Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What People are saying about Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie...

Well, after seeing the movie 3 times in less than a week. "Three times in a week" you ask? Yes!
 I had decided I was going to make a project out of this. I took it upon myself to interview people. I came up with questions for "before you see the film and after you see the film." I wanted to get a wide range of people, they are...
young, mid thirties, virgins, older, someone familiar with the lifestyle, a man,  Readers of the books and non readers.
Here is what they had to say....

Casting... agree or disagree with selecting Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson?

Felicia S (age 21, read the books, seeing it with her boyfriend.)
Had this to say about Jamie Dornan BEFORE she watched the film.
"I'm  not extremely  satisfied with who they cast  as Christian.  He isn't  as attractive or as fierce as what I envisioned him to be. I thought someone like Ian Somerholder could play him well. But everyone  portrays a book differently so maybe he will be a perfect fit. I'll have to wait and see."

Mark C, (41 did not read the books, seeing it with his wife- ME) says"I really liked his acting. He was cold, calculating, in control, precise. He played the character very well. I really liked her acting. I mean it, not for all the sexual aspect of it. She is very good at playing innocent and awkward."

When I asked them what they were most excited to see in the film?  They had this to say.

Karon (55, read the books, seeing it with her daughter )
" If they have the same chemistry on film as they did in the book?"

Robbie (38,read the books, seeing it with her mother) said,
"Taylor!" (That is probably my favorite answer of them all!)

Maria A(35 did not read the book, seeing it with friends)said "She wanted to see what all the hype was about!" 
I think she now understands!

Felicia S, had this to say...
"I'm  most excited to see how they make this extremely sexual book into a movie. I believe they will do a good job at making it hot and steamy, without making it a porn."

I think, we can all agree.. they did our beloved book justice!

I asked the following questions AFTER they saw the film.
Do you feel they stay true to the book?
It was unanimous, all of them agreed... YES! 

Your favorite part of the movie?

Felicia -"My favorite part of the film would have to be when Christian shows up at Anastasia's work, and buys everything  he will eventually  use on her. I really liked their chemistry in this scene." 

Maria- "When they went gliding. You believed that he was actually giving her more."

Mark - "The tug of war between Christian and Ana." 

Karon- "How they met."

Robbie- " I loved the music."

After seeing the film, How do you feel about the acting?

Felicia- "After seeing the film, I think both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson both did a very good job at playing their parts. I was surprised by how good they did."

Mark- "I thought they were spot on, I had no problem with the acting at all."

Maria- "Dakota Johnson Nailed it! Jamie, played a great Christian."

Robbie- "I think they did a good job showing her innocence and his domineering attitude."

Karon- "They had great chemistry."

Your overall thoughts on the film?

Felicia- "I was very happy with how the film turned out. A lot of "critics" were trying to say that this movie promoted sexual abuse and made this type if relationship  look like a fantasy.  I'm  very happy  that they portrayed it as a movie about a complicated  man, and his abuse and control problems. This movie did exactly what I hoped by remaining true to the book instead  of turning it into a fairy tale."

Maria- " I really enjoyed it. I have not read the books, so I didn't know what to expect. I also thought it was NOT "pron" at all."

Robbie-" Considering how detailed the book is, they put a considerable amount into the movie. They couldn't give us the whole entire book, but the movie grasped the love story."

Karon-" It leaves you wanting more!"

Mark- "I took as a love story, more than an erotic film. The plot was very intriguing. They tap into a genera that has not been shown in this scale before."

Describe the movie in 5 words.

Felicia- "Intense, steamy, intellectual, romantic &emotional"

Maria- "Romantic, Sad, Funny,Educational and Foreplay."

Robbie- "Hot, Provocative, funny, sexy and love."

Karon_" Romantic, Funny, Passionate, Intriguing and Tantalizing."

Mark- " Intriguing, Grey, elusive/secretive,  sexual and romance."

My review is really quite simple... I LOVED IT! They stayed true to the book and left it with the perfect set up for books 2&3. I loved Dakota bringing Ana to life. She was perfect for the role. I was not Jamie's biggest fan, mainly because I have no idea who he was. I believe he played Christian, exactly the way he was written, stiff, unemotional, and a control freak. I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I did in fact, love them as Ana and Christian.  I am excited to see the rest of the films. 

I wanted to touch on this for just a second....

I will never understand all the bullshit being said about how the movie is "promoting abuse." This is about a broken man! I also, take issue with those bashing the book who have NEVER it. To break it down in terms most will understand. That would be like me saying "I HATE broccoli" and have NEVER tried it! It really is that simple! 
Get off your high horse and stop judging me and my people for having an open mind! We are not judging you for being a hypocritical asshole! 
~ Dawn

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