Monday, December 15, 2014

In His Shadow (The Tangled Ivy Trilogy) by Tiffany Snow .....Review by Dawn

I was so happy that this story was such an amazing read. Ms. Snow has a knack for writing these characters that you just absolutely fall in love with. I. Did.

Ivy, wow talk about a leading lady that could very easily be damaged goods and just this bitter awful person. But she is not. She is lovely! She has such an awful horrid past, it was beautifully written, at the same time, so gut wrenching that it's pailful to read. You want the best for her and she ends up getting mixed up in something she has no control over. 

Devon is just delicious. I loved his secret filled life. He gave away nothing, making him this gigantic mystery. He had a mission and he would deliver. That was until Ivy was thrown into the mix, unbeknownst to her. He saves her countless times. She sees Devon kill countless people. She is afraid of him... and he is even more afraid of Ivy. 

These two work in so many ways, its just impossible to put into words. My god the chemistry... it was off the charts amazing! Clay is honest to Ivy about his future involvement with her and Ivy accepts it. Hey, whatever works for you, no judgement here!  

I will say that the drama in this book is A LOT, but it works! Ivy is constantly in danger and Devon has to come to the rescue. But, not always... sometimes someone else has to step in, and that is starting to leave an uneasy feeling in Devon's gut.    Logan, Ivy's bestie and longtime savior is having a hard time letting go and I am hoping we get to see more of him, cause I think he is trouble! Just like Mr. FBI agent... he concerns me.... I really can't wait until we get more of these books!!!!!
This is an incredible, messed up, sexy as all get out adventure that Tiffany Snow has taken us on and I loved every bit of it!!!!!!!!! 

I loved the ending... talk about someone getting exactly what they deserve!!! 
I am not going to go into all the things that are against Ivy, and it's a lot. I just loved how she grew and how she found her strength. READ IT!!!!! 

... happily recommending to my readers.  

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