. 
Cara, I liked her. She was so good with  Nichole and with Brad she was trying to keep him on track, that was her job as nanny. Cara, was not boring, but not that exciting either. I wanted more from her past, we get glimpses and there are some whopper reveals, but I wanted more from her. 
NOW Nichole, she is EVERYTHING. She is a smart little girl and I could totally see this little girl that was played out on the pages . She was sassy without being a brat. She was smart, but a believable sort of smart. She just wanted to be loved and she so deserved it. Bravo on writing a brilliant character.
I am curious as to what is to come in the series and will read them.
4 Clocks for me 

Lost Rider by Harper Sloan


I have been in a book funk for the last 3 weeks, which is bad news for a blogger. Nothing was keeping my attention or even peaking my interest. I received Lost Rider as an ARC via Netgalley, which was good for me. Meaning I had to read it and be done before the book went into archive status. So, here I went in, thinking "I hope this snaps my readers block." Well, people I am so happy to spread the word, Lost Rider saved me! I feel renewed and washed clean of the horrid readers funk.

Ok, I am a Texas transplant, born a Yankee, but got to Texas as fast as I could. I've been here for 17 years so I feel like I can speak to the authentic feel this story has. Oh and yes, I am married to a Cowboy who happens to be an Communication Engineer,  my neighbors rodeo, we live on a ranch... I GOT THIS.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I am seriously in love with the writing. It is so readable and believable. I have read may stories that make speaking with a drawl or using "Texas dialect" makes everything sound so hick or just wrong. This was enough to get the point across, but not belittle the people speaking. I will say, the word "darlin'" was used a lot, but my husband calles me "babe" all the freaking time, so who am I to judge? I have never really read a "Cowboy book" before and well, I am not actively seeking them out. 

Maverick ( I mean, come on that is an AWESOME name for a bull rider!) and Leighton, are my new "It" couple. They have so much chemistry it explodes off the pages. Whether it is their fighting or their passion, it just ignites and you feel every bit of it. This story has a bit of back and forth from the past and present, but it is not much and it only adds to the history of Mav and Leigh, which is long and heartbreaking. They have only ever loved each other, but sometimes that love has to be put on hold. When your survival is threatened daily, you do what you have to do to live, even if it means a piece of you feels like it is dying.

You not only get this amazing leading couple, the supporting characters are equally as important. Clay and Quinn are Maverick's siblings and they play an important roll in the lives of our leads. Their pasts are so filled with loss, hurt, and a longing to be loved . Each of the characters are dealing with it in their own way or avoiding it all together. This series only intrigues me more now and I am dying, yes, dying to get my grabby hand on those books!
I feel the potential for this series is HUGE. We all know Harper, can write a mean leading male and some seriously HOT scenes and people... THIS IS SMOKIN' HOT.  I love that Leighton is no shrinking violet. She wants her man and make no mistake, she will have him! I laughed and loved every word of this book. 

Loved it so much, I gave it 6 CLOCKS!

Ends Here by M.Robinson

So, I spent last weekend reading both Road to Nowhere and Ends Here. I waited because I had seen that RTN was a cliffhanger and well, I do not do cliffy's.  TO be honest that was a lot of angst in a matter of 48 hours. I normally read something lighter in between my "rip my heart out" books.

True to form Author M. Robinson gives you a gut wrenching, pulse pounding story. We get to see who Mia ends up with Noah or Creed, and we are taken on a heartbreaking journey. I will have to say that for me I preferred Road to Nowhere over Ends Here. For me, book 2 has so much going on that I was left feeling like I must have missed something. When things happen to Mia, and believe me there are plenty of things that go wrong for this poor girl. I had a hard time believing, that her father and "Uncles" never followed Creed out to the safe house, not once thinking to do that. I was sure since they all thought he was guilty, they would have a man on him.  I am trying not to give away any of the details, because I want you to experience them for your self. I will say that the fall out after the birth of her child, went on a bit long for my taste.

I did really like Creed, he is just such an amazing leading man! He is the man we all longed for and he lived up to all our expectations. I liked that he was a man on a mission. I loved that he has this tender side that only Mia was aware of. I loved his devotion to his family, even if his brother was after his girl. He was committed to his club, but not so much that he would put up with things set in motion a long time ago.The most satisfying "revenge or justice served" part in this story was AWESOME!  I absolutely loved that there was no fixing it or apologizing. IT WAS DONE. So many players were involved and I was a bit scattered for a minute, but I quickly got my wits about me and was thrilled with the ending of this book. Never one to disappoint, M. Robinson comes through again.
4 Clocks  for Ends Here

Irreplaceable by Dani Lovell

Oh this story! It immediately takes you back to think about the one who got away. Whether that is a sad memory or a lovely place to visit, it transports you back.
When I was reading this story I was so captivated by the detail. Most of the time I am not a fan of lots 
of details, but this one it worked so well. The vivid picture Ms. Lovell painted of this gorgeous setting had me longing to take a holiday.
Bear by the way, I loved that his name was Ted, brilliant! He was so likable, so not how I expected him to be. Most musicians are portrayed as these careless, party animals and they are hard for me to like, not Bear.  I really loved the respect he had for Blanca.  Most couples who break up are ugly to one another, but that was not the case in this story. The author made our leads mature and I so greatly appreciated that.
Blanca you could say was hung up on Bear, but not in a way that she could not go on. She tried to but, he was always in the back of her mind, no one ever quite measured up. After a failed attempt at dating, she goes away with a coworker and low and behold, she ends up in the same location as Bear. The chemistry these two had once they decided to just go with it, was palpable. Blanca wanted answers as to what was going to happen when the trip was over, but would asking put too much pressure on Bear? Would history repeat it's self and once again send Bear and Blanca in different directions?
I really enjoyed this book and once again Author Dani Lovell writes a beautiful story, winning our hearts. 

5 Clocks!!!

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