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Let Me In: Dragon's Tale by Amanda Hough... Review by Kathy

Let Me In~Dragan's Tale


"Why do I have to lust after the dangerous ones?" 

Toni Hume tried to abide by a few simple rules: Work hard, use what you got and never date the customers. 
Toni had plans. Big ones. Ones that did not include the dangerous-looking Dragan Mikhailov who may, or may not be a mobster. 
But no matter the circumstances, he kept showing up in her life. And like it or not, he wasn't going anywhere. 

Dragan Mikhailov had been to hell and back. Separated from family and living on the fringe, he was a dangerous man with one goal in mind. Revenge. 
But when a stunning bartender gives him a run for his money, he's forced to reassess what he's willing to lose. When he decides his future is with the blonde beauty, he works to make that happen. He knows she's the one. If only Toni will let him in.

This is the second book in the series. You do need to read the first one for some background and for the base of the story arc to continue. I loved the first book and was kinda stalking the Author and Amazon waiting for it to release. I got sucked into the lives of Sergey, Evie, David, Toni and Dragan. I am so very happy that I did too. I wanted to know what was going to happen with Dragan and Toni. You could see the sparks from the first moments. They just made you want to be a fly on the wall as they went at each other with their words. You could tell from the start that Dragan loved making her mad. She wasn't sure about him, was he a bad guy or a good guy. Such conflicting information came from him. But he is her best friends brother, they would be seeing each other, whether she wanted it or not. 

"Are you all right?" Dragan had moved across the buffer of chairs to position himself next to me. His black eyes willful and shining, considering me. 
"I'm fine." Instantly my defenses were back in place. I did not want to be alone with this man. 
"Actually," I continued. "I think I'll go. I've had enough for the night. Move over and let me out." I tried to maneuver past the big man but to no avail.
Dragan ignored my dismissal and attempt to escape. "Is it hard to watch?"
I looked up at him, puzzled."Is what hard to watch?" I asked.
"Your best friend. Happy. Not needing you. Or is it that you're not the center of attention?"
That got my focus and I spun in the chair to stare at my accuser. "Who the fuck do you think you are? You don't know me. " I started to stand byt Dragan had my arm in his grip refusing to let go. 
"You don't fool me Antonina. I know what women like  you  are all about,"Dragan professed.
"Oh, do you...?This should be entertaining."
"Yeah," he answered with a laugh. "You use your sexuality as a weapon to get what you want. You drag around dumb fucks by the balls. You piss around at work and make things harder on Rosa. You screw other bartenders out of good tips because you're the one with tits. You. Are. A. Selfish.Brat." he eyed me up and down, a look of aversion on his face. There was the fucking look again. Disgust! Where the hell was this coming from?
 "Oh, this is comical coming from you. You fooled Evelyn but I don't understand how you've hosed Sergey? you're a goddamn criminal. But somehow my behavior offends you."I bit out trying to get my arm back. It didn't work.
 I tried to stand again but Dragan's hand remained on my elbow holding me in place. "You are coming to Evelyn's dinner party tomorrow night. You're goin' to suck it up and we are going to act like we like each other."
"Screw you Mikhailov."

Now from reading this you probably think Dragan is an ass. Well you would be right, kinda. He wants Toni but, can't do anything about it yet. He has been watching her. He thinks he knows her. He learns that he really doesn't. She is hiding things from everyone. She is working 3 jobs. She drives an old beater. What is really going on with her? Dragan and Sergey also have family issues that need to be dealt with as well. Dragan is not what everyone thinks. He has had a very hard life, with the scars to prove it. 

Once they do finally stop thinking and talking, wow. The Mikhailov brothers are definitely all alpha. They protect what is there. Even if the women say they aren't theirs. There are misunderstandings between Dragan and Toni. She breaks everything off and decides to start dating someone else. I wanted to smack her for being scared, but I did get it. Thankfully Dragan has her number. ARGH..... no spoilers, y'all need to read this so we can talk...In this book you also get to spend more time with Sergey and Evie.That made me very happy. We also get to meet the youngest brother. I know his story is going to be HOT. Holy crap, the epilogue....Nicolai.  Damn. see she reduced me to one word sentences. This is another 5 clock read for me. Now I just want Amand Hough to write really really fast. I need to read Nicolai's story.

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