Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We Only Have 'till Dani Lovell.... Reviews Kathy and Dawn.


When New Years Eve doesn’t go quite to plan for Jaime, she contemplates turning right around and heading straight home, until a striking Australian relief manager attempts to twist her arm.

Will Jaime decide to do the sensible thing and say goodbye, imagining what might have been that night, forever? Or will she stay to experience a rare night of lascivious indulgence with a red-hot, sweet-talking stud-muffin?

The decision is easier than she thought. 

So in a surprise for her readers Ms Lovell wrote a New Years Eve Short story. This is NOT a part of the Sexy Series we all know and love. This is a quickie for us. We love her for this and well for all her books. I have missed her writing and was thrilled to see a short story. 

So we have Jamie who has to leave on New Years Day for a work trip, so she has decided to stay home and skip all her normal celebrations. This only works for so long with all of her best friends calling and messaging her to come out. After a slight mix up, She meets Jake.


 “Is that so? And what exactly would you like to do instead?”
He sighed deeply, visibly relaxed into his seat and locked his eyes with hers. He tilted his head to one side as he began. “Well, I’d definitely like to kiss you again. That’s happening. But aside from that…” he paused again and dragged those sexy blue eyes from her face to her feet and back again, slowing at all the important parts to really take them in, as if he was looking at her with x-ray vision, his eyes burning through her clothes and focusing on what he imagined to be her beautifully tight and willing body, “I’d like to slip my hand inside your underwear and touch you until you cry out. I’d like to hold your breasts in my hands and slowly suck your nipples until my cock is so rock solid, I can’t take anymore.” His face and hands moved as he spoke, his eyes closing, really expressing his deep desire to execute these wicked intentions.

And on that note...This is a short story and is full of HOT HOT HOT stuff...You will not be disappointed. I was fanning myself after reading this. Since this is a short story I am just going to give it a full 5 OMG's ..... So run don't walk and read this quickie.....

Piggy backing on Kathy's review.. I wanted to add...

Ms. Lovell's books ALWAYS leave me feeling happy. I appreciate so much that we get a beginning, middle and an ending that doesn't leave us hanging! I don't care if her books are 600 pages, or 23 pages.... I AM READING IT!!!!!
Remember when reading this that it is NOT intended to be this world wind romance of ups and downs and happy endings... This is BOOM, a one night stand!!!...We've all had them or have wanted to. So keep that in mind before you judge to harshly. 

BRAVO !!! 5 from me also!!!  

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