Thursday, July 9, 2015

Taming Lily by Monica Murphy .... Review by Dawn

I’m in trouble. Again. And instead of facing my problems head-on, I’ve run away. Far away this time, and no one can catch me—not my two younger sisters, Violet and Rose, not my father, my grandmother, or that witch Pilar who wants to take control of my family’s cosmetics company. Now I’m in Hawaii, enjoying the sun and sand and water, where nobody knows the hot mess known as Lily Fowler. And I’m loving every minute of it.
But someone is watching me. Following me. He’s gorgeous. Soon we’re talking, and against all my instincts, I reveal bits and pieces of myself to Max. It feels good, though I know he can’t be the man for me. These sudden feelings we share are way too complicated, too fraught, too intense.
Then everything explodes and I’m forced to return home. My intentions have always been true, but now everyone’s mad at me. I don’t know who to turn to anymore . . . except to Max. He’s the one I want to trust. But I’m not so sure I should. Maybe it’s worth the risk—what-ifs be damned. . . .

I have had the pleasure of getting to read all of the Fowler Sisters novels by Monica Murphy. I really like this series, each book is based on one sister and her journey to find love and her voice. Born into a life of privilege, there are usually two ways you grow up, you are determined to make a name for yourself , so you work hard and do everything right. Or you can take the route of Lily Fowler... She is a BRAT, spoiled, attention seeking and a trouble maker.  But this time, she may have bit off more than she can chew!

Lily has intrigued me the most throughout this series. She would pop up in the other books with a smart remark and usually leaving in a hurry because she was in some sort of trouble or didn't want to be bothered by family issues. She does love her sisters very much, even if it is not always apparent. This time Lily, has used her "usuful" skills and found out things that have actually made her afraid for her life.  But sometimes running away, leads to running into something you never knew you wanted...

Max... OH MAX! I really didn't think I would ever like another man in this series as much as I like Ryder. NOPE, Max wins hands down. He is powerful, protective and HAWT in his dominate ways. He is on the job and his job is to watch her and steal from her. But Max can not stop himself from saving her multiple times, he is just drawn to Lily. Can Max do the job he is hired to do? Or is his need to protect Lily too great ?

What really worked for me in this book was I finally understand Lily a bit better. She has a reason for her behavior, although she even owns up to her bratty ways, you get it.  I absolutely LOVED the chemistry between Lily and Max.... I swear there is a scene in the last parts of the book, that could easily be one the sexiest things I have EVER read! I am not kidding. It is dirty and honest and I just loved it. I even highlighted it and posted it in a private group and the ladies were SWOONING!  They are a fantastic couple!

What didn't work so well for me was the way Pilar was outed!  She was in every book, and her demise, well it fell flat! I really wanted her to get nailed to that wall. I wanted to know more about The Fowler girls father, he was such a underused character. He was the reason Lily was doing the questionable things she did most of her life. She has massive Daddy issues, and they were brushed over.
This is a really good series and I enjoyed reading it!

I received this ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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