Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let it Go by Amanda Hough .... Review by Kathy

Let It Go (Mikhailov Brothers, #1)

Evelyn Snow is a successful nurse. She has loyal friends, lives in a great city and has fabulous taste. She doesn't need a man to make life complete, but one to warm her bed would be welcome. But the entrance exam to get her between the sheets has left a string of wannabe suitors failing to make the grade. 

Sergey Mikhailov is a dedicated officer of the law. A police lieutenant in Austin Texas. From the moment he met Evie Snow he knew he wanted her. But work pulls him from her time and time again. 
What happens when two hearts connect but the minds won't let go? 
Let It Go is about falling in love in spite of all the reasons not to. It's never too late to just let go and love.

I was lucky enough to happen on this book. Sounded like it would be a good read from the blurb. I was not expecting to be totally engrossed in the life of Evie. Damn am I glad that I like to cruise Amazon from time to time (every day, whatever).

We start out meeting Evie as a take in nurse at the jail. She has been working the ER at the hospital and decided she needed a change. She also thought that since her brother was always getting in trouble that she might end up seeing him. She has not seen him in 3 years. He is persona non grata after the last time when she was almost killed. She has two fabulous friends. David and Toni are there for her no matter what and don't put up with any crap.
I absolutely adored David and Toni. They are supportive, caring and very protective. Then she meets Sergey when he is bringing in a new inmate. their first meeting could have gone better....

"You work here, babe?" His voice sounded surprised and pleased. 
"I am not your babe, but I am new at this facility."
The officer acknowledged my censure and nodded. His eyes sparkled, amused.

"So," Toni started downing the remaining Bloody Mary from her glass, "what poor bastard have you been toying with this week, Evelyn?"
 I feigned innocence, sipped my coffee and reused to take the bait. Both David and Toni felt I was too hard on men. never giving them a chance. Deliberately misunderstanding or ignoring romantic overtures. It was all probably true. i had never really met a man who had the capacity to interest me for any length of time. Men were a disappointment. I work and shop. That is about it. 
 David and Toni waited for a response. I am not a big sharer. My friend know this and make up for it by sharing way too much. But I was feeling charitable and the homeless surfer and sexy Latino had been on my mind. 
"Actually, I did meet someone at work this morning."
 I described the handsome Latino detective and my moment with the homeless surfer dud in the lounge. My friends stared until David spoke up. 
"Don't you watch cop shows,Evie? The gruff, scrappy-looking badass with a taste for expensive booze are all the rage. "
I didn't
 "I thought the dark-haired cop was cute." I countered. "Besides, the surfer dude looks like he washes in gas station restrooms."
Before I could finish my rebuttal, Toni started in, "But dark-haired cop didn't ask your name. Creepy surfer did. Next time you see him, ask his name and give him yours."
 "You got that whole sexy pin up look. Long, silky dark hair, sparkling blue eyes,the killer pouty mouth.Great tits. Get your head out of your butt and pay attention."
I looked at David for support. He shrugged. "If its any consolation, Evie,I think you're hideous."

When they next meet Sergey takes over, and HOLY HELL, I loved it. He is definitely an alpha male. He didn't ask, he told her they were going out. The interaction from these two is just amazing. The chemistry leaps off the pages. I was so totally engrossed in Sergey and Evie. Couldn't put it down. There was also a mystery of why people were looking for her brother. Someone breaks into her place. She meets his brother who is warning her that people want what her brother stole. Is he a bad guy like her brother. He seems to be in with the mafia.

I want to tell you guys so much about this book but, you know I don't like to spoil a book. So you need to read it. I can tell you that moments after I finished the book, I went looking for book 2. I couldn't get Sergey,Evie, Toni, David, and Dragan out of my head. I love, love the name Dragan. I even went to the author begging to know when the next book would be out. She let me know that it would be out soon, thank goodness.I can say that i started several books that I needed to write reviews for and was not able to get into any of them. I still was stuck on the deliciousness that was Sergey. This book was steamy,loving, sad at times, fun, and at times frustrating. I did want to smack Sergey and Evie both at times. Once they got their heads on straight, damn. I give this one a full 5 clocks. Ohhh and the epilogue with Toni and Dragan. Yeah, just saying.

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