Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Bloody Kingdom (Ruthless People book 4) by JJ McAvoy..... 5 Clock Review by Dawn

It has been eight years since the Callahans defeated Avian Doers and conquered Chicago. Melody is now the Governor and public face of the family, while Liam rises as the Ceann na Conairte of both the Irish and Italians.

Their reach is limitless; their power endless...but is it possible to have too much power? Can Liam and Melody raise a family, a city, and an empire?

Only a fool would try to stop them now

What an amazing ending....or is it? I just finished A Bloody Kingdom and rushed right into my review. The thoughts running through my head have got be put to paper. This was EPIC!!! Is that word still a thing? Anyway, holy hell this was everything I wanted it to be. EVERYTHING!  

Was there really any other way that it could have went? You have these two people who do horrible things, although most of them deserved it... but still.
This story made me sob and I mean SOB. I sent the author a nasty message, I stopped reading it because I just knew something bad was going to happen to one of my beloved Callahan's. Never did I EVER think this was going to happen. I knew, Author JJ McAvoy was wanting to take this in the direction of the kids growing up, so I was expecting something BIG and well, she delivered...

I just didn't think I would feel so emotional towards Melody. I sorta hated her, when she started training the kids. OH! and what Dona was put through. OMG I hated Melody for that. Reading how it effected Declan and Liam, I was sure one of them was going to kill Mel. I wanted to!

Liam, you sexy beast have grown on me so much. I will always refer to you when I read other Mafia books. You will always be the BOSS I compare every other head of a family to. You are Ceann na Conairte, my Alpha Dog! No one will ever replace you.

Mel and Liam, they grew so much in this series. I believe this was handled perfectly by Miss. McAvoy.  We saw an arranged marriage become more than a business transaction, we saw an understanding form between them, neither one was more important than the other. Their mutual respect for each other was made clear throughout the series. But, their LOVE... their love for each other was so strong in Bloody Kingdom. I was a mess in the last 12 chapters! I cried for Liam, then I cried for Melody.  I LOVE THEM! 

I am excited to know what is going to happen next. I look forward to finding out what the kids are going to do in their  lives . I am very intrigues about what Ethan is going to do now that he is head of the mafia.... and that is all I am giving you .... 

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo Author JJ McAvoy, A Bloody Kingdom is phenomenal!!! 

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