Monday, June 3, 2013

Here we go, my first Blog, my first book review... I thought I would start with my favorite author Kristen Ashley. I am starting with the second book in the Chaos Series.




This is the story of Lanie aka "Lady" and Hopper aka, "Hop". We met Lanie in her fantastic previous book Motorcycle Man, wait I need a minute, just remembering Tack....OK well...

 Lanie, is damaged goods, she is afraid to love and is not looking to find a love, or even a "boy friend," she just wants a good time, enter Hop. Lanie wastes no time in letting her intentions be known to Hop. One night, one time, one amazing ride. Hop is more than willing to be the one to give Lanie exactly what she needs.  But will one night be enough...
Ms. Ashley takes us on a joyous ride with these two. Lanie trying to fight the demons that have chased her most of her life. Trying to over come the loss of her fiancé, who she took bullets for, only to have him die. She doesn't want to be loved, she doesn't even believe in it, in her eyes love only hurts.
op, has been through a bitter divorce, one "skank" after another and it just looking for a good time. He knows Lanie, he knows her story, but he can't help but notice her, she is beautiful. Hop just wants a good time and when Lanie propositions him late one night at the Chaos compound, who is he to say NO?


                                           ~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~

 Once Hop and Lanie enter into this "no strings" agreement, it becomes clear to Hopper that he can not get enough of her. Not just the sex, but he wants to dig deeper into why Lanie feels like she is unworthy of love. Her family is a mess, her alcoholic mother, her philandering father and a sister who gave up on her parents long ago. Lanie is the one who deals with all of them, and the one who is in the most need of someone's shoulder to lean on. 
Hops life is not all roses, he harbors a secret about his children with his ex that no one knows.  He is worried about the violence that is threatening his MC, he is keeping his past a secret for the fear that it will send Lanie running once it comes out.
They battle her demons, and he confesses his secrets to her and they deal with the fall out.
Is he tough love approach enough to make Lanie see that she is so very worthy of love? or is it to much for her to handle and just another heartache in the making?

 I loved the tone and flow of this book. The flow of the conversation is just mind blowing. I never feel lost, I laugh, I cry and I fall in love with each of her characters.  Her attention to detail paints the perfect picture. Her loyalty to her past characters, who if you are a "diehard" like me, you appreciate when she brings them into the fold. 
The only issue I had with this book was, I needed more of the bad guy Benito, I needed more of a set up for the next book. I think that is the only area where it fell flat for me. He was addressed and then kind of forgot about. I have no idea where she is going to go next with this series. If I had a wish and Ms. Ashley could grant, it would be for a book all about  Rush....(hint...hint)


****I have no affiliation with Kristen Ashley, this is purely based on my opinion. I am a fan! I get asked all the time what I am reading and this is my way of letting my friends and family know.****

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