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Sexy Summers by Dani Lovell

Sexy Summers by Dani Lovell
We finally get our Luke and Tilly fix!
Almost four months have passed since Luke and Tilly had their fling in LA. Tilly left for London feeling conflicted with feelings for Luke. Knowing that he was a "bad boy" and not one to get serious or want to be in a relationship. Little did they both know they were left with a huge unexpected gift.
Tilly has her mind made up, NO SEX with Luke when all the families gather in Aspen for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Well, we all know if Luke and Tilly are in the same room, there are going to be some serious sparks, and people we are not let down.
The chemistry is still alive and kicking! Tilly's plans are shot to hell, the first night.
I loved the romance of this book, don't get me wrong we get plenty of HOT Luke and Tilly action but there is so much romance. Miss. Lovell is a pro at writing a story that tug at your heart stings, and then throws in a healthy dose of SEX! HOT SEX, HOT SLICE OF MAN CAKE, LUKE SEX!!!  Is it hot in here?
Luke, is all set to pick up where they left off when Tilly was in LA, even knowing that it became a little hard to see her go. He wants his "fuck buddy" back. But will that be enough? Can he change his ways for Tilly? How will he feel when he learns that she has been keeping secrets from him?
The banter between these two is absolutely priceless...


Luke to Tilly;

"No. Kiss me."
"No! You kiss me!"
"Kiss me mother fucker!" he says and we both burst our laughing.
Seriously, that had me laughing out loud, it was just awesome to see these to hadn't lost their fun!
As serious as this book could have been and it does get there, the fun factor is still very much involved.
Tilly, has secrets that no one is aware of and its getting harder and harder to keep things under wrap. She talks to herself a lot and it really helps us understand the turmoil she is feeling. Guilt is eating at her and she is starting to crack. But what is she going to do? How will Luke feel about the decisions she has made? What are her friends going to think? Is she crazy to think she has a chance to have it all?
 Again, Miss. Lovell gives us a supporting cast that we LOVED in Sexy Berkeley and they do not let us down at all. We see that Daniel and Bea are happy as ever... *sigh*. Clare is still a bit of a mystery to me, but I like that. And people can I just say that I am IN LOVE WITH Oliver. He steps up in a BIG way and I literally swooned while reading it... OH OLLY!!!!!
I promise you will be taken on an emotional journey. You will laugh, love and cry! YES, I said cry. I had said I didn't cry while reading this and then upon discussing the book with friends, I remembered, I did and NO, I CAN NOT TELL YOU WHY! But I am sure when you read Sexy Summers you will take that roller-coaster ride right along side of me.
By the way, if you are expecting another Sexy Berkley, you will not be disappointed. But Luke and Tilly's path isn't as pretty and I LOVE that she did something different.
We are treated to a glimpse of what I am going to go ahead and say, will be Clare and Oliver's story and I can not FREAKING WAIT!!!!
Sexy Summers by Dani Lovell, gets a healthy 5 clocks...

a very special "thank you" to Kathy Lee Herbst


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