Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rockwell's Lady by AC Wilson

Rockwell's Lady
by AC Wilson

  An adventurous, self-gratifying rake, Lord Rockwell has been given an ultimatum by his grandfather. Either he marries within a month or his security and finances are stripped. Rockwell sets his sights on Lady Vanessa Rutherford, his childhood sweetheart, even as he obtains her help to find the perfect bride. Discovering he is also a father to a son brings up better forgotten memories.
 Well it was bound to happen sometime, and I finally did it, and I did it with AC Wilson's Rockwell's Lady... I am no longer a "historical romance virgin", there I admitted it. I was always intimidated by this style of writing, I thought it would be full of "hence forth, thee, thou art to".. you get the point. When in actuality it was very easy to read and understand.
I found this to be quite enjoyable, I liked that it was actual romance, no horrible tortured characters, no brutality...quite refreshing.
"V" was really a pretty great leading lady, she has loved Lord Rockwell since she was 14 years old, that has not changed. Imagine her shock when he comes calling only to ask her to help him find a bride. How can V help the man she loves find someone other than herself to be with him? Can she forget about his past even when it comes crashing back down on them? With a father who is no fan of Lord Rockwell's do they even stand a chance? 
Lord Rockwell, I really didn't want to like him, he made me mad from just the prolog. He suffered a devastating loss as a child and was taken from V, but now he is back and with a plan. Will his past as a "rake" make it hard for V to believe he is a changed man or will his past come back to haunt him? Her father is an obstacle that he must overcome, to get his one true love back.
The loved that  this book had a message... Even if it was written to depict a time period, the message is loud and clear... and NO, I am not going to tell you what it is. I know, I know but it really is worth the read to find out.
I did enjoy this book and for my very first time, you never know I just might dip my toe back into this genre....
I am giving Rockwell's Lady 3 clocks.  

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  1. Thank you for the compliment of reading my first novel. I'm happy to be your "first"! ;)