Sunday, August 2, 2015

Be Kind, Be Honest and Help One Another... By Dawn

Yesterday I attended an Author Event, which I love doing and we are blessed here in Texas with many. I have met some the greatest author's and fellow book lovers at these events. But yesterday, something was said to me that really shook me to the core. 

I was waiting in line to pick up books for someone and noticed an author, whom I had not met sitting there at her booth, knowing I had her books but had not had the chance to read them yet.  I went up and introduced myself, she was perfectly nice. I then handed her my card and told her I was a blogger and if she ever needed any help promoting her work to just feel free to reach out. 

This is when her whole demeanor changed. She became very quiet and kept looking down and became short with her answers. I was a bit taken aback, so I asked "is there something wrong?" She looked at me and said point blank " I do not mess with you bloggers, we live and die by you guys!"  I was stunned. I looked at her and told her that we were not all bad, that we all should not be lumped into the same category as those that set out to shame, disrespect, insult and effect their sales. I told her that there have been 2 times in the last two years that I sent a book back saying that I could not give this at least a 3 star review. I explained my reasoning to the author as a way to help, not with the intention of embarrassing or shaming their hard work. She perked up at this. I told her that, I am not in a minority, there are far more blogs that want to help authors out there. I told her to look to the "little guys" We have nothing to prove, I have nothing to gain by bashing books. Attacking an author is a completely different matter. I will defend authors with all I have. It's not about trying to get on their "good side" it's about being a good human being.  No one deserves to be ran through the ringer, because they simply put a piece  of themselves out there and someone didn't like it. Not all books are 5 stars... it's a fact. But to bash someone personally is unacceptable.
I also told her there are some authors that have went after bloggers for promoting their books and not having "permission" to do so. It is free publicity... it is that simple. I will respect an authors wishes, but come to me one on one, no audience needed!  You respect me and I will give you the same back in spades.  I am not a blogger who shares ARC's or gives them away. I have never went against an author, publisher or publicist wishes. WE live and die by OUR WORD! I take that very seriously. 

I will never reveal this author's name because, she honestly was afraid. I find that so sad, someone did said or did something to her and it hurt her deep. I hate that because she and I had the best conversation about our love of Kristen Ashley and I left her smiling and laughing.

Be kind to one another, be honest and help others out and do not expect something in return.

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