Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dirty Work by Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert....... Review by Dawn

After serving his country with distinction on the battlefield, there’s only one place left for Jude Titan to fight – Washington, DC. The people of the great state of Illinois welcomed home their hero, and it’s because of them that he’s running for Congress. #TrustTitan

But there’s a problem. His opponent, Reagan Preston, is a temptation he can’t afford.

Reagan Preston grew up in politics, groomed from an early age to carry on the family tradition. She’s in the biggest fight of her life against the golden boy, Jude Titan. It’s an uphill battle against one of the most eligible bachelors in Chicago, but she’s ready. With the backing of her family and friends, her campaign is a force to be reckoned with. #PurePreston

What starts out as a fight for the ages turns into an attraction so intense they’ll both risk ruin for it. #PoliticsIsFilthy #DirtyWork

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I VOTE FOR JUDE TITAN!!! Wow, it takes a lot to really get me falling for one of our leading men. Sure I can like them, swoon over them and even put a face to the man. But Jude, well he is just so delicious and I crushing hard on Mr. Titan. He is a man of substance and I appreciate that. I was so happy that they didn't make him a complete slime ball politician. He stands for what he believes and will stop at nothing to get his voice heard. The authors made him very believable, his stance on the way veterans are treated in this country after they return home is certainly very relevant. The timing of this book is spot on, with a BIG election coming up, it really does make you think about what you want in a leader.   

Now, Reagan Preston...WHAT A SPITFIRE!  I really enjoyed reading about her. She believes in the government that she has served. Her father has prepared her for this her whole life, but nothing could have prepared her for Jude Titan.  She really wants to win, but is she in it for the right reasons? I found Reagan to he hilarious, the banter between Reagan and Lexi, her bff and campaign manager,  was so funny. I was cracking up! 

Reagan and Jude's attraction is instant and undeniable. The debates bring out a passion in both of them, the spark it ignites, is explosive. When they start to become friends you really can see how this could happen. They have much in common and yet, they are vastly different. Both believe in their causes and will stop at nothing to make sure they are addressed. Even a friendship is dangerous between Jude and Reagan...ruthless campaign managers, overbearing parents, OH! and of course that pesky "one is a Democrat and the other is a Republican thing"... there's that.  But denying it is far worse than acting on the attraction.  
Hot and steamy is a gross understatement!!!  Just wait until you meet Jude and Reagan... you can thank  me later. 

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