Saturday, May 30, 2015

Black Rainbow by JJ McAvoy ....Review by Dawn

I  Loved this book! 

Ms..McAvoy has a gift for telling a story that is all encompassing. The rich characters she gives in each story is brilliant. The "supporting cast" if you will, I find to be just as intriguing and vital as the leads. 
Levi and Thea have so much chemistry, it was  magical!  The sweet times that they share during their "week" together worked so well with the, shock and battle they faced when we found out who Levi was. 
Thea, is an amazing leading lady! Her strength and perseverance to achieve her goals, was beautifully written.   Her commitment to her family is unswerving, Selene, her father and grandmother meant the most to her and she would stop at nothing to heal old wounds and wright past wrongs.

The story is filled with plot twists that you never see coming. I ate it up! You are convinced you have it figured out and then BAM! WRONG... I loved taking a ride and not knowing where I was going. 

Again, I want to touch on the deep, rich supporting cast. Vivian, Atticus , Tristan, Bethan and Betty. The way their stories were interwoven into the main story was so smart. I love the banter between Atticus and Thea. I loved the way they became very close friends. Vivian had her own turmoil to get through. Tristan and Bethan were hilarious. And Betty she seemed up to no good, but in the best possible way. She was so sweet. 
I will recommend this book to each of you... screaming from my the top of my lungs... GO READ THIS. ... also I loved the way the title of the book played a role in the story....

Honest Review based on ARC 

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