Thursday, June 13, 2013

Being Me... I really wanted to like it.

***I purposely did NOT read any of Rebecca's Journals***
I waited and waited.... I LOVED If I Were You, so I was very excited for Being Me...
I was left feeling, let down... I could not get over the feeling that this book was a "filler" if you will. I am not going to bash this book because I do believe it had to be written the way Miss Jones did.

I will start with the things I really enjoyed about this book.

Mark "Bossman" Compton, I really believe he came into his own in Being Me. I  did not like him in If I Were You, he is still arrogant, bossy and determined. BUT he is also witty, kindish ( I know not a word, but it works in this case.) and almost funny. I appreciate Miss Jones for making him "likeable." His role in Being Me is vital and I am very interested in seeing how he plays into Sara and Chris's relationship in Revealing Us. I have a feeling he will play a HUGE part.

I am so glad the "murder" was solved, I pretty much had it figured out in the middle of the book. The behavior was just to erratic and made me pay close attention. I know this is in no way the end of Rebecca's involvement in this trilogy. I am just glad we have moved on a bit.

The Ella mystery...really looking forward to seeing how that plays out. Since we know that Sara is so worried about her.(and believe me she went on and on about it.)

I LOVE Chris's charity work. Beautifully written and I feel very needed to help us understand a part of why Chris is so "messed up." It really made a difference to me that he was humanized, if you will. We know he is into Pain, I would have to assume being with Sara is feeding his addiction...(more on that in a minute.)

NOW, the SEX...holy hotness... WOW! Miss Jones sure can write a scene. very erotic, but not over done .

Now, if you noticed I really didn't have a whole lot to say about Sara, there is a reason... She drives me crazy!!! And that was my problem with Being Me.
Now I can understand her curiosity but the fact that she is whiny, annoying and a irritating presences in this book. OH and ,she happens to be the main character so this is a BIG problem for me. I mean Chris is into pain and well, he would have to be to put up with her. The constant repeating of "I am worried about your safety, please do not do this again." by Chris and Sara's "Ok, I won't " and a paragraph later, guess what? She was right back at it. And this went on quite a few times. It just seems Miss Jones was stuck on something to make Chris worry. I found this particularly annoying. Sara has a flair for the dramatic and boy does she work that. Her constant refusal to heed a warning only makes her seem more of a pain in the ass, then this "strong, out for justice woman."  Her past was brought up through out Being Me and we met Michael and her father briefly, then it pretty much fizzled out after that. I am hoping they appear in the next book.

I felt let down, and that brings me to believe that her next installment, Revealing Us...  has to be amazing! I would like to think Miss Jones had a purpose to making this book ,an ending to a few things and a beginning to new things.

If you noticed the first line of this review was "I did NOT read the journals." Miss Jones said via Facebook upon release day quote " If you have not read the journals they will be spoiled by BEING ME. I highly recommend reading them first. You will know why on the last page of BEING ME. Those who have read BEING ME and the journals I think might agree? SO is the fact that I didn't read the journals why I am less than impressed with Being Me?... I have to wonder.

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