Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hard to Forget by Bella by Dawn

I have loved reading the Alpha Heart series so much. But this, this one is my absolute favorite. Like, wake up at 4:30am, grab my kindle and read it because I was thinking about it while trying to go back to sleep good. 

Delaney, Jaxon and Kyle made this such an exciting story. The drama was intense but not so heavy that you were grasping for a ray of light. Delaney was so much fun to read. We need more leading ladies like this, ones that can kick ass and take names. She didn’t need a man to make her whole, she had her job. I loved the reasoning behind her wanting to become a bodyguard. I loved her sass! She might seem meek and mild but had a mouth on her.

Jaxon was the character that showed the most growth, nope, wait… I take that back BOTH Jax and Delaney grew to trust and love. Jax was your classic man whore, bossy Alfa. I Freaking adore him. He was brooding and moody and well that really brought out Delaney’s sassiness. They had this friendship that, although brief and maybe more of mutual respect was really lovely. But when all that changes, WOW the chemistry is amazing! ~HOT HOT HOT~

I really thought Delaney and Kyle were going to end up together and the little twist that is thrown in there made me stop and say “well , what????????”  I love those little surprises. I did really dislike him, A Lot but he had a purpose and really was vital to the story. 

This collection of books I would highly recommend to fellow readers!!! Bravo 5 clocks

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