Thursday, June 13, 2013

Entwined with You, A Crossfire Novel....



I could not wait to get my hands on the final book in the Crossfire Novel Series: Entwined with You. Looking forward to the "up all night read." Well...... pretty much all the foreplay and no finish...

Gideon Cross is a fantastic character. Hot, tortured, passionate and  willing to do whatever it takes to protect Eva Tramell.  Even commit murder...

We are picking up right where Reflected in you left off. With Eva finding out that Gideon has killed her abusive ex stepbrother Nathan. They are purposely staying away from each other to throw off the detective working the case. But as we know their chemistry is just to much to ignore. Gideon moves into the building (which he owns) to be closer to Eva and well you can imagine what ensues.

Eva is keeping Carey, her best friend in the dark about the murder and her still being very much with Gideon.  He is still "Entwined" with Trey and Tatiana and it gets even more of a cluster when she (Tatiana) ends up preggors!

Her Mother is still interfering in her life to the point of stalking. The events of her past come crashing down on her when her father finds out about the abuse and high tails it to NYC. This is the worst fear she has had, her Dad knowing just how bad the abuse was and him blaming himself. This was handled beautifully, it was a chapter that needed to be closed.

We also get the return of Brett, its sort lived and annoying and unnecessary. Yes, I didn't care for the Brett idea at all. Along with Corrine GOOD LORD lady get a clue. It gets very old, very fast. I mean how many times can you be told NO and not understand it? Ugh, so annoying.

The best moment of the book is when Eva's Parents "hook up" after years, again Eva is angry and takes it out on both of them, but they do kind of deserve it. Mom is still married... opps!

The sex, is truly awesome as always with Sylvia's books. Detailed and perfectly described. HOTT!
But, it seems to me (and who asked me?) that its Gideon and Eva's coping mechanism. I am a bit bothered that it's their "go to"... things get tense, sex... they have a huge fight, sex... they are happy, sex... he brings her coffee, sex  and that is NO JOKE. I mean I understand that its pretty much what the first book was based on, but aren't we suppose to believe there might be more to them? I am sure I am in the minority on this one.

I was almost at 83% on my Kindle and that is when it hit me....SHE IS NOT GOING TO END THIS. So many unanswered question, characters introduced at the last minute, suspects other than Gideon in Nathan's murder, Carey's baby mamma drama... Just so many things left unfinished. Now should we be happy that we aren't just left hanging? My rational brain says "yes" but the rest of me says "JUST FINISH THIS!"  I was set on this being the last installment because the literal definition of trilogy is... 

"A group of three related novels, plays, films, operas, or albums."
And the slap in the face last line of the book really did not make me happy. Quote from Miss Day:
"yes, dear reader, you're right. this can't possibly be the end.
Gideon and Eva's journey isn't quite finished yet. I look forward to seeing where they'll take us next."

Sounds an awful like someone is milking the cash cow, of what was, I thought, an amazing series... Now I am just annoyed!

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